The first time around I ranked 11 designated hitters. Some of those players aren’t going to hold the position in 2010 (Adam Lind) and others are simply not worthy of your fantasy rosters.

Without further ado, here is my revised DH rankings.

1.  Vladimir Guerrero – I had him third last time, but I’v reconsidered. He’s going to a great offense in a park where he’s hit extremely well.

2.  David Ortiz – He found his power stroke in June and hit 27 HRs with 78 RBIs to close out the year.

3.  Jason Kubel – His OF eligibility makes him more valuable, but you’re taking him for his long ball.

4.  Hideki Matsui – Matsui is leaving the potent lineup of the Yankees for the Angels. I think he’s well-suited for Mike Scioscia’s style. 

5.  Nick Johnson – Health is always an issue with Johnson, but the man can hit. If he hits second in the Yankees’ lineup, his value will soar.  Nick also has 1B eligibility.

6.  Luke Scott – Scott is a great late-round HR pick. The trade-off is the average. Should have OF eligibility.

7.  Jose Guillen – Guillen is an excellent candidate for a 2010 rebound. He also has OF eligibility.  

8.  Travis Hafner – Injuries have plagued Pronk, but he could be productive in Cleveland’s young offense.

9.  Jack Cust – He’s gonna go yard, but I’m concerned that Jake Fox will take some of his ABs. 

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This is my second look at outfielder rankings, expanded from the top 25 to the top 40.

1. Ryan Braun – Not only is he the top outfielder, but he’s a top five overall pick.

2. Matt Holliday – Thankfully the Oakland experiment was short-lived. Great decision to stay in St. Louis.

3. Matt Kemp – Dating Rihanna. Continually improving at the plate. What’s not to like about Kemp.

4. Grady Sizemore – If he could improve his average, he could move up to #2.

5. Justin Upton – Upton turned heads last year with his breakout season. He should be even better this year.

6. Jacoby Ellsbury – Had 70 SBs last year, which gives you a great jump on the competition.

7. Carl Crawford – Another SB machine. Has a little more pop in his bat than Ellsbury, but will likely score fewer runs.

8. Jayson Werth – Has averaged 30 HRs and 20 SBs the past two seasons.

9.  Andre Ethier – Doesn’t steal many bases, but a good bet for .280-90-30-100-5.

10. Jason Bay – Would prefer him in Boston, but he’s quietly been one of the most all-around productive OF for years.

11. Manny Ramirez – As long as the bat speed doesn’t fail him, ManRam should be a #1 fantasy OF this year.

12. Curtis Granderson – As long as the pressure of playing in New York doesn’t get to him, look for Granderson to put up big numbers.

13. Nick Markakis – Needs to get either his speed back (18 SBs in 2007) or finally deliver 25+ HRs, he’s best suited as a #2 fantasy outfielder.

14. Adam Dunn – Consistent power threat with first base eligibility.

15.  Ben Zobrist – You’re not going to use him as an OF most likely, but the position flexibility is nice. He’ll give you solid power numbers and swipe a few bases.

16. Ichiro Suzuki – Not the same guy he used to be, but still darn good.

17. Bobby Abreu – Quietly delivers in all five offensive categories.

18. Carlos Lee – Great #2 power OF.

19. Adam Lind – He’ll go before I’m comfortable taking him. Many have him as a top ten OF so if you want him, you’ll have to take him early.

20. Nelson Cruz – Was a force at times. He’ll need to be more consistent. He had three good months (April, May, July) and three bad ones (June, August, September).

