Steve Mason
- 18 Saves

Hat Tricks

3-Point Club
Mike Richards
– 2 Goals, 1 Assist

Double Lamp Lighters (Two Goals)
Jeff Carter
Mike Richards

Jamie Langenbrunner

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30 Point Club
Al Jefferson
- 34 Points
Chris Paul - 31 Points
Kobe Bryant - 30 Points
Mike Dunleavy - 30 Points

Chairman of the Boards (12+ Rebounds)
Andrew Bynum
- 15 Boards
Antawn Jamison - 15 Boards
David West - 15 Boards
Antonio McDyess - 14 Boards
Al Jefferson - 13 Boards
Charlie Villanueva - 13 Boards
Nene - 12 Boards
Troy Murphy - 12 Boards
Jason Thompson - 12 Boards

March of Dimes (10+ Assists)
Deron Williams
- 12 Dimes
Rajon Rondo – 12 Dimes
Jose Calderon - 11 Dimes
Derrick Rose - 11 Dimes

Thieves & Swatters (5+ Steals or Blocks)

Double-Double Trouble
Al Jefferson
- 34 Points, 13 Rebounds
Andrew Bynum - 27 Points, 15 Rebounds
Antawn Jamison - 25 Points, 15 Rebounds
Charlie Villanueva - 26 Points, 13 Rebounds
Kevin Durant - 29 Points, 10 Rebounds
Deron Williams - 24 Points, 12 Assists
Nene - 22 Points, 12 Rebounds
Troy Murphy - 19 Points, 12 Rebounds
Zydrunas Ilgauskas - 20 Points, 11 Rebounds
Marvin Williams - 16 Points, 11 Rebounds
David West - 12 Points, 15 Rebounds
Jason Thompson - 15 Points, 12 Rebounds
Tyrus Thomas - 14 Points, 10 Rebounds
Michael Beasley - 11 Points, 11 Rebounds

Messed Around and Got a Triple Double


Evgeni Nabokov
 - 24 Saves

Hat Tricks
3-Point Club
Jamie Langenbrunner
– 2 Goals, 1 Assist
Dominic Moore – 2 Goals, 1 Assist
Dustin Brown – 2 Goals, 1 Assist
Stephen Weiss – 1 Goal, 2 Assists
Rich Peverley – 1 Goal, 2 Assists
Jason Blake – 1 Goal, 2 Assists
Cory Stillman - 3 Assists

Double Lamp Lighters (Two Goals)
Jamie Langenbrunner
Dominic Moore
Dustin Brown

Kyle Okposo
Mike Fisher
Milan Hejduk

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I’ve scoured the fantasy baskeball waiver wires to find gems so you don’t have to.

Eddie House, Boston – Eddie has been lights out, especially from downtown.  In his last four games he’s averaging 19.0 points, 2..5 rebounds, 0.8 steals, and 5.5 three-pointers.  He shot 60% from the floor and 69% from three.  He has a $0.50M salary cap number in the Sporting News Salary Cap game, and is owned in just 5.1% of ESPN and 12% of Yahoo leagues.  He qualifies at both PG & SG
Ronald “Flip” Murray, Atlanta – Flip has been putting the hot in Hotlanta.  In his last five games he’s averaging 17.6 points, 1.8 rebounds, 1.2 assists, 1.6 steals, and 1.0 three-pointer.  He shot 55% from the floor, 70.8% from the line, and 35.7% from downtown.  He also has a $0.50M SN cap number, and is owned in 1.9% of ESPN and 8% of Yahoo leauges

Brandon Bass, Dallas
– Bass has been Boss in Big D.  In his last three games he’s averaging 14.0 points, 6.3 rebounds, 2.0 assists, and 1.7 blocks.  He shot 51.9% from the floor without missing a free throw.  He also has a $0.50M SN cap number, and is owned in 1.3% of ESPN and 6% of Yahoo leagues.
Shane Battier, Houston – Another Texas player has played well recently.  In his last four games Battier is averaging 7.0 points, 6.5 rebounds, 1.3 assists, 0.5 steals, 1.3 blocks, and 2.0 three-pointers.  He shot 52.9% from the floor, 2 for 2 from the line, and 61.5% from three.  He has a SN cap number of $2.40M, and is owned in 64.3% of ESPN and 41% of Yahoo leagues.

Joakim Noah, Chicago
- Noah has been playing at a high level as well.  In his last five games he’s averaging 8.0 points, 10.0 rebounds, 1.2 assists, 0.4 steals, and 3.2 blocks.  He shot 58.6% from the floor and 46.2% from the line.  He has a SN cap number of $1.79M, and is owned in 56.9% of ESPN and 41% of Yahoo leagues.  He qualifies at PF & C.


30 Point Club
Manu Ginobili
- 30 Points

Chairman of the Boards (12+ Rebounds)
Dwight Howard
- 18 Boards
Tim Duncan - 15 Boards

March of Dimes (10+ Assists)
Steve Nash
– 18 Dimes

Thieves & Swatters (5+ Steals or Blocks)

Double-Double Trouble
Dwight Howard
- 22 Points, 18 Rebounds
Steve Nash – 16 Points, 18 Assists
Amare Stoudemire – 28 Points, 10 Rebounds
Tim Duncan - 20 Points, 15 Rebounds
Hedo Turkoglu - 19 Points, 11 Rebounds
Grant Hill - 20 Points, 10 Rebounds

Messed Around and Got a Triple Double

25 things about Lester

30 January 2009

I was tagged by CK to share 25 things about me.  Here goes.

1.  I am 33 with a wonderful wife and two adorable kids. 

2.  It was love at first sight for me and my wife.  My sister set us up.  We met at a party at my house and have never looked back.

