A Tale of Two Cities

Oct 29, 2007

What can you say about the Red Sox? They were down and out again against Cleveland. Yet, I never was nervous. I figured Beckett would win Game 5 and send the series home to Boston. I figured Schilling would step up in Game 6 and once they got to Game 7 anything would be possible. I thought the layoff for Colorado would have an impact on them. It’s tough to play for your playoff lives every day for a month and then shut it down. An edge is lost. However, I don’t think you can blame a sweep on the layoff. I think the best team just won. If the NL had won the All-Star game and they started off in Colorado, maybe it would have made a difference. I’m not sure. Beckett has been unreal. It’s strange to imagine that if Albert Pujols had come to bat in that All-Star game, the outcome of the World Series could be different. How stupid is that? That’s another argument for another day though. I don’t want to take anything away from my beloved Red Sox. They won in blowout fashion. They won in nail-biting fashion. Papelbon’s saves were the old-fashioned variety. He didn’t come in the 9th with no runners on and close the door. He pitched them out of jams. The Sox had such timely hitting. When there were two outs is when they got their toughest. They just wouldn’t allow you to end innings. The rookies stepped up big time. The big bats did what they needed to. The starters put them in positions to win. But most important of all, they did it with class. The Red Sox not only made you happy they won, but they made you proud to be a fan of them. They respected Colorado, and you could tell.

One side note: That reporter who starts asking Lowell where he’s going to play next year while he’s accepting his MVP Award should be fired. Who cares where he’s playing next year now? I’m so tired of media trying to get a scoop and get the ball rolling on what’s next. How about we enjoy the moment for a change? An the idiot who’s asking Tek to compare the 2004 team and this team doesn’t get it. There is a time and place for that question. I love a debate as much as anyone. However, this guy just won the freakin’ World Series. Let him celebrate and think about the players he just went through it all with. Ahh. That really annoyed me.

OK, we’re not talking light years away, but we might as well be. While I am happy that the Patriots are achieving unbelievable success, I can’t say that I’m all that proud to be a fan today. I’ve thought it was heartless at times the way they treat their players. When you ask to get paid, you’re asked to get gone. Unless you truly can’t be replaced. However, I’ve overlooked that because it is a business and they are just doing what is in the teams best interest. The whole videotaping scandal left a bad taste in my mouth. While other teams may be doing it, that’s not an excuse. It doesn’t make me feel any better about the situation. It wouldn’t be as bad if it were only adults who were aware of the situation. I don’t like the fact that kids can see that they cheated and have achieved success. Even if the cheating didn’t really help in any way or form, the fact is a kid can see that a little cheating can help you get better. However, it gets worse from there. The running up of the scores on teams the past few weeks has been sickening. I get that these teams are made up of and ran by adults. They can take it. They are getting paid for their efforts. However, how about that 10 year old kid who sees his team just getting worked? How about that 12 year old kid who sees that it’s OK to keep piling on the points and statistics? Miami was clearly outmatched. You’re up 35-7. Do you really need to go down there and add one more TD in the half? So you give up a score to make it 42-21 with ten minutes in the game. Do you really need to bring Brady back in? This week was even worse. 52-7. Are you serious? There are no BCS awards for bigger margin of victories. I’ve always liked Joe Gibbs. I think it’s a bit disrespectful to continue to pile it on a Hall of Famer Coach. You’re up 38-0 after three. Why is Brady even in the game still? Why is he still throwing the ball? I’m glad they are winning, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t like the manner in which they are doing so. I’m sure there are a lot of NFL fans (and plenty of fellow Patriot fans) that think I’m nuts or soft. I just don’t like the taste that’s left in my mouth following a 52-7 victory over Joe Gibbs.

So I’m going to stop thinking about the Patriots for a little while. I am going to avoid the overhyped matchup this weekend like the plague. Instead, I am going to enjoy another World Series victory from a team that just gets it.

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  1. JP
    October 29th, 2007 at 9:21 am #

    The Big Dog is a truly a class act. I don’t think many Boston fans would share your beliefs on the Patriots. Great points brought up about it.
    Congrats on your Sox winning.

  2. John Lynch
    November 3rd, 2007 at 10:41 pm #

    do tell, where do YOU think good ol’ lowell will be playing?? he would NOT have gotten such good pitches to hit if he didnt have the super caliber of players hitting around him, in my opinion, once again, only my opinion. if i was theo, i am a member of sox nation, i would go all out for a-rod, get ride of manny and put jacoby in left. we know torii hunter wants to play for the sox so, why not let him? we can then let coco go byebye; and by getting rid of manny, it will be muchhhh easier to afford a-rod (if he doesnt go to LA to follow old torre) i dont think my hypothesis is that far off, what are your thoughts? thanks – John

  3. Ryan Lester
    November 4th, 2007 at 6:51 pm #

    I think they will try and bring Lowell back. Taking on A-Rod and Hunter would be a crazy salary commitment. I like the direction they are going. Manny is crazy, but he plays when it counts.

  4. Pops
    December 15th, 2007 at 9:40 am #

    If they can get Johan without giving up Jacoby, it will be awesome.

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