21. Josh Hamilton – If he can regain his form he’ll shoot up this list like a rocket.

22. Carlos Quentin – If he can stay healthy, he’ll move up this list.

23. Shane Victorino – If you miss out on Ellsbury or Crawford, Victorino is a nice consolation prize.

24. B.J. Upton – If he can put it all together a 20-40 season is possible.

25. Adam Jones – Injuries caught up with Jones as well. Has the potential to blow up in 2010.

26.  Shin-Soo Choo – He doesn’t stand out in any one category, but he is solid across the board.

27.  Hunter Pence – Similar to Choo, Pence quietly gives you production in all categories.

28.  Denard Span – The competition at CF is over with Carlos Gomez moving to Milwaukee. Span should hit .300+, score 100+ runs, and steal 20+ bases.

29.  Jay Bruce – The power potential is there. The average will hold him back. Don’t reach on Bruce.

30.  Andrew McCutchen – He dazzled in his rookie debut, and will be a solid #3 fantasy outfielder this year. Don’t count on him for power, but he should help your average, runs, and SBs.

31.  Nate McLouth – McLouth had 26 HRs and 23 SBs in 2008 and 20 HRs and 19 SBs last year. Though hee played better with Pittsburgh, another 20-20 season seems likely.

32.  Jason Kubel – Kubel was a nice source of power for the Twins. Thome’s addition means he’ll play more outfield, which is a good thing. Kubel hit .308 with 14 HRs and 46 RBIs in 201 ABs while playing OF and .294 with 11 HRs and 52 RBIs in 303 ABs at DH.

33.  Alfonso Soriano – His power and speed numbers have been in a free fall. If he can stay healthy, which is a big if, he could have a 25-20 year.

34.  Raul Ibanez – Age is not his friend, but Ibanez still has another productive season in him.

35. Franklin Gutierrez – Gutierrez will likely see his SB total decrease hitting fifth in the lineup. His RBI total should increase though.

36.  Torii Hunter – Hunter continues to produce for the Halos. He’ll turn 35 this summer, but should still be solid across the board.

37.  Nyjer Morgan – Runs, average, and SBs are the name of the game for Morgan.

38.  Juan Pierre – Ditto.

39.  Corey Hart – A bounce back year is in order.

40.  Julio Borbon – See #37 & #38.

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Time for my second look at my catcher rankings.

1.  Joe Mauer – Added power to an already impressive arsenal.

2.  Victor Martinez – Should send Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia home a ton of times this year.

3.  Brian McCann – The NL’s best catcher. Steadily dominant.

4.   Matt Wieters – Lived up to the hype. Could challenge for the #2 spot. He’s that good.

5.  Miguel Montero – I expect him to build on a strong second half (.316 with 39 runs,  11 HRs, 40 RBIs).

6.  Geovany Soto – He’s in terrific shape (click to see his profile). I expect him to bounce back. He’s too good of a hitter not to.

7.  Kurt Suzuki – Quietly one of the better fantasy catchers in the league.

8.  Jorge Posada – Still has some magic in his bat.

9.  Yadier Molina – Quietly averaging 55 RBIs the past two years while hitting .298.

10.  Mike Napoli – Good option for power.

11.  Russell Martin – His value went South, but still is a starting option.

12.  Ryan Doumit – Always an injury concern, but he can truly hit.

13.  Chris Iannetta – In a time share with Miguel Olivo, but a solid #2 fantasy catcher.

14.  Bengie Molina – Molina still has some life in his bat, but Buster Posey will likely steal some ABs.

15. A.J. Pierzynski – He won’t wow you with his numbers, but he should give you a nice average with decent HR and RBI totals.

16.  John Baker – Nice average. Some pop. RBI potential.

17.  Carlos Santana – He likely won’t start with the Indians, but should deliver when he gets the call.

18.  Carlos Ruiz – His average is terrible, but he’ll drive in some runs for you.

19.  Kelly Shoppach – Has some pop in his bat. Could move up the rankings or easily replaced. Nice late round option.

20.  Jesus Flores – He’ll split time with Ivan Rodriguez, but this young catcher has plenty of potential.

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Time for my second look at my shortstop rankings.

