1999 NFL Draft Re-mix

May 24, 2008

Here’s a look back at the 1999 to see who the teams would take if they could do it over knowing what they know today.  This was a lot of fun making.  I hope you enjoy it. 

P.S.  I hope nobody gets that Prince song stuck in their head.

#1 Cleveland Browns – Donovan McNabb
Yeah, Tim Couch didn’t exactly work out.  McNabb has had his ups and downs, but the five-time Pro Bowler has had more ups.  He’s thrown for over 25,000 yards, 171 TDs (to 79 INTs), ran for 24 TDs, completed 58.7% of his passes and has a passer rating of 85.8.

#2 Philadelphia Eagles – Champ Bailey Guest Pick – JP)
“The Eagles select this 8x Pro Bowl shutdown cornerback who quarterbacks tend to avoid being that he has 42 career INTS.”

#3 Cincinnati Bengals – Al Wilson
I was tempted to take Torry Holt or Edge, but offense hasn’t been Cincy’s problem.  To solve some defensive woes the Bengals grab the five-time Pro Bowl (two-time All-Pro) LB with 723 tackles, 21.5 Sacks, and 5 INTs.

#4 Indianapolis Colts – Edgerrin James
This pick worked out pretty well for the Colts so why mess with it?  Edge was named All-Pro/Pro Bowler four times.  He has 11,607 career rushing yards with 77 TDs and 3260 receiving yards with 11 TDs. Plus, he made life easier for Peyton.

#5 New Orlenas Saints – Torry Holt
At least Holt’s career didn’t go “Up in Smoke” like their original draft pick.  He’s a two-time All-Pro and seven-time Pro Bowler.  He has 805 receptions for 11,864 yards, and 71 TDs.

#6 St. Louis Rams – Donald Driver
With Holt gone, the “Greatest Show on Turf” would need a replacement.  Donald Driver is the next best option.  He’s a three-time Pro Bowler with 503 receptions for 6977 yards, and 38 TDs.

#7 Washington Redskins – Chris McAllister
With Champ Bailey gone, the ‘Skins go with the next best thing in three-time Pro Bowler Chris McAllister.  He has 411 tackles and 23 INTs in his career.  He’s not the Champ, but he’s not a bad challenger. 

#8 Arizona Cardinals – Patrick Kerney
Instead of the steroid-loving bodybuilding WR David Boston, the Cards would go with a DE that scares QBs instead.  He has 346 Tackles, 72.5 Sacks, and 3 INTs while earning two All-Pro/Pro Bowl nods.

#9 Detroits Lions – Daunte Culpepper
Culpepper has had some highs (two-time All-Pro, three-time Pro Bowler) and lows (Bang Boat), but he would give the Lions something they’ve lacked for years…a skilled QB.  Pep has passed for 22422 Yards and 142 TDs (94 INTs) with a 63.8% completion percentage and a 89.9 passer rating.

#10 Baltimore Ravens – Dre Bly
With McAllister off the board, the Ravens opt for the next best CB in Bly.  He has 416 Tackles to go along with his 38 career INTs.  He’s been named to two Pro Bowls.

#11 Minnesota Vikings – Jevon Kearse
With Culpepper gone and a weak QB crop (Aaron Brooks is the next best thing), the Vikings go with “The Freak”.  The two-time All-Pro and three-time Pro Bowler has 278 tackles and 69.5 Sacks.  He was especially nasty his first three years recording 36 Sacks.

#12 Chicago Bears – Ricky Williams
Hear me out.  Ricky is a gifted Running Back.  He ran for 6354 yards and 41 TDs to go along with 1806 receiving yards and 4 TDs in his first five seasons.  That’s an average of 1632 yards and 9 TDs.  Sure he flaked out, but getting five great seasons from a RB is pretty good.  Plus, playing for the Bears fans may have inspired him to avoid his temptations.  If not, you still get that ground game cooking for five years.

