1996 NFL Draft Re-mix

Mar 16, 2009

Here’s a look back at the 1996 NFL Draft to see who the teams would take if they could do it over knowing what they know today.  This was a lot of fun making.  I hope you enjoy it. 

#1 New York Jets - Ray Lewis
If the Jets could do it over, they would gladly part ways with Keyshawn Johnson for ten-time Pro Bowl Linebacker.  They both are very outspoken, but Ray Lewis is a motivator and Keyshawn doesn’t quite fit that bill.

#2 Jacksonville Jaguars – Jonathan Ogden 
Jacksonville would jump at the chance to replace LB Kevin Hardy with eleven-time Pro Bowl Left Tackle.  Ogden has been a fixture on Baltimore’s since his rookie season.  What an amazing draft Baltimore had.

#3 Arizona Cardinals – Marvin Harrison
The Cardinals might be tempted to take T.O., but Marvin was more polished coming out of school, and until recently didn’t have any off-field issues.  Harrison is an eight-time Pro Bowler, and is second all-time in receptions, fourth in receiving yards, and fifth in TDs.

#4 Baltimore Ravens – Zach Thomas
Baltimore would make up for losing Ray Lewis later in the round by grabbing seven-time Pro Bowl LB Zach Thomas.  He’s not Ray Ray, but he is a tackling machine with great football instincts.

#5 New  York Giants – Brian Dawkins
This pick is equally part adding a seven-time Pro Bowl Safety as it is taking the emotional leader away from a divional foe.

#6 St. Louis Rams – Terrell Owens
Instead of gambling on Lawrence Phillips and his character flaws, the Rams would go with T.O. and his character flaws.  At least T.O.’s still allowed him to be a productive football player.  It’s amazing that a WR that’s sixth in receptions, fifth in yards, and second in TDs would slide to sixth, but I don’t have to fill you in why he slid this far.  Like it or not, the dude can play though.  He gives it his all.  Throw him into the mix and the Greatest Show on Turf would be even better.  That is until he threw Kurt Warner under the bus.

#7  New England Patriots – Tedy Bruschi
He doesn’t have the gaudy numbers like the previous selections, but Bruschi has meant so much more than his numbers for the Patriots over the years.  They would not let him slip away.

#8 Carolina Panthers – Eddie George
The Panthers actually selected someone I hadn’t though of in a long time…Michigan RB Tim Biakabutuka.  Even though his last name is an all-timer, they would easily trade his services for college rival Eddie George of Ohio State.  Eddie ran for over 10,000 yards with 68 rushing TDs.

#9 Oakland Raiders – Simeon Rice
Wouldn’t three-time Pro Bowler Simeon Rice and his 122 career Sacks be perfect for the Black & Silver?  At least the Raiders of old when they actually intimidated QBs. 

#10 Cincinnati Bengals – Willie Anderson
The first pick that stays the same.  Anderson is a four-time Pro Bowl Right Tackle that paved the way for Corey Dillon and Rudi Johnson.  You don’t turn that away.

#11  New Orleans Saints – Joe Horn
He was originally drafted by Kansas City with the 135th pick and signed as a free agent with New Orleans in 2000.  He responded by being named to four of the next five Pro Bowls for the Saints.  The Saints would not let one of their best WRs in team history (along with Eric Martin) to get away.

#12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Muhsin Muhammad
They didn’t do much with their selection of Regan Upshaw so why not take Muhsin Muhammad in this WR heavy draft. Muhsin is 21st all-time in receptions (807) and 22nd in yards (10,857).  He’s made a pair of Pro Bowls.  Keyshawn Johnson may have a slightly better career, but his days in Tampa didn’t end well.

#13 Chicago Bears – La’Roi Glover
The Bears would gladly trade Walt Harris for six-time Pro Bowl DT La’Roi Glover.  He has 83.5 career sacks, including 17 in 2000 for the Saints.  Not too shabby for the 166th pick.

#14 Houston Oilers – Stephen Davis
With Eddie George off the board the Oilers (later Titans) grab the next best RB in the draft.  Stephen Davis was a three-time Pro Bowler with 8052 career yards and 65 TDs.  He had four 1300+ yard seasons.

#15 Denver Broncos – Donnie Edwards
While John Mobley wasn’t a bad pick for the Broncos, Donnie Edwards had a more successful career.  He has 1487 career tackles and had ten straight years of 100+ tackles.  He had 605 tackles during a four-year stretch from 2003-2006.

#16 Minnesota Vikings – Mike Alstott
About the only thing that 1998 Vikings team didn’t have was a tough runner for short yardage situations and running out the clock.  Had they had a bruising FB like the six-time Pro Bowler Alstott, perhaps they beat Atlanta in the NFC title game.  I know he wouldn’t run out of bounds like Robert Smith did down the stretch.

#17 Detroit Lions - Keyshawn Johnson
The Lions would only have a few years left in Barry Sanders’ brilliant career.  If they could add a playmaker like Keyshawn, who averaged 980 yards and 8 TDs in Barry’s last three years, perhaps they could have convinced him to stick around a few more.  Not only was Keyshawn brash, but he was a complete WR.  Barry would have like the way he blocked down field.
#18 St. Louis Rams – Lawyer Milloy
So the Rams took Lawrence Phillips over Eddie George and Eddie Kennison over Marvin Harrison.  Interesting.  Since I already took T.O. for them earlier, I figured I’d add a tough, four-time Pro Bowl Safety in Lawyer Milloy.  He has 25 career INTs and 1309 career tackles.

#19 Indianapolis Colts – Eric Moulds
You know what I just did?  I just added about 3000 yards and 30 TDs by pairing him up with Peyton Manning.  Moulds had a pretty nice run going to three Pro Bowls.  He had 9995 receiving yards and 49 TDs.