1.  Hanley Ramirez – Second only to Albert Pujols in overall fantasy ranking.

2.  Troy Tulowitzki – If he can match his speed numbers, he’s at least in the conversation with Hanley Ramirez.

3.  Derek Jeter – Is it possible that Jeter is becoming underrated?

4.  Jose Reyes – 2009 should bring him at a great value. If not, at least he won’t cost you a first round pick anymore.

5.  Jimmy Rollins – J-Roll has been somewhat disappointing the past two years, but at 31 he still should be able to put up elite numbers.

6.  Elvis Andrus – Elvis was a force on the base paths last year, and should be even better in 2010.

7.  Alexei Ramirez – I love the value you get from Alexei later in the draft. 

8.  Yunel Escobar – We profiled him earlier (click to read article). He doesn’t give you any speed, but does contribute in all the hitting categories.

9.  Stephen Drew – Was disappointing last year. Could see him bouncing back this year.

10.  Jason Bartlett – I think he played over his head last year, but is still a low-end fantasy starter.

11.  Everth Cabrera – I’m not sure who will drive him in other than Adrian Gonzalez. He still should steal a bunch of bases.

12.  Miguel Tejada – He’s playing third base for Baltimore. There’s still a little life left in his bat.

13.  Jhonny Peralta – If he can score more runs, maintain his RBIs, and get his power back, he could move up the list. He has 3B/SS versatility, which helps his value.

14.  J.J. Hardy – Excellent bounce back candidate for the Twins.

15.  Rafael Furcal – His health is the only thing that holds him back.

16.  Erick Aybar – Aybar was great down the stretch for the Halos. He’s a nice backup shortstop or solid for the middle infield slot.

17.  Orlando Cabrera – Should be productive for the Reds despite being 35.

18.  Marco Scutaro – Should be productive in Boston’s powerful lineup.

19.  Asdrubal Cabrera – I don’t believe his 2009 numbers were for real. Average 2008 & 2009 and you’ll get an idea of how he should end up.

20.  Alcides Escobar – Alcides has the potential to really break out for the Brew Crew in 2010.

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Here’s my second look at fantasy third basemen rankings.

1.  Alex Rodriguez – Easily the top of a shallow position.

2.  Evan Longoria – Possibly the #1 keeper third baseman.

3.  David Wright – The power outage of 2009  probably moves him to the third round, which should make him a great value.

4.  Kevin Youkilis – Love his 1B/3B flexibility. Hard to imagine a scenario where he’s not used at 3B though for fantasy owners. Should hit at a high average and drive in a ton of runs.

5.  Mark Reynolds – He’s going to take a step back, but 35 HRs and 15 SBs are a strong possibility.

6.  Pablo Sandoval – The Kung Fu Panda will really bolster you average.

7.  Ryan Zimmerman – The last of the second tier of fantasy third basemen.

8.  Aramis Ramirez – Health concerns keep him out of the top six.

9.  Chone Figgins – If you go with Figgins at 3B, you’ll need to make up for his lack of power.

10.  Michael Young – He’s not the sure thing he once was, but is still a decent option in a shallow position.

11.  Gordon Beckham – Beckham is playing second base for the White Sox, though he should still put up 3B numbers. continue reading »

Time for my second look at my second base rankings.

1.  Chase Utley:  Accept no substitutes.

2.  Robinson Cano:  He’s not going to give you SBs, but he could easily lead all 2Bs in average and challenge for HRs as well.

3.   Ian Kinsler:  Health concerns are the only thing that keeps him from #2.

4 .  Dustin Pedroia:  The little big man continues to be a force at second base. Will likely pace all 2Bs in runs and possibly average.

5.  Brandon Phillips:  A great HR-SB threat.

6.  Brian Roberts:  Not the threat he once was, but could score 110 runs with 30 SBs.

7. Ben Zobrist:  Love the flexibility he brings. Without a second productive season under his belt, he assumes some risk.

