2002 NFL Draft Re-mix

Mar 19, 2008

A friend of mine for the SportingNews world, Bartolis, invited me to do a re-mix on the 2002 NFL draft.  We alternated picks (he had the odd, I had the even) and chose who the teams would take if they could do it over knowing what they know today.  This was a lot of fun making.  I hope you enjoy it.

Bartolis‘ picks are in blue while mine are in orange.

#1 Houston Texans – Brian Westbrook

I think when it just comes down to it he’s the best player in this draft. He catches the ball well, runs well inside and outside. He has a great presence and he’s a team leader. He can block well and he’s unselfish. He gave up a guaranteed TD to knell the ball in a game that was a meaningless win. What is there not to like about Brian Westbrook? I think every team in the league would take him in a heartbeat, regardless of whom they have in the backfield. He’s an exceptional player and despite his team, one of my favorite players.

#2 Carolina Panthers – Dwight Freeney
Not that Julius Peppers was a bad pick, but I think Freeney would have been even more of a nightmare on the quarterback when teamed with Mike Rucker and Kris Jenkins.

#3 Detroit Lions – Albert Haynesworth
This is an easy pick out with one fat under achieving linemen in with another fat used to be underachieving until his contract year DL. Hopefully Hayneworth just wasn’t playing hard last year, I think he plays hard, and if so immediately improves a porous Detroit Lions defense.
#4 Buffalo Bills – Ed Reed
Ed Reed has been one of the best defensive players in the league over the past six seasons. He instantly upgrades Buffalo’s secondary. He gives the Bills attitude on D.

#5 San Diego Chargers – John Henderson
The Henderson pick is a little risky I guess because you never know how DT will hold up in 3-4 systems and being that he has never played in the 3-4 at the NFL system. Still Henderson is 6-7 335 pounds and explosive. He could probably even play end in the 3-4 system. I’ve always been a big believer on choosing the best player available with a high draft selection and I think Henderson (as long as he stays healthy) is absolutely devastating and too enticing for me personally to pass up here.

#6 Kansas City Chiefs – Bryant McKinnie
Kansas City’s line was getting old, and adding a talent like McKinnie would have been a great move. McKinnie would have been better served to learn under the tutelage of Will Shields and Willie Roaf. Perhaps his work ethic and character would have never come into question, and he could have realized his true potential.

#7 Minnesota Vikings – David Garrard
I’m not a believer of Tavaris Jackson.  Are any of you Viking fans out there believers? I think the Vikings luck out here and get a QB to build their team around. Good pick for the Vikings who already have a devastating running game and OL (much like Jax) and you saw how good Garrard was with those compliments.

#8 Dallas Cowboys – Clinton Portis

With Emmitt Smith on his way out, the Cowboys grab another outstanding RB that went to a Florida school to plug in.

#9 Jacksonville Jaguars – Julius Peppers
The Jaguars lose a powerful DT (well now that Stroud is gone it’d be even worse) but they gain a very talented powerful DE who is coming off a very bad season by any standards not just his. Hopefully this season was just an aberration and the Jags might have the steal of this new draft.

#10 Cincinnati Bengals – Aaron Kampman
Cincinnati’s defense has long been a problem. The character of their players has also been an issue. Aaron Kampman would help change that with his pass rushing abilities on-the-field and charitable work off-the-field.

#11 Indianapolis Colts – Andre Guro
Good for the Colts Gurode falls into their laps. To be honest the Colts don’t have 5 fantastically sound and athletic linemen, only Saturday and Tarik Glenn will be (Peyton’s quick release helps the other linemen a lot). Gurode would be a true talented OL for the Colts to put in the middle next to Saturday although he now plays center, he’s 6-4, 316 pounds and could easily make the switch.

#12 Arizona Cardinals – Charles Grant
Arizona chose Wendell Bryant originally. If they could do it over, Charles Grant would have been a much better addition to their defensive line.

#13 New Orleans Saints – Lito Sheppard
The Saints really need some Secondary help. The only question is who is the best CB in this draft, they’re all 2nd tier guys not like the last draft I did where Leigh Bodden and Terrence McGee were two of the LESS talented CBs in the first round, that’s saying a lot. The question is who’s the best CB in this class, Sheppard? Sheldon Brown, Quentin Jammer? I don’t know I’m most familiar with Sheppard and Brown and I prefer Sheppard so I’ll go with Sheppard mostly because of familiarity.

