Kerry Collins re-signed with the Titans.  It was a two-year deal.  He was a solid leader for the Titans, but offers little in terms of fantasy value.  This is good news for WR Justin Gage and TE Bo Scaife, with whom Kerry had a good rapport last year.  Re-signing Chris Simms is now up in the air.  Vince Young will have to wait for a second shot.

Jon Kitna was traded to Dallas to be Tony Romo’s backup.  This is an upgrade for the Cowboys, and Kitna’s day were clearly done in Detroit.  This is a Win-Win.  Little fantasy value out of Kitna, but Jason Witten, T.O., and Roy Williams have a little more security if Romo goes down again.

Finally, New England sent Matt Cassel to the Chiefs for a second round pick.  He should win the starting job in K.C. meaning Tyler Thigpen is out.  Cassel should remain on fantasy radars with Tony Gonzalez and Dwayne Bowe as primary weapons.  Meanwhile, New England is letting everyone know the newlywed Tom Brady will be ready to roll.  Matt Gutierrez, who actually looked better than Cassel in the preseason, will likely move into the backup role for New England.



Hat Tricks
Jonathan Toews

3-Point Club
Jonathan Toews
– 3 Goals
Alexei Kovalev – 1 Goal, 2 Assists
Cam Barker - 3 Assists

Double Lamp Lighters (Two Goals)
Jonathan Toews
(Hat Trick)
Michael Cammalleri

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30 Point Club
- 45 Points
Dirk Nowitzki - 41 Points
Stephen Jackson - 33 Points
Russell Westbrook - 33 Points
Richard Hamilton - 31 Points
LeBron James - 30 Points
Ray Allen - 30 Points

Chairman of the Boards (12+ Rebounds)
Al Horford
- 22 Boards
Lamar Odom - 19 Boards
Spencer Hawes - 15 Boards
LeBron James - 14 Boards
Samuel Dalembert - 14 Boards
Dwight Howard - 13 Boards
Troy Murphy - 13 Boards
Andris Biedrins - 13 Boards
Antonio McDyess - 13 Boards
Marcus Camby - 13 Boards
David West - 12 Boards
Jeff Green - 12 Boards
Carmelo Anthony - 12 Boards
Chris Andersen - 12 Boards
Zach Randolph - 12 Boards

March of Dimes (10+ Assists)
Chris Paul
- 20 Dimes
Jason Kidd - 13 Dimes
Grant Hill - 12 Dimes
Earl Watson - 11 Dimes
Dwyane Wade - 10 Dimes

Thieves & Swatters (5+ Steals or Blocks)
Chris Andersen
- 7 Blocks

Double-Double Trouble
- 45 Points, 11 Rebounds
Al Horford - 21 Points, 22 Rebounds
LeBron James - 30 Points, 14 Rebounds
David West - 28 Points, 12 Rebounds
Jeff Green - 28 Points, 12 Rebounds
Antawn Jamison - 27 Points, 11 Rebounds
Shawn Marion - 27 Points, 11 Rebounds
Dwight Howard - 21 Points, 13 Rebounds
Troy Murphy - 20 Points, 13 Rebounds
Dwyane Wade - 21 Points, 10 Assists
Andris Biedrins - 18 Points, 13 Rebounds
Lamar Odom - 12 Points, 19 Rebounds
Louis Amundson - 20 Points, 10 Rebounds
Chris Bosh - 19 Points, 10 Rebounds
David Lee - 17 Points, 11 Rebounds
Pau Gasol - 18 Points, 10 Rebounds
Grant Hill - 14 Points, 12 Assists
Emeka Okafor - 15 Points, 11 Rebounds
Samuel Dalembert - 10 Points, 14 Rebounds
LaMarcus Aldridge - 15 Points, 10 Rebounds
Gerald Wallace - 14 Points, 11 Rebounds
Jason Kidd - 10 Points, 13 Assists
Carmelo Anthony - 12 Points, 12 Rebounds
Chris Andersen - 11 Points, 12 Rebounds
Zach Randolph - 11 Points, 12 Rebounds
Dominic McGuire - 1o Points, 11 Rebounds
Udonis Haslem - 1o Points, 11 Rebounds
Zydrunas Ilgauskas - 10 Points, 10 Rebounds

Messed Around and Got a Triple Double

J.D., a young Bleacher Report writer and creator of The Sports Report with J.D., contacted me to see if I wanted to post some of his articles on the site.  Always looking to encourage an aspiring writer, I agreed.   J.D. takes a look at where some of the biggest Free Agents will land.

