Announcing the Launch of PMSports, a Revolutionary New Online Sports Video Network

Oct 4, 2010

New York, NY – September 20th, 2010 – Today PMSports, launches their revolutionary new online sports video compendium, perfect for fulfilling every crazed sports fan’s needs. In a wild mash-up of ESPN meets Comedy Central meets Maxim, PMSports is bringing daily content geared towards the casual male sports lover and the stats junkie alike. kicks off today, September 20, with comedic videos, sports highlights, countdown clips, and daily updates, topped off with hot girls, sarcasm, and a slew of inappropriate humor.

This isn’t your father’s Sunday sports section PMSports brings a fresh attitude, unconventional honesty, and relentlessly funny approach to
the traditional coverage and commentary expected by sports fans. The sports news programming contains comments and scenarios sportscasters only dream about, without any of the censorship or restrictions that must be met by today’s mainstream coverage. In the past, men have turned to their trusty TV programming, nightly sports news broadcast, and radio talk shows for up to the minute sports updates, but all that is about to change..

“I’ve wanted to bring real swagger to the sports world for years now and I’m excited that we finally have an outlet for discussing sport the way my friends and I have always done,” said CEO & Founder Phillip M. Wells.

PMSports provides daily content and weekly sports video streams in essence, creating a comedic broadcasting sports-comedy network on the web. Programming is cleverly packaged into different PM Productions which includes the ever popular Moan of the Day, where models recall sports games as if in the throes of passion, The Presidents Picks, where the company President makes his betting picks of the week, and ESPM, an ESPN spoof comedy starring Mickey Mouse.

Other original comedic sketches and parodies fall under PM Shorts bringing mind-blowing takes on such shows as A&E’s hit show Intervention. A breeding ground for up-and-coming comedians, actors, rappers, and models alike, PMSports uses local New York city talent to execute their sketch comedy sports video routines. The website delivers a new platform and means for delivering online sports news content and thereby breaks the current model of sports programming.

About PMSports
PMSports is an innovative website that offers originally created, professionally produced content combining the intelligence of political satire, the sweeping craze of today’s TMZ-driven celebrity culture and the hardcore analysis that sports fans expect from ESPN. Founded in 2010, the company strives to become the cutting-edge face of sports comedy while creating an online community of user submissions and interaction. For more interviews with the founder, please contact our press department. For more information, visit

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