Best/Worst Local Sports Media Personality for Minneapolis

Apr 29, 2009

When you think about local sports media personalities for the Twin Cities, the first name that pops in your mind, for better or worse, is Sid Hartman.  Sid has been around so long he is more than a sports journalist, he is an institution.  Sid began writing for the Minneapolis Daily Times in 1945 and to this day maintains a popular column in Minneapolis’ Star Tribune.  He can also be heard on WCCO Radio.

Sid is a very polarizing figure.  To say his columns shade a bit on the homer side is a vast understatement.  He hardly ever has anything negative to say about the local sports teams, even when at times they were more than deserving.  Hello Kevin McHale and the Timberwolves!  Though he appears, at times, in bed with the local teams, I think deep down he is just a fan.  He lives and breathes the local sports scene and drinks the Kool-Aid.  There are plenty of jagged personalities in the area, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and I think it’s OK to have someone with a positive outlook.

One of the cooler features of his columns is how he tracks local athletes, no matter where they are playing.  With Sid you don’t need to ask “Where are they now?” because he let’s you know how the local kids are doing in the European leagues, the Minors, you name it.

Something that isn’t as endearing is his constant name dropping.  He has been in the business a long time and has forged some great relationships with some prominent sports figures over the years.  Whenever he gets the opportunity he will refer to Coach Bobby Knight as a close, personal friend.

Whatever your feelings for Sid the sports journalist are, Minnesotans should be forever indebted to him for being instrumental in the foundation of the most successful franchises in the state’s history.  That’s right, the Minneapolis Lakers.  He was instrumental in bring the Lakers to Minneapolis and even had a part in the signing of George Mikan.  How many local sports personalities can claim that kind of involvement in a local sports team?  I can count them on one finger.

He has been there for Minnesota sports fans as the Lakers dynasty left and as the Timberwolves got their start.  He was there when the Washington Senators became the Minnesota Twins, for both of their World Series, the near contraction, and the resurgence.  He was there for the Purple Peater Eaters, the ’98 Viking team that came oh so close, and for Adrian Peterson’s brilliant start to a career.  He was there when the North Stars left town and when the Wild brought hockey back to the State of Hockey.  For over sixty years Sid has been there for all of the monumental Minnesota sports moments.  That makes him an easy choice for Minneapolis’ top local sports media personality.

So who is the best/worst local sports media personality for your market?

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  1. Larry
    April 29th, 2009 at 5:44 pm #

    The worst two that were in Orlando are well known now but they got their start in Orlando. They are Chris ‘Mad Dog” Russo and Stuart Scott. The best we have had are Newspaper guys, Larry Guest, and Jerry Greene who just retired and also a Radio Guy named Mark “Coach” Daniels, Another person who got his start in Orlando with News/Sports is John Tesh, (Yes that one)

  2. Larry
    April 29th, 2009 at 5:45 pm #

    One other Play by Play guy who had his first major job in Orlando is Chip Carey who did the TV Play by Play for the Magic their first 10 seasons or so.

  3. LestersLegends
    April 29th, 2009 at 6:22 pm #

    Nice. Kevin Harlan (sp?) used to do T-Wolves games. He’s national now. I believe he gave KG the name Big Ticket.

  4. Larry
    April 29th, 2009 at 7:00 pm #

    I remember hearing him on highlights,

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