#20 Miami Dolphins – Terry Glenn
Dan Marino had a few years left in him and Terry Glenn would be a nice addition to their passing attack that was pretty much limited to O.J. McDuffie.  Glenn would give Marino a nice vertical threat.  Glenn has 8823 career receiving yards.

#21 Seattle Seahawks – Marco Rivera
Not that Pete Kendall was a bad pick, but Marco Rivera was the top Guard in this class. He was named to three Pro Bowls.

#22 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Tony Brackens
The Bucs went DE & DT with their two first round picks.  Since I went WR with their first pick, I figured I better address that need with my second.  I chose Tony Brackens, who made one Pro Bowl, and has 55 career Sacks.

#23 Detroit Lions – Jeff Hartings
Detroit will keep their original selection.  Hartings helped Batty Sanders put up big numbers.  Plus, he was named to two Pro Bowls later in his career with Pittsburgh.

#24 Buffalo Bills – Amani Toomer
Having Eric Moulds taken from them, Buffalo would turn to Amani Toomer.  Toomer has similar numbers to Moulds, recording 9497 yards and 54 TDs.  He had five straight 1000+ yard seasons for the Giants.

#25 Philadelphia Eagles – Jon Runyan
Here’s another situation where a team would select a guy they would later bring in as a free agent.  They grab the Pro Bowl RT.  He was actaully drafted in the fourth round (109th overall).

#26 Baltimore Ravens – Jermane Mayberry
The Ravens were robbed the most with the re-mix losing Ray Lewis and Jonathan Ogden.  While Zach Thomas and Jermane Mayberry are decent picks, they aren’t nearly as effective.  The Super Bowl title would be kissed goodbye.  Mayberry did make a Pro Bowl in 2002 for the Eagles.

#27  Green Bay Packers – Mike Flanagan
The Packers’ focus was their Offensive Line in this draft.  Marco Rivera was already taken from them so they’ll have to take their third round (90th overall) pick here to avoid losing their long-time Center.  He made one Pro Bowl for the Pack.

#28 Kansas City Chiefs – Lance Johnstone
The late Derrick Thomas would be retiring in a few years.  Why not add a Pass Rusher to help fill some of the void?  Johnstone has 72 career Sacks, including four seasons with 10+.

#29 Pittsburgh Steelers – Kevin Hardy
Pittsburgh would go with best available and grab Pro Bowl LB Kevin Hardy.  Hardy recorded 736 Tackles and 36 Sacks in his nine-year career.

#30 Washington Redskins – Donnie Abraham
The Redskins would wrap up the first round with Pro Bowl CB Donnie Abraham.  Abraham had 38 career INTs, leading the league with seven in 1999.  He had at least five picks in five seasons.

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  1. Frank
    March 16th, 2009 at 6:10 am #

    Now there’s an interesting twist … the Bengals were the first team to get it right!

    Well done. Looking back at drafts with current knowledge just shows how much of a crap-shoot it is.

  2. LestersLegends
    March 16th, 2009 at 7:05 am #

    It sure is.

  3. LestersLegends
    March 16th, 2009 at 7:25 am #

    Baltimore got it right with Ogden, but he wasn’t available in the re-mix. Arizona took Simeon Rice. It’s funny that Eddie George was the third RB taken. Doh.

  4. CK0712
    March 16th, 2009 at 10:03 am #

    this was a solid class too! sweet write up lester’s!!
    big jon
    ray ray

    NICE :)

  5. LestersLegends
    March 16th, 2009 at 10:55 am #

    I thought you’d slice my throat for stealing Dawk and putting him on the G-Men.

  6. CK0712
    March 16th, 2009 at 11:09 am #

    nopers, at least if he were, he’d have a ring :(

  7. LestersLegends
    March 16th, 2009 at 11:25 am #


  8. David Funk
    March 16th, 2009 at 9:37 pm #

    Very nicely done. A few thoughts here….

    Many tend to forget that the Rams traded Sean Gilbert to the Redskins for that No. 6 selection to draft Lawrence Phillips. I do remember that, but the rest of this I had to lookup and remember….

    The Rams also traded with the Bears, and I agree that Glover would have been excellent because they weren’t real strong upfront then. For all intensive purposes, Walt Harris has had a good career though not like those drafted here.

    Looking it up on this site I use, the Seahawks traded their pick to the Oilers who used it to select Eddie George! Doh!

    And yes, George would have so much better as a Panther than the always injured Biakabutuka. I find it funny that a Heisman Trophy winner was passed over as much as George was. But ironically, the Panthers went with a Michigan running back instead of a Ohio State one! LOL!

    There was quite a bit of activity from that draft. But the one thing I’ll always remember is that my former high school baseball and basketball teammate Ray Farmer was picked in this draft, and was the first out of our school to play professionally. He was taken by the Eagles in the 4th Round out of Duke as safety. He played linebacker at the pro level, but mostly contributed on special teams with the occasional start here and there. He and Terrell Owens were actually taken just a few spots apart in the draft.

    Anyway, like it has been said already, the draft really is a crap shoot. But it’s always fun to say What If? many years later though.

    Excellent post!

  9. LestersLegends
    March 16th, 2009 at 9:41 pm #

    Thanks for adding both the NFL info and the personal info. Very cool.

  10. David Funk
    March 16th, 2009 at 9:46 pm #

    No problem man. Here’s a site you might find useful that I used for that 1967 NFL Draft post I did on Saturday and for here, too:

    Pro Sports Transactions

    This is an excellent site that shows all transactions for MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. I’ve used it many times for my posts.

  11. LestersLegends
    March 16th, 2009 at 11:50 pm #

    Cool, thanks David.

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