Big NFL News: Featuring T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Could Ray Lewis Land In Denver?)
By Josh Dhani

Chris Canty
Have you heard of the Canty sweepstakes? A Lot of teams are betting on it, especially the Redskins. Well guess what Redskins fans? You aren’t going to get him.  After signing Albert Haynesworth to a massive $100 million deal, the Redskins have dropped out.

Why would they? Why not? These questions need to be answered.

First, you should get Canty. You want to know why? The Redskins’ pass rush would be much better! Then you’ve got Haynesworth and Canty sacking McNabb, Tony Romo, and Eli Manning left and right in their NFC East rivalry games.

Why not? The Redskins have already invested heavily in Haynesworth, DeAngelo Hal, and Derrick Dockery. So that is why the Redskins dropped out. Besides, a lot of other teams are betting on Canty, like the Titans, Seahawks, and the 49ers.

T.J. Houshmanzadeh
Hey Vikings fans! Are you ready to start drooling? I hope. T.J. Houshmandzadeh is deeply interested in the Vikings. This could help out big time.

What if the Vikes got T.J.? It would give T-Jack and/or newly acquired Sage  Rsenfels another target. Last year, Tarvaris Jackson only had three targets, Tight End Visanthe Sianco, possession receiver Bobby Wade and the speedy Bernard Berrian.

Are there other teams interested in T.J.? Of course. Don’t forget the Colts, Giants, Buccaneers, Eagles, Seahawks, and Titans. I just hope he lands with the Vikings, because he is needed there.

Derrick Ward
It looks to me that Ward has found some interest in some teams. Or is it the other way around?

According to Pro Football Talk, Ward could land deals in a very nice place to improve the team’s running game.

The Bengals, Lions, Broncos, Rams, and Buccaneers have expressed interest. The Bengals could use him because they have nothing really special. The Lions could use him to help out Kevin Smith in the backfield. The Broncos could use him to have another team of Earth, Wind, and Fire. The Rams could use him to help out Stephen Jackson and Travis Minor. The Buccaneers could use him to help out Cadillac Williams and Earnest Graham. You have all of that?

Antonio Smith
Smith looks to make a decision soon. He is acting like he is ranking teams like in college football, making a list of all teams interested in him.

The teams are the Falcons, Texans, Giants, Eagles, and Buccaneers. The Falcons, Texans, Giants, and Eagles. They can use him to help out their pass rush, while the Buccaneers could use him now that Derrick Brooks is gone.

Antonio, you could be good with these teams. Sorry about your Super Bowl loss. I wanted those Cards to win. At least I put a picture of you doing the “safety” sign. Now how’s that?

Nate Washington
Now don’t get him confused with the 5′9″ Slam Dunk contest winner, Nate Robinson, who dunked over Dwight Howard. This here, my friends, is Super Bowl champion wide receiver Nate Washington.

The Vikings are interested in Washington because he is an alternative if they don’t T.J. Houshmandzadeh.The Titans could use him because their only good receivers are Justin Gage, Brandon Jones, and Tight End Bo Scaife. The Bucs could use him, because they have already released Warrick Dunn and Joey Galloway.

But guess who wants Washington the most? The Lions. The Lions lost Mike Furrey, and last year they traded Roy Williams. Nate can help out Calvin Johnson and Shaun McDonald to be a pretty good replacement for Furrey and Williams.

Now here is the biggest story: Will Ray Lewis stay with the Ravens or go with the Broncos?

I don’t know if the Ravens will retain Lewis, but there are a lot of teams expressing huge interest in arguably the best linebacker ever. He could sign with the Jets. Why? Because then you have Ray Lewis reuniting with Bart Scott and defensive coordinator, Rex Ryan. And best of all, it’s a 3-4 system.

How about those Dallas Cowboys? Of course they will try to get him. They are trying to get Michael Vick for Pete’s sake! He could help out the team with his pass rush and his ability to tackle you to the ground. The Cowboys also have a 3-4 system.

But the Cowboys can’t compete like the Broncos. They have been looking for a defensive guy. With newly added coach Josh McDaniels, who may be switching to a 3-4, Ray could help out Elvis Dumervil, Jarvis Moss, and the great linebackers that make up the Denver Broncos’ linebacking core. And don’t forget Champ Bailey and Dre Bly in the secondary.

Well, thank you for reading. Stay tuned where these guys land.

Global Sports Fraternity

28 February 2009


The Global Sports Fraternity, which launched in October 2008, is proud to announce its recent partnership with the Fantasy Players Network.

The Global Sports Fraternity is a site dedicated to bringing out the humorous side of sports through original characters. From showing what happens when a gynecologist likes the Philadelphia Eagles a bit too much, to demonstrating how an addiction to fantasy sports can drive someone to the streets, the GSF’s videos and blogs put a comedic spin on the world of sports.