3.  I am very shy unless I’m drinking, in which case I won’t stop talking. 

4.  My favorite beer is Guinness.

5.  I once won a Super Bowl Party chugging contest at a bar in Syracuse.  The beer was Cave Creek Chili Beer.  I swallowed the pepper.  The guy demanded a rematch and I destroyed him mainly because we switched to a normal beer and my mouth was on fire.

6.  Although I am not a good singer, I enjoy the occasional Karaoke.

7.  I’m a pretty good dancer, which at times mortifies my wife because she does not like to dance.

8.  I love to fish, but do not like to eat them.

9.  Speaking of fishing, I’m afraid to touch fish.  Even Sunfish.

10.  Basketball used to be my favorite sport.  I was pretty good at it when I was younger.  I hit six threes in the fourth quarter one game en route to a career high 26 points.  Larry Bird is my favorite player.

11.  Even though football is now my favorite sport, the Red Sox are my favorite team.  I once posed a question on my Sporting News blog whether I would trade the three Patriots Super Bowl titles to keep the 2004 Red Sox World Series title.  I said “Yes”.

12.  I have a goal of visiting all 50 states with my wife and having adult fun in each of them.  We are 38% done.

13.  I once got separated from my buddies on the way to the bar after we had been drinking and ended up sharing a pizza and a pitcher of beer with a panhandler.

14.  I have had numerous nicknames over the years:  Big Dog, Bigs, Baby Bigs, Red Dog, Jock Dog, Sporto, Animal, Conquistador, Tank, Flyin’ Ryan, Private Ryan, and many others that I’m leaving out.

15.  In the 8th grade I got kicked out of class for talking on the first day of school.

16.  My Spanish teacher used to take my book away from me during class because I wouldn’t stop doing my homework during class.

17.  As a kid I used to give my piano teacher a plate of cookies to distract him.  He would eat the cookies and feed them to my dogs.  I hated piano, though I still remember a few songs.

18.  My first concert was Billy Joel in the Carrier Dome.  The last concert I went to was Kid Rock.  I went with my wife who was pregnant with our first son.  I think that’s why he’s so wild.

19.  My wife is a heavy sleeper while I am a light sleeper so I am the one that gets up with the kids.  I complain about it at times to my wife, but I actually love the special time with my kids.   

20.  In college I great my hair out so long that I could put my bangs in my mouth.  The sides and back were shaved but the top was long.  I always wore a hat though.

21.  If you go way back in my family tree I have ties to the Hatfields or the McCoys.  I can’t remember which one.

22.  It took me six tries to get my Driver’s License.  I should have passed the first time, and nerves got me the rest of the times.  One of them my brother went in to use the bathroom.  I moved the car up without him and I failed on the spot.  My brother was PISSED.

23.  My favorite movie ever is Stand by Me.

24.  The Beatles are my favorite band, though I like pretty much anything from old school rap to blues to alternative to pop.  I even can tolerate a little country from time to time.  I don’t do Jazz though.

25.  Once during Hell Week of my fraternity I fell asleep in a class that had about eight students.

I’m tagging newcomer McSpazz.

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Time for another edition of Fantasy Football Out on a Limb.  I scour the rosters to select a player who I feel will outperform a higher profile player in that given week.  I base my decisions on matchups, how the players are trending, and the ever-important hunch.  To mix things up I’ll occasionally do some two on one matchups or even pit RB or WR duos against each other.  Sometimes I’ll spot a player some points. 

For the playoffs I will pick one matchup for Quarterback, Running Back, and Wide Receiver

6 points for rushing or receiving TD
4 points for a passing TD
0.1 points per yard for rushing or receiving
0.05 points per passing yard. 

Last Week
Donovan McNabb
33.85 beat Kurt Warner +1 [32.95 (31.95 actual plus spotted point)] WHICH I WON
Edgerrin James (8.9) over Willie Parker (4.5) WHICH I WON
Kevin Curtis (12.2) over Derrick Mason (4.1) WHICH I WON

Record:  3-0

Season Record
Regular Picks:  52-33 (.612)
Super Stretch Picks:  8-8 (.500)
Playoff Picks:  7-2 (.778)
Overall:  67-43 (.609)


Kurt Warner
over Ben Roethlisberger +3
Arizona has relied on the passing game all year, and they aren’t about to change because it’s the Super Bowl.  Pittsburgh has a stout D, but the Cards should be able to move the chains through the air.   Since Warner is an easy choice I’ll spot Big Ben 3 points, which amounts to 60 yards.

Running Back
willie-parker-profile   edgerrin-james1
Willie Parker
over Edgerrin James +2.5
I think Willie Parker has the potential to be Pittsburgh’s top Offensive threat on Super Bowl Sunday so I don’t mind spotting Edge 25 yards.  Although Edge is more likely to score a TD in my opinion, I’m guessing neither reach paydirt.  Willie will pile up the yards in the 4th Quarter as Pittsburgh runs out the clock.  Edge will have a hard time cracking 50 yards against this powerhouse.

Wide Receiver

Anquan Boldin over Santonio Holmes +1.5
Larry Fitzgerald has had a remarkable playoff run, and I feel Pittsburgh will key in on him to try to slow him down.  Giving less attention to Boldin, especially when he had ample time to rest, could be costly for the Steelers.  I think Warner does what he can to make Boldin forget about the Conference Championship.  Even if he goes, Hines Ward will likely be slowed a bit.  Santonio Holmes will have to step his game up.  He’s capable of it, but I still have more faith in Boldin.  Therefore, I’ll spot Holmes 15 yards.

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