#14 New York Giants – Will Witherspoon
Witherspoon has averaged close to 97 tackles in his six-year career.

#15 Tennessee Titans – Jeremey Shockey
The Titans get that much needed help for their offense and Tight End with Jeremey Shockey. This is a fantastic fit for the Titans. Vince Young needs someone who can make plays and Shockey is a very good at ROAMING, and less great at route running (a big reason I think Manning/Shockey don’t mesh like I think Manning/Boss will). But for Vince Young, a roaming TE is fantastic. Someone who will stay with the play and run around while Vince is running around would be great. I think you’d even see a spike in numbers. Like I said before too, Shockey is also a capable blocker.

#16 Cleveland Browns – Javon Walker
Perhaps Tim Couch would have had a little more success with a WR like Javon to throw to. Then again
, perhaps not. Anyway, at this point the Browns should grab the best receiver in the draft. 

#17 Oakland Raiders – Levi Jones Tackle
Raiders select Levi Jones to improve their OL. There are not a ton of great players after the top 10 in this draft so yeah.

#18 Atlanta Falcons – Sheldon Brown
Sheldon Brown has become a solid corner for the Eagles. Perhaps having Brown in place the Falcons pass on DeAngelo Hall and his character issues.

#19 Denver Broncos – Jermaine Phillips
Like I said before I really like Phillips I don’t know if everyone loves Phillips but I do. He’s a very good safety although not young he’s really come into his own recently. I like him more than the much higher profiled Roy Williams. John Lynch HAS to retire sometime, doesn’t he? 

#20 Green Bay Packers – Kendall Simmons
When Marco Rivera and Mike Wahle eventually hit the road, it would be nice to be able to plug Kendall Simmons in and save Brett Favre that year of growing pains.

#21 New England Patriots – Roy Williams
If anyone can keep Roy Williams in line it’s the Patriots. Like I’ve said numerous times, Williams lacks both discipline and I think great instruction. I think the Patriots can take this uber talented player and turn him into an animal.

#22 New York Jets – Michael Lewis
Can’t go wrong with a sure tackling Pro Bowl Strong Safety.

#23 Oakland Raiders – Bart Scott
I chose Bart Scott because he’s the most athletic player left. I like the Raiders linebacking corps a lot already but this just makes them even better and maybe they can go with a 3-4 or a 4-3 now.

#24 Baltimore Ravens – Donte Stallworth
Baltimore could use a burner to inje
ct life into their passing attack. Perhaps Ray Lewis and company could have got Donte off on the right foot and established a strong work ethic early in his career so he could avoid hamstring issues.

#25 New Orleans Saints – Quentin Jammer
Jammer fell much further this time than I oringially thought he would. Jammer is a pretty good talent, playing on a team that definitely helps out all of their secondary members. Jammer has been unseated by the beautifully freakish Antonio Cromartie, but Jammer provides more depth to the Saints who out of this draft wind up with both Sheppard AND Jammer. Making their CB strength, and not a weakness.

#26 Philadelphia Eagles – Chester Taylor

Without Brian Westbrook the Eagles would be screwed. Chester would help soften the blow.

#27 San Francisco 49ers – Phillip Buchannon
Buchannon is right there with the other CBs in this draft serviceable to quality, but not great. Buchannon will help out a team that needs to take the best player left on the board.

#28 Seattle Seahawks – Randy McMichael
The Seahawks actually drafted Jerramy Stevens. If they could do it over again, they’d pick a Tight End who could actually catch.

#29 Chicago Bears – David Thornton
Thornton is solid enough to play on any team and would be an instant upgrade over Hunter Hillenmeyer for the Bears. Personally I like Thornton more than Witherspoon, Lester prefers Witherspoon over Thornton they’re both right about the same. Last year Thornton had 122 tackles last year he also had 107 tackles. He was drafted by the Colts so you know he moves well and is undersized 6-2 225 pounds (see told you). But he’s a solid player and though Colombo makes more sense here again, except this time the Bears keep him, that’s boring so Thornton it is.

#30 Pittsburgh Steelers – Larry Foote
The Steelers went on to get Larry in the 4th round. In a re-mix there is no way he’d last that long. Foote has 343 tackles over the past four years and plays a key role on their defense.

#31 St. Louis Rams – Marc Colombo
This draft is really good at the top, pretty bad after that. There’s not a ton of depth in this draft. Colombo helps rebuild a line that needs some rebuilding. Colombo is big and moves well enough and he’s the best value pick this far in the draft.

