The Benefits of Mineral Supplements for Whitetail Deer

Jun 15, 2010

I’m going to take a little break from the norm at and speak to any deer hunters that may visit my site. My father and brother have started their own company selling deer minerals, deer attractants, trail cameras, and some pretty cool t-shirts at You may have noticed the logo on the right side of my page.


I’m not into hunting, but I do respect their passion. I know it is shared by millions of hunters worldwide. If hunting is your thing, here are some tips they have provided to improve the quality of the deer you harvest.



When it comes to whitetail deer, bigger is better! Millions of hunters spend billions of dollars each year to increase their chances of harvesting a trophy whitetail deer. Increasingly deer hunters are trying to improve their deer herd to accomplish this goal. There are many methods that can be used to obtain the desired results. Hunters can plant food plots, build better bedding areas, dig in ponds, set up whitetail sanctuaries, and have a supplemental feeding program of corn and protein pellets.


These are all very good methods to improve a deer herd, but there is another way that is as equally important as it is effective, and the beauty of this method is that it does not require a lot of time or effort. Virtually any hunter can set up a mineral supplement program to improve the health of their whitetail deer herd. Out of all the previously mentioned ways to improve your deer herd, setting up mineral sites is the least expensive and easiest to do.


I recommend the use of a quality mineral supplement that contains both minerals and vitamins for best results. Giving the whitetail deer the minerals and vitamins that they are lacking will help maximize the bucks’ potential by ensuring that the deer get everything they need for optimal growth. If you provide mineral supplements year round, you will notice an increase in both body size and antler development. Mineral supplements are also very beneficial for lactating does, replacing the minerals and vitamins that they lose while feeding their fawns.


As I mentioned, setting up a mineral site is very easy to do. First, pick a location for your mineral site. Look for heavily used trails that come together, scrape and rub lines and also locations near water when possible. Locations where you already hang a tree stand or set up a ground blind work perfectly. Remember to set your mineral sites in a spot that favors the prevailing wind for your stand and blind locations.


Once an ideal spot has been selected, you want to clear an area five feet in diameter. Remove all leaves and vegetation for the minerals to work properly. Once the area is clear, use a rake and loosen the soil then add your mineral supplement.


You may want to consider installing a trail camera when possible so that you can monitor how frequently the deer are visiting your site. This will give you a better understanding of the herd’s tendencies. Plus you can watch the transformation as the deer improve in size with help from the mineral supplements.


It is recommended that you replenish your minerals every two months. The trail cameras will help because if you see the traffic decrease, you will need to replenish it sooner. Heaviest consumption will occur from early spring through the fall as deer bulk up for winter. Do not overlook the winter months though, as providing minerals year round will maximize the health of the deer herd. At this time of year whitetails have fewer options to consume the minerals and vitamins that their bodies need than at any other time of year. This will also help the deer endure the long, cold winter, which helps them come back bigger and stronger each year.


Before using minerals supplements become familiar with your states rules and regulations.


Click here to see a YouTube video demonstrating how to set up a mineral site.


Tom Lester
President, Monster Raxx LLC


My Dad with his trophy buck!


MonsterRaxx also runs a trail camera contest and a harvest photo contest. Each month the person with the winning photo for each contest receives two free bags of Monster Raxx Trophy Minerals and a bottle of Monster Raxx Whitetail Magnet with a grand prize at the end of the year of a free DLC Covert II assassin scouting camera.

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  1. Jill Mann
    June 15th, 2010 at 7:32 pm #

    I do love the hunt and I do believe that you have to take care of the deer all during the year. If you want a good hunt there is nothing better than adding to their diets. I like to put the supplements beside their water supply because it is not in the open and I can sit in the cover and watch.

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