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Jan 18, 2010

Written by Alex Woods

Balance is the key to winning a fantasy basketball championship.  While it is entirely feasible to win by punting a category your best shot is to take a balanced approach by assembling a team that is competitive across all categories.

In a previous article from our BleacherCreatureRotoTalk Fantasy Basketball Strategy Series (Unlocking Player Performance – FSPI) we explored a metric called Fantasy Sports Performance Index (FSPI) from NBA.com.  The metric is a useful way to evaluate player potential as well as balance your lineup.

The issue with using FSPI to identify the statistical shortcomings of your team is that it can be tedious to assemble and maintain a spreadsheet that summarizes your team and each player’s associated FSPI.

This is where the BasketballMonster.com Team Analysis Tool comes into play.  After entering your team into a web form all you have to do is push a button and you are presented with a color-coded table showing your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Using the Team Analysis Tool’s output one can quickly see where it makes sense to target trades.  Obviously if your team is heavily weighted in one category (indicated by green boxes) and light in another category (indicated by red boxes) it makes sense to go out and start looking to make a trade.

The Team Analysis Tool can also be used to guide your waiver wire acquisitions.  Look for borderline players on your team that hurting you more than helping you and replace them with free agents who can help balance your team.

Below is a screen shot of the Team Analysis Tool output for my team.  Looking at the analysis I can easily see that my team is light on blocks and free throw percentage.  I am also positioned nicely in assists.  From these results it is clear that I should look to trade Rondo and Scola who hurt me in free throw percentage and blocked shots for a player that can help in those categories.

When offering trades do not forget the previous BleacherCreatureRotoTalk Fantasy Basketball Strategy series article: Fantasy Basketball: Its All About 2 for 1.  The output from the Team Analysis tool should give you all the information you need to offer and pull off a 2 for 1 deal.

Hopefully the BasketballMonster.com Team Analysis can help you to better understand your team.  The output is very valuable in that it can very clearly highlight your teams strengths and weaknesses.  When used correctly it can help you to optimize your lineup and give you a competitive advantage over your fellow fantasy basketball managers.

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