8.  Aaron Hill:  Has another solid year (2007) on record. Should be productive once again.

9.  Dan Uggla:  Best power threat for someone not named Chase Utley.

10.  Gordon Beckham:  The transition to 2B better suits his numbers. continue reading »

Here’s my second look at the fantasy first basemen rankings.

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1.  Albert Pujols:  My thoughts haven’t wavered on Pujols as the #1 first baseman. Nobody’s have.

2.  Ryan Howard:  I bumped him up a spot. His average isn’t going to kill you, but you simply can’t ignore the HRs and RBIs he brings to the table. Sure, Prince Fielder was toe-to-toe with him last year, and Tex and Miggy have the potential, but Howard has been doing it for four straight years.
(2006-2009):  .278, 102 runs, 49.5 HRs, 143 RBIs, 2.5 SBs

3. Mark Teixeira:  I rank Tex at three simply because of the ballpark and lineup he’s in.

4.  Miguel Cabrera:  I went into further detail with Cabrera (click to see article) to justify the #4 ranking. I think his average is more likely to be a competitive edge over Prince Fielder, than Fielder’s HRs and RBIs over Cabrera.

5.  Prince Fielder:  His #5 ranking is merely a reflection as to how deep the position is.

6.  Victor Martinez:  Technically a catcher, V-Mart has first base eligibility. That dramatically adds to his value.

7.  Kevin Youkilis: Same goes for Youk, but replace catcher with third base.

8.  Adrian Gonzalez:  Quietly, steadily a nice source of HRs and RBIs.

9.  Justin Morneau:  I bumped him down a few notches mainly because of his injury history and the uncertainty of Target Field. Weather could play a key role in the opening and closing months of his season.

10.  Joey Votto:  Another player we profiled (click here for the article). Potential for a .310 average with 25-30 HRs and 100-110 RBIs. continue reading »

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Ubaldo Jimenez has disproved the notion that the Colorado Rockies can’t have an ace pitcher. Instead of paying to bring in a big name free agent pitcher, they groomed one in Jimenez. He was solid in 2008 and saw across the board improvement in 2009.

2008: 12-12, 3.99 ERA, 1.43 WHIP, .245 BAA, 172 K, 103 BB
2009: 15-12, 3.47 ERA, 1.23 WHIP .229 BAA, 198 K, 85 BB

The key to his success is his ability to produce ground balls. That’s almost a requirement in Coors Field. You keep the ball down, you keep it in the ballpark. He also did a good job of limiting free passes. He went from 4.67 BB/9 in 2008 to 3.51 in 2009. Couple that with an increase in K/9 from 7.8 to 8.2 and you can see why he was successful last year.

He was also very consistent last year.

Home: 102.3 IP, 8-5, 3.34 ERA, 1.25 WHIP, .234 BAA, 86 K, 40 BB
Away: 115.7 IP, 7-7, 3.58 ERA, 1.21 WHIP, .225 BAA, 112 K, 45 BB

And a force down the stretch.

First Half: 115.7 IP, 6-9, 3.81 ERA, 1.32 WHIP, .247 BAA 101 K, 46 BB
Second Half: 102.3 IP, 9-3, 3.08 ERA, 1.12 WHIP, .209 BAA, 97 K, 39 BB

We know he’s Colorado’s ace, but can he be your fantasy ace as well? With numbers like that I think so. I can see him being ranked in the top 12 by season’s end. Personally I would prefer him as a #2 fantasy pitcher (see my SP rankings). If I miss out on Lincecum, Greinke, King Felix, Johan, C.C, Halladay, Haren, and Verlander, I wouldn’t mind having Ubaldo paired with Cliff Lee, Beckett, Wainwright, Kershaw, or Cole Hamels. That would allow me to address another positional need first, and then adding two big guns to my pitching staff.

What’s your take? Do you see Ubaldo as a #1 or a #2 in 2010?

