2009 NBA Mock Draft #2

Jun 11, 2009
Here’s my second 2009 NBA Mock Draft.  Click here for my latest 2009 NBA Mock Draft (6/24).

1.  Los Angeles Clippers – Blake Griffin
Nothing has changed here. 

Previous pick:  Blake Griffin

2.  Mempis Grizzlies – Hasheem Thabeet
The Grizzlies have a Center in Marc Gasol, but as I said in the first mock, Thabeet is a game-changer on defense.  It would be better to slide Gasol to the 4 or bring him off the bench to give them some toughness on the defensive end of the floor.
Previous Pick:  Jordan Hill

3.  Oklahoma City – Jordan Hill
With their stars on offense, it would have been nice to see Thabeet wind up in OKC.  This draft is short on bigs and Hill is the best available.
Previous Pick:  Hasheem Thabeet

4.  Sacramento Kings – Ricky Rubio
I know that everyone has Rubio going earlier, but to me it wouldn’t make sense for Memphis or OKC to take a PG when they have young ones already.  It just makes sense to me that the Kings get Rubio. 
Previous Pick:  Ricky Rubio

5. Washington Wizards – James Harden
No change here.  Harden is NBA ready and could help immediately on a NBA Playoff caliber team.
Previous Pick:  James Harden

6.  Minnesota Timberwolves – Brandon Jennings
Most have the Wolves taking a wing player, but that isn’t a primary need.  They need a PG and a C most of all.  There isn’t a C worthy of the sixth pick, so they go with a PG with a high ceiling.
Previous Pick: Brandon Jennings

7.  Golden State Warriors – Jrue Holliday
While I think Lawson would be fun in Nellie’s system, I think a PG with more size makes more sense.  Monta could move to the 2, which is a better fit.
Previous Pick:  Ty Lawson

8.  New York Knicks – Stephen Curry
Curry can flat out shoot and is a good fit for Mike D’Antoni’s system.  Knick fans may revolt if they went elsewhere. 
Previous Pick:  Jonny Flynn

9.  Toronto Raptors – DeMar DeRozan
Still a great fit for the Raptors.  A Wing with off the charts athleticism.

Previous Pick:  DeMar DeRozan

10.  Milwaulkee Bucks – Jonny Flynn
If they can lock up Ramon Sessions, they will go in a different direction, but if they lose him, Flynn will be a nice replacement. 
Previous Pick:  Stephen Curry

11.  New Jersey Nets – DeJuan Blair
The Nets stick with the stout PF from Pitt.
Previous Pick: DeJuan Blair

12.  Charlotte Bobcats – Gerald Henderson
UNC fans aren’t going to like my flip-flop here as I swap out a Ellington for Henderson. 
Previous Pick:  Wayne Ellington

13.  Indiana Pacers – Eric Maynor
This pick depends on what they decide to do with Jarrett Jack, but as much as I tried to find someone else for the Pacers to take, I ended up back with Maynor.  He can create for others and has good range. 
Previous Pick:  Eric Maynor 

14.  Phoenix Suns – Earle Clark
James Johnson seems to be the trendy pick, but I like the defensive presence Clark brings.
Previous Pick:  Earle Clark

15.  Detroit Pistons –  Tyler Hansbrough
Endless energy, willing to do the little things, ready to contribute right away. 
Previous Pick:  Tyler Hansbrough

16. Chicago Bulls – Tyreke Evans
Could go much sooner, but if he sticks around, the Bulls will nab him.
Previous Pick:  Tyreke Evans

17.  Philadelphia 76ers – Ty Lawson
The Sixers grab the speedy Lawson.  He gives them tons of speed and a floor leader.  .
Previous Pick:  Jeff Teague

18.  Minnesota Timberwolves – B.J. Mullens
The Wolves still need that Big Man.
Previous Pick:  B.J. Mullens

19.  Atlanta Hawks – Jeff Teague
Teague may not be a true PG, but with Joe Johnson on board, he doesn’t need to be.
Previous Pick: Patrick Mills 

20.  Utah Jazz – Terrence Williams
Williams can do a bit of everything, which will fit Jerry Sloan’s plans nicely.
Previous Pick:  Gerald Henderson

21.  New Orleans Hornets – Chase Budinger
Chase can play either Wing position, and should be deadly knocking down 3′s from CP3′s dishes. 
Previous Pick:  Chase Budinger

22.  Dallas Mavericks – Darren Collison
Collison gives the Mavs a polished PG to follow Jason Kidd.
Previous Pick: Jrue Holliday

23.  Sacramento Kings – James Johnson
James Johnson still seems like a good fit to me.
Previous Pick:  James Johnson

24.  Portland Trail Blazers – Austin Daye
The Blazers are pretty set so why not go with best available and allow Daye to develop his game.
Previous Pick:  Darren Collison

25.  Oklahoma City – Gani Lawal
Lawal gives OKC another banger.
Previous Pick:  Gani Lawal

26.  Chicago Bulls – Omri Casspri
The Bulls have the luxury of selecting a talented Wing player and allowing him to develop.
Previous Pick: Derrick Brown

27.  Memphis – Sam Young
Still looks like a good fit with the Grizzlies.
Previous Pick:  Sam Young

28.  Minnesota Timberwolves – DaJuan Summers
I don’t see Corey Brewer cutting it so the Wolves add the athletic Summers to challenge Ryan Gomes for the 3 spot.
Previous Pick:  Terrence Williams

29.  Los Angeles Lakers – Patrick Mills
The Lakers need to upgrade their PG situation.  Mills could develop into a solid one.
Previous Pick:  Omri Casspri

30.  Cleveland Cavaliers – Nick Calathes
The Cavs need a lot to keep LBJ in Cleveland.  Calathes will help LeBron by creating for others, taking some of that burden away.
Previous Pick:  DaJuan Summers

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  1. Rad
    June 11th, 2009 at 1:04 pm #

    Good stuff Lester. If the Knicks don’t get Curry, I still think Golden State will take him, you think they’ll go after Lawson since he seems a better fit for D’Antoni than Dujon? A Tar Heel replacing a Blue Devil, oh the shame lol

  2. LestersLegends
    June 11th, 2009 at 1:24 pm #

    That’s a good possibility. GS may snag Curry too.

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    June 13th, 2009 at 8:00 pm #

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