#13 Pittsburgh Steelers – Joey Porter
The Steelers originally got Joey with the 73rd pick, but if they want the three-time All-Pro and Pro Bowler they would have to take him here.  Not that their original pick of Troy Edwards did much anyway.  Talent-wise I probably would have went with Porter for Cincy, but they don’t need any more troubled athletes.  Porter has 533 Tackles, 65.5 Sacks, and 12 INTs in his career. 

#14 Kansas City Chiefs – Jon Jansen
John Tait is pretty good, but I think Jansen is a little better Tackle.  When he stays healthy he’s one of the better offensive lineman in the game. 

#15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Mike Rucker
Instead of Booger McFarland (must have been a huge Revenge of the Nerd fan), the Bucs would great Mike Rucker, who has 421 tackles and 55.5 Sacks. He made one Pro Bowl team.

#16 Tennessee Titans – Rod Coleman
Tennessee turns to Pro Bowler Rod Coleman to fill the void of Jevon Kearse.  The big fella has 271 tackles and 58.5 Sacks.  He was also named to one Pro Bowl.

#17 New England Patriots – Damien Woody
The Pro Bowl offensive lineman can play all three positions and helped New England to two Super Bowl wins.  If they could do it over, they probably wouldn’t change.

#18 Oakland Raiders – L.J. Shelton
Shelton has had a decent career, and would be an upgrade over the original pick of Matt Stinchcomb.

#19 New York Giants – Antoine Winfield
The G-Men go after solid tackling CB Antoine Winfield.  He has 711 tackles and 18 INTs.  He’s had five 80+ tackle seasons.  

#20 Dallas Cowboys – Rosevelt Colvin
The Cowboys add pass-rush specialist Rosevelt Colvin.  He has 365 tackles and 52.5 Sacks.

#21 Arizona Cardinals – John Tait
With Shelton gone, the Cards grab John Tait to man their offensive line. 

#22 Seattle Seahawks – Aaron Smith
Instead of flopping with Lamar King, the Seahawks grab Pro Bowl DE Aaron Smith.  Smith has 366 tackles and 36.5 Sacks.

#23 Buffalo Bills – Dexter Jackson
The Bills add S Dexter Jackson to beef up their secondary.  He has 460 tackles and 17 INTs.

#24 San Francisco 49ers – Eric Barton
The 49ers go with LB Eric Barton, who has 638 tackles, 18.5 Sacks, and 4 INTs.  He has four 100 tackles seasons.

#25 Green Bay Packers – Mike McKenzie
The Pack orginally got him with the 87th pick, and he caused them a headache as he forced his way out of town, but he gave them five solid years when he collected 287 tackles and 15 INTs.  Overall he has 26 picks.

#26 Jacksonville Jaguars – Marty Booker
The Jags add Pro Bowl WR Marty Booker to team with McCardell and Jimmy Smith.  He has 6311 yards and 34 TDs.  He had a pair of 1000 yard seasons. 

#27 Detroit Lions – Desmond Clark
The Lions give new QB Daunte Culpepper a big target at TE to work with .  The Pro Bowler has 3067 yards and 24 TDs.

#28 New England Patriots – Dat Nguyen
The Pats swung and missed with Andy Katzenmoyer.  The grab the undersized LB Dat Nguyen instead.  Nguyen had 516 tackles, 6 Sacks, and 7 INTs.  He had three 100 tackles seasons.

#29 Minnesota Vikings – Aaron Brooks
I hate to do it, but without Culpepper the Vikes do need a QB.  Michael Vick’s cousin had 20,261 yards, 123 TDs (92 INTs), 1534 Rushing yards and 13 TDs.  He wasn’t the best QB, but he did have four straight 3500+ yard/21+ TD seasons.

#30 Atlanta Falcons – Luke Petitgout
Petitgout has been a solid Tackle for the G-Men for 8 years before going to Tampa Bay.  Atlanta would be happy with him.

#31 Denver Broncos – Chris Claiborne
He’s no Al Wilson, but Claiborne is a serviceable LB.  He had 570 tackles, 15 Sacks, and 8 INTs.  He had three straight 100+ tackle seasons.

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