#32 Washington Redskins – Antwaan Randle El
If they had him perhaps they don’t waste their money later on Brandon Lloyd. Plus, they get a dynamic receiver.

#1 David Carr, Fresno State, Houston Texans
#2 Julius Peppers, North Carolina, Carolina Panthers
#3 Joey Harrington, Oregon, Detroit Lions
#4 Mike Williams, Texas, Buffalo Bills
#5 Quentin Jammer, Texas, San Diego Chargers
#6 Ryan Sims, North Carolina, Kansas City Chiefs
#7 Bryant Mckinnie, Miami Hurricanes, Vikings
#8 Roy Williams, Oklahoma, Dallas Cowboys
#9 John Henderson, Tennessee, Jaguars
#10 Levi Jones, Arizona State, Bengals
#11 Dwight Freeney, Syracuse, Colts
#12 Wendell Bryant, Wisconsin, Cardinals
#13 Donte Stallworth, Tennessee, Saints
#14 Jeremy Schockey, Miami Hurricanes, NYG
#15 Albert Haynesworth, Tennessee, Tennessee Titans
#16 William Green, Boston College, Browns
#17 Phillip Buchannon, Hurricanes, Oakland Raiders
#18 T.J. Duckett, Michigan State, Atlanta Falcons
#19 Ashley Lelie, Hawaii, Denver Broncos
#20 Javon Walker, Florida State, Green Bay Packers
#21 Daniel Graham, Colorado, New England Patriots
#22 Bryan Thomas, Alabama-Birmingham, NYJ
#23 Napoleon Harris, Northwestern, Oakland Raiders
#24 Ed Reed, Miami Hurricanes, Baltimore Ravens
#25 Charles Grant, Georiga, New Orleans Saints
#26 Lito Sheppard, Florida, Eagles
#27 Mike Rumph, Hurricanes, 49ers
#28 Jerramy Stevens, Washington, Seattle Seahawks
#29 Marc Colombo, Boston College, Chicago Bears
#30 Kendall Simmons, Auburn (guard), Steelers
#31 Robert Thomas, UCLA (OLB), St. Louis Rams
#32 Patrick Ramsey, Tulane, Washington Redskins

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8 Responses so far | Have Your Say!

  1. Eric
    March 19th, 2008 at 7:03 am #

    cool idea

  2. Ryan Lester
    March 19th, 2008 at 7:05 am #

    Bartolis came up with the idea. I came up with the alternating picks. It was a lot of fun.

  3. Mo Morrissey
    March 19th, 2008 at 7:11 am #

    Cool idea…I wonder if the Pats would have chosen Stallworth over Graham then knowing what they know now….

  4. BDJP
    March 19th, 2008 at 7:42 am #

    Look at those colors. brand consistency! The eagles had a great draft considering how much complaining the fans did. But you know that’s Dirty Philly Phor you.

  5. Ryan Lester
    March 19th, 2008 at 7:53 am #

    Yes sir.
    The Best
    Lito was #26
    Michael Lewis #58
    Sheldon Brown #59
    Westy #91

    Who hits home runs on their first four picks?

    The Rest
    Scott Peters #124 (can’t win ‘em all, but he’s still in the league)
    Freddie Milons #162
    Tyreo Harrison #198
    Raheem Brock #238 (been decent for the Colts)

  6. Ryan Lester
    March 19th, 2008 at 8:38 am #

    Mo – Good question.

  7. James Joyner
    March 20th, 2008 at 5:18 am #

    Good idea, although it’s kind of odd doing a 2002 draft while commenting on what the team looks like in 2008. Wouldn’t you base it on what the needs were in 2002?

  8. Ryan Lester
    March 20th, 2008 at 7:15 am #

    I based my picks on the needs the team has had since that draft moving forward.

    2 same position, just upgrade
    4 no need to justify ed reed
    6 line became an issue for KC. could have addressed it
    8 no need to justify clinton portis
    10 defense and character have been there prob for years
    12 similar need, just an upgrade
    14 best available
    16 didn’t have good wrs. didn’t until last year
    18 best available, avoid future headache
    20 future need
    22 best available
    24 wr has been a need even then
    26 needed rb since westy wouldn’t be there later
    28 same position, upgrade
    30 they picked him so it’s a need, he just proved he’s worth a higher pick
    32 need and future need

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