Prediction:  17-12, 3.60 ERA, 1.25 WHIP,  195 K

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Here’s an early look at Closer Rankings.

1.  Jonathon Broxton, Los Angeles Dodgers
While I would feel more comfortable handing the ball to Mariano Rivera to close out a game, Broxton is the better fantasy closer because of his high strikeout total.

2.  Mariano Rivera, New York Yankees
How long can he stay at this elite level? Until he falters, I can’t bet against him.

3. Jonathan Papelbon, Boston Red Sox
He’s averaged 37.8 saves with a 1.74 ERA over the past four years without much deviation from the mean.

4. Joe Nathan, Minnesota Twins
The thing that scares me with Nathan is his ERA jumped 1.20 points when moving outside. That could present an issue at Target Field. Of course, his outside ERA was still only 2.79.

5.  Joakim Soria, Kansas City Royals
His numbers have been scary good the past two years for the Royals. He’ll need to stay healthy, and have plenty of save opportunities to justify his ranking.

6.  Jose Valerde, Detroit Tigers
He struggled with just 25 saves last year, but averaged 45.5 the previous two seasons. I’m expecting that a bounce back is in order.

7.  Francisco Rodriguez, New York Mets
He was about the only start that didn’t get hurt last year for the Mets. I’m expecting them to be healthier, despite Beltran’s continued woes, which should lead to more save opportunities.

8.  Heath Bell, San Diego Padres
Not surprisingly his ERA was over a half a run better at home. That’s what happens when you pitch in a pitcher’s park. He still managed 21 saves and a 3.08 ERA in 28 road games.

9.  Brian Fuentes, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
He followed up K-Rod’s record-breaking season with 48 saves of his own. Now that he has a season of closing under his belt, I expect his ERA and WHIP to decrease. He’s almost a lock to be among the league leaders in saves simply by pitching in Anaheim.

10.  Brian Wilson, San Francisco Giants
He’s got a good starting staff to hand him plenty of save opportunities. His strikeouts were up and his ERA down, which is ideal for a closer.

11.  Rafael Soriano, Tampa Bay Rays
Soriano was second only to Broxton for strikeouts by a closer.

12.  Andrew Bailey, Oakland A’s
Bailey was outstanding as a rookie year, and barring a sophomore slump should turn in another solid year. I only fear a limited amount of save opportunities in Oakland.

13.  Billy Wagner, Atlanta Braves
He looked sharp last year for Boston. He should still have the tools to get it done for the Braves.

14.  Huston Street, Colorado Rockies
Street brings a bunch of K’s and a low WHIP to the table.

15.  Trevor Hoffman, Milwaukee Brewers
Hoffman just continues churning out solid seasons. He’s a marvel.

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Here’s an early look at Starting Pitcher Rankings.

1.  Tim Lincecum, San Francisco Giants
The most dominant pitcher in baseball.

2.  Zack Greinke, Kansas City Royals
He’s basically 1-A. Imagine what he and Lincecum would do with more run support.

3.  C.C. Sabathia, New York Yankees
Proved his worth in New York, and should challenge for most wins in 2010.

4.  Johan Santana, New York Mets
He usually starts off a little slow, but nobody pitches like he does down the stretch.

5.  Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners
Hopefully his new contract won’t go to his head.

6.  Roy Halladay, Philadelphia Phillies
He wish to play for a contender was granted. His win total should increase. Not having to face designated hitters will likely offset any bump from pitching at Citizens Bank Park.

7.  Dan Haren, Arizona Diamondbacks
His WHIP has been 1.130 and 1.003 in his two years in Arizona. Simply amazing.

8.  Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers
Verlander bounced back in 2009 and established himself as one of the game’s best pitchers.

9.  Jon Lester, Boston Red Sox
Lester replaced Josh Beckett as the ace of the staff.

10.  Chris Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals
I don’t think he can live up to the standard he set last year, but he should still be a top ten pitcher.
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