2013 Fantasy Football WR Rankings – NFL Week 12

Nov 19, 2013

With another exciting week of football under our belts, here are the Lester’s Legends 2013 Week 12 fantasy football wide receiver rankings.
1. Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions
Calvin Johnson is averaging 120.3 yards and 1.2 touchdowns per game. Megatron has seven touchdowns in his past four games. He’s Darrelle Revis and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers problem this week. The Bucs have allowed 240.3 yards and 1.9 touchdowns per game.
2. Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos
Demaryius Thomas is averaging 91.4 yards and 0.9 touchdowns. With Wes Welker’s status (concussion) in doubt, Thomas should be quite active against the New England Patriots.
3. Andre Johnson, Houston Texans
Andre Johnson is averaging 96.6 yards and 0.5 touchdowns. He’s too much for the Jacksonville Jaguars to handle. The Jags have allowed 252.5 yards and a pair of touchdowns per game.
4. Vincent Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Vincent Jackson is averaging 82.7 yards and 0.5 touchdowns. In his past six games he’s averaging 89.2 yards and 0.8 touchdowns. Look for a shootout with the Detroit Lions. The Lions have allowed 283.8 yards and 1.9 touchdowns per game.
5. Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys
Dez Bryant is averaging 74.9 yards and 0.8 touchdowns per game. He has been quiet in his past couple of games. Dez (back) should be fresh coming out of the bye. Look for Tony Romo to go to him often against the New York Giants. The G-Men have allowed 238.1 yards and 1.4 touchdowns per game.
6. Brandon Marshall, Chicago Bears
Brandon Marshall is averaging 82.8 yards and 0.8 touchdowns per game. He faces the St. Louis Rams. The Rams have allowed 237.3 yards and 1.5 touchdowns per game.
7. Victor Cruz, New York Giants
Victor Cruz is averaging 82.4 yards and 0.4 touchdowns per game. I expect a shootout with Dallas Cowboys. The Boys have allowed 313 yards and two touchdowns per game.
8. Eric Decker, Denver Broncos
Eric Decker is averaging 79.2 yards and 0.3 touchdowns. With Wes Welker (concussion) and Julius Thomas (knee) getting banged up against the Kansas City Chiefs, Decker could play a more prominent role against the Pats.
9. Pierre Garcon, Washington Redskins
Pierre Garcon is averaging 87.1 yards and 0.3 touchdowns. He has received double-digit targets in his past four games and eight of 10 games on the year. He should remain busy against the San Francisco 49ers. The Niners have allowed 220 yards and 1.1 touchdowns per game.
10. T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis Colts
T.Y. Hilton is averaging 70.7 yards and 0.5 touchdowns on the year and 98.3 yard and a touchdown in his past three. He’s facing the Arizona Cardinals. The Cards have allowed 243.5 yards and 1.8 touchdowns per game.
11. Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers
Jordy Nelson is averaging 88.9 yards and 0.7 touchdowns per game. He had 123 yards and a pair of touchdowns the last time he faced the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikes have allowed 280.1 yards and 2.3 touchdowns per game.
12. Danny Amendola, New England Patriots
Danny Amendola should be very active against the Denver Broncos. The Broncos have allowed 279.1 yards and 1.8 touchdowns per game.
13. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals
Larry Fitzgerald is averaging 55.4 yards and 0.6 touchdowns. He’s facing the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have allowed 238.9 yards and 1.4 touchdowns per game.
14. Josh Gordon, Cleveland Browns
Josh Gordon is averaging 93.9 yards and 0.5 touchdowns per game. He’ll lock horns with Ike Taylor of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers have allowed 215.6 yards and 1.2 touchdowns per game.
15. Alshon Jeffery, Chicago Bears
Alshon Jeffrey is averaging 92.9 total yards and 0.3 touchdowns. He’s averaging 113.6 total yards and 0.4 touchdowns in his past seven games. He should see plenty of looks against the Rams.
16. Torrey Smith, Baltimore Ravens
Torrey Smith is averaging 78.5 yards and 0.3 touchdowns. He has scored in his past two games. He is facing the New York Jets. The Jets have allowed 250.8 yards and 1.9 touchdowns per game.
17. Jarrett Boykin, Green Bay Packers
Jarrett Boykin is averaging 82 yards in his past five games. He should continue to roll against the Vikings.
18. Harry Douglas, Atlanta Falcons
Harry Douglas is averaging 107 yards and 0.4 touchdowns in h is past five games. He should see plenty of looks as the Atlanta Falcons play from behind against the New Orleans Saints.
19. Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers
Antonio Brown is averaging 95.2 yards and 0.5 touchdowns. He’s been hot, but he has to contend with Joe Haden of the Cleveland Browns this week. Proceed with caution.
20. Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints
Marques Colston is averaging 93.5 yards in his past two games. He’s still a risky play as he’s averaging 58.8 yards per game this year, but he should do well against the Falcons. Atlanta has yielded 249.2 yards and 2.1 touchdowns per game.
21. Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs
Dwayne Bowe is averaging 42.6 yards and 0.3 touchdowns on the year, but he is at 62 yards and 0.5 touchdowns in his past two. He should continue a strong showing against the San Diego Chargers. The Bolts have allowed 275.5 yards and 1.5 touchdowns.
22. Rueben Randle, New York Giants
Rueben Randle has scored six touchdowns in his past six games. He’s a good option against the Cowboys.
23. Anquan Boldin, San Francisco 49ers
Anquan Boldin is averaging 63 yards and 0.3 touchdowns per game. He should have a strong showing against the Washington Redskins. The Skins have allowed 274.9 yards and 1.9 touchdowns per game.
24. Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons
Roddy White scored his first touchdown of the season last week. Look for him to build on that performance against the New Orleans Saints. This is a risky pick.
25. Michael Floyd, Arizona Cardinals
Michael Floyd exploded last week with 193 yards and a touchdown. He’s averaging 65.7 yards and 0.3 touchdowns. He’s a decent play against the Colts.
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14 Responses so far | Have Your Say!

