New Book Teaches Sabermetrics to Baseball Fans

Jun 27, 2010
BOSTON, MA – June 26, 2010 – Lee Panas is pleased to announce the release of his book Beyond Batting Average, a primer for knowledgeable baseball fans who want to get a better handle onsabermetrics. No longer is the discussion of baseball statistics limited to simple measures such as batting average, runs batted in and earned run average. Over the past few decades, fans have become increasingly fascinated with sabermetrics, a more complex analysis of the game. In this time, a multitude of more advanced hitting, pitching, fielding and base running measures have been introduced to the game. In fact, there are so many new statistics that it has become hard for many fans to keep up.
Beyond Batting Average introduces fans to these new measures with easy to understand explanations and examples. It illustrates the evolution of statistics from simple traditional measures to the more complex metrics of today. Readers will learn how all the statistics are connected to winning and losing games, how to interpret them, and how to apply them to performance on the field. By the end of this book, fans will be able to evaluate players and teams through statistics more thoroughly and accurately than they could before.
Lee Panas works as a research analyst at Brandeis University in Masachusetts. He has been a fan of the Detroit Tigers and baseball in general since 1968. He has been doing online analysis and commentary about baseball since 2005. He currently writes for, and He has also contributed to publications such as Graphical Player, How Bill James Changed Our View of Baseball, and Tigers Corner.
ISBN: 978-0-557-31224-5
Length: Paperback, 152 pages
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