The biggest US fantasy sports winnings of all time

Apr 4, 2016

Fantasy sports began around 1980 inside a New York restaurant, where a group of people created the Rotisserie League Baseball. In the game, participants drafted real players from the major league and followed them throughout the season, earning points based on the performance of those players on the field.


With the advent of the internet, fantasy sports became a nationwide sensation. Although fantasy football has more participants than fantasy baseball these days, both fantasy versions of these sports offer a life-changing cash prizes that are up for grabs practically every day of the year.


In this article we take a look at some of the biggest fantasy sports prizes won in the US.



Online fantasy sports leagues are growing at a rapid pace in the US and abroad.

Minnesota man wins $300,000 in online daily fantasy football content


Jake Sanders, a 38-year-old sports fan had only been playing online daily fantasy football for a year when he cashed out a six-figure win. His skills, and a good dose of luck, helped him select just the right players to create a fantasy squad that brought him the goods. Sanders, who describes himself as a ‘normal guy’ was overjoyed to learn of the windfall and share it with his family who run a business in south Minneapolis.


Pig farmer brings in the bacon with double $100,000 prize win


Lindy Hinkelman is the only two-time champion of the National Fantasy Baseball Championship. During the day he manages his pig farm in Greencreek (ID), stopping in between taking care of his stock to check on his fantasy baseball lineup. Hinkelman has won two of the last three titles of the US most popular fantasy contest, netting himself over $200,000. He believes running a pig farm has made him very good at crunching numbers and making good analyses when drafting players to his fantasy teams.


Hinkelman hit the nail on its head when he spoke about how important skill is in improving the odds of winning at online fantasy sports and online sports betting. Both games give players the opportunity to put to good use their knowledge of their favourite game, whether football, baseball or other sports events that are available for wagering. Online sportsbooks offer new players fantastic welcome bonuses and weekly promotions such as free bets and extra cash that give multiple chances to extend your bankroll and win more money betting on sports online.


“I turned $10 into $1 million”


Perhaps the quote above, by Tspiedo, an online fantasy football icon, best describes the enormous potential of fantasy sports as money-making endeavour. Tspiedo won the 2013 FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship after a nail-biting finish that saw him clinch first-place among the 48 finalists after a late touchdown by Montee Ball, running back for the Denver Broncos. The $1 million cash prize was a record-breaking amount which the lucky winner won in his first week!


Boston brothers score $1 million fantasy football win over weekend


David and Rob Gomes, two brothers from Boston and Patriots fans, won a cool million in a one-week fantasy football leagues in November 2014. The unbelievable stroke of luck came out of the blue after they stumbled upon the perfect lineup for their team. Patriot’s running back Jonas Gray was instrumental in helping them win the prize. Not ones to settle for just one win, the Gomes brothers claimed they will reinvest their winnings and plan a trip to watch the Super Bowl.




Big paydays are becoming the order of the day in online fantasy sports and sports bettings in general. Both types of games are expected to experience phenomenal growth over the next years as more professional sports league endorse them. Players enjoy these games for their excitement and the possibility of scoring big thanks to a combination of skilful choices, good intuition and luck.


Fantasy sports are legal in over 40 US states and their prominence in the sports betting scene is set to become bigger as they start offering bigger payouts and wider selection of leagues to participate in.


Fantasy sports has ballooned into an industry that rakes in $3.6 billion annual, with the increasingly popular daily-play games attracting casual gamers who wouldn’t participate in the usual season-long formats. The same trend can be seen worldwide, as fantasy leagues are slowly gaining a foothold in many European and other markets outside the US.

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