  1. chameleon
    November 19th, 2013 at 7:58 am #

    Hey Ryan

    I’ve got D Thomas, TY Hilton and Garcon on flex.

    on the bench i have rueben randle and roddy white. would you change any of the three for one from the bench? maybe randle for garcon or hilton?


  2. LestersLegends
    November 19th, 2013 at 10:22 am #

    I have Garcon and Hilton as top 10 options this week. I wouldn’t, but it’s not a terrible play to roll with Randle.

  3. Reggie
    November 19th, 2013 at 10:28 am #

    Who puts up bigger numbers this week? Terrance Williams or Jarrett Boykin?

  4. LestersLegends
    November 19th, 2013 at 10:32 am #

    I’m going with they guy I have ranked. The Vikes secondary is terrible and banged up.

  5. Blair Walsh Project
    November 19th, 2013 at 6:24 pm #

    Dez and BMarsh are both going for a hundred and a score this week.

    Dez and BMarsh owners

  6. Marshall
    November 20th, 2013 at 4:18 pm #

    Hey Ryan,

    Which player for standard league flex this week?

    P. Thomas
    J. Boykin


  7. Blair Walsh Project
    November 20th, 2013 at 5:34 pm #

    Marshall. The PT Cruiser for me.

  8. LestersLegends
    November 20th, 2013 at 6:15 pm #

    PT does look like a good play. PPR I’d go Amendola, but with Sproles up in the air, PT is the guy

  9. jay
    November 21st, 2013 at 12:37 pm #

    hey bud. ppr league need 4 wr… welker, antonio brown, cecil shorts, boykin, and cruz. thanks bud

  10. LestersLegends
    November 21st, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

    cruz, brown, boykin and welker if it looks like he’ll pass concussion test.

  11. Brandon
    November 21st, 2013 at 4:00 pm #

    I have V-Jax, Garcon, Ant. Brown, and Keenan Allen at WR. I have Ridley, Jennings, and Vereen and RB. Which 2 rb’s would you start. The league is PPR?

  12. LestersLegends
    November 21st, 2013 at 5:57 pm #

    jennings and vereen

  13. jay
    November 22nd, 2013 at 8:29 am #

    hey bud me again different ppr league. need 1 wr, nicks, james jones, or cotchery. thanks

  14. LestersLegends
    November 22nd, 2013 at 8:51 am #

    I like Nicks the best

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