The GSF releases new videos every Tuesday, and the blogs, written in the voice of the characters, are updated throughout the week.

To receive updates when new videos are released, sign up to join the GSF mailing list.

Here’s a sample of a GSF Video:


Tim Thomas
- 35 Saves
Martin Brodeur - 24 Saves
Steve Mason - 19 Saves

Hat Tricks

3-Point Club
Michael Ryder
– 2 Goals, 1 Assist
Zach Parise – 1 Goal, 2 Assists
Travis Zajac – 1 Goal, 2 Assists
Alexander Semin – 1 Goal, 2 Assists
Double Lamp Lighters (Two Goals)
Michael Ryder
Chuck Kobasew

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Written by Eric Stashin the Rotoprofessor

When you think slugger, the first name that should pop into your head is Ryan Howard.  He is the premier power hitter in baseball today, plain and simple.  Over the past three seasons he’s hit 153 HR while driving in 431 RBI and scoring 303 runs.  Those are some very impressive numbers, but are they first round impressive?

He seems to be sitting right on the border, with an ADP of 11.21 according to Mock Draft Central.  He’s been drafted as low as #18, so it’s obvious that not everyone views him as a viable option that early.  In the first Rotoprofessor Mock Draft, he was selected with the #18 pick.  In the second he went #11.

So, which is right?  Is the risk of a low average enough to scare owners off?

I know there is a philosophy out there that the only way you draft someone in the first round is if he helps you in all five categories.  Well, Howard would be crossed off the list right off the bat, as he offers absolutely no speed.  He has 2 SB in 4 attempts during his career.

There are a few 1B who steal some bases, like Lance Berkman (18).  Even Albert Pujols chips in with 7 last season, so he not only doesn’t help you there, he hurts you.

As for the average, we are going to have to take a little bit of a closer look.  Here are his averages over the past three seasons:

  • 2006: .313
  • 2007: .268
  • 2008: .251

A huge decline, obviously.  How does the BABIP translate?  Let’s take a look:

  • 2006: .363
  • 2007: .336
  • 2008: .289

I know he strikes out a ton, and that’s simply not going to change.  He also deposits a lot of balls over the fence, another fact that isn’t going to change.  Last season, in his 610 AB, he put the ball in play 363 times.  Let’s contrast that with someone like Pujols, who put the ball in play 433 times.  That’s a big difference, and by putting the ball in play less, there is more volatility in his BABIP.

His luck almost has to be better then it was last season, meaning he certainly can rebound and put in a good average.  I’m not going to count on that, but it is not unthinkable to see him posting a BABIP in the .330 – .340 range, which clearly would raise his average back to .275ish.

Is that an elite number?  Far from it as 14 players eligible at 1B had a higher average then that last season.  Still, I know I’d be a lot more comfortable drafting him knowing that his average would not be crippling to my team.

He’s not among the elite in runs scored, but given the number of HR he hits, it is very easy to project him out for 100 runs once again.  When you are driving yourself in almost 50 times, it doesn’t take much.  Last season, only 5 1B scored over 100 runs, with just Berkman scoring more then Howard.  That’s certainly a big help.

Only Adam Dunn was less then 10 HR away from Howard last season, and he hit just 40 compared to Howard’s 48.  No player was within 15 RBI of Howard, with Josh Hamilton finishing a distant second at 130 compared to Howard’s 146.

Can we expect that same type of dominance form Howard?  No, of course not.  In 2007 he finished 20 RBI behind A-Rod, as well as 7 HR behind him.  It is very easy to say that one player, any player, is going to post a remarkable season, out-performing Howard.  It is very possible, but what we do know is that Howard is going to be right there among the league leaders, likely in the Top 2 or 3 in each category at worst.

How many other players can you say that about?  Outside of Alex Rodriguez, there really isn’t one is there?  Albert Pujols is great, but he is not likely to be at the top of the HR leader board.  Adam Dunn has the power, but hasn’t shown the ability to drive in runs at a pace resembling the top performers in the league.

Howard is a special player in the power department, one that certainly gives you an advantage.  I know the average is a concern, and given his skills it is a number that is going to be very volatile.  The extreme shift could be playing a role, but that’s an argument I’m not buying.  With a little bit of luck, the number is going to be usable.

The advantage he gives you in two categories is just too much for me to ignore and he is certainly a player that I would draft if I’m selecting at the very bottom of Round 1.  The only other player in baseball that you could say, without a shadow of a doubt, that he’s going to be in the Top 3 of both HR and RBI is A-Rod and we all know he’s going to be gone by Pick #3.  I just can’t let get past me if I have the chance.

What about you?  Would you consider Howard a first round selection or would you be more comfortable taking him in the second round?

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