Is your fantasy football draft done online without a get together?  I understand if you have people who live far enough away that it just isn’t feasible.  I also understand if you choose to put aside some time during your workday or it’s easier for you to get to OK from your better half if you don’t actually leave the house.  I still think the best way to do a draft is getting together over beer and wings and such.  It’s half the fun really.  You can give the last place finisher crap and ridicule the guy (girl) who made the trade that imploded his (her) team.  However, there are circumstances when getting everyone together is nearly impossible and the autodraft feature helps fill out the roster.  Judging by some of the people I’ve played with over the years, they’d be better off to have the computer picking any way.

Alternatively, say you do get together.  There’s always one owner who conveniently forgets their cash or checkbook.  It happens every year.  You’ve got to do everything in your power, just short of calling in a collection agency, to get the money, especially if there team is in the tank.  That’s a headache that the commissioner doesn’t need.

Well if you have either of these problems, I’ve discovered a solution .  Let me start by saying I have no affiliation with this service, but found it interesting and decided to pass it on to you.  It’s called League Safe

league-safe.gif League Safe is a free service (they collect the interest on your money I assume) that allows your owners to pay online.  The entry fees go  into one of LeagueSafe’s FDIC-insured partner bank (US Bank or The Bancorp Bank).  At the end of the season you just validate who the winners are and what the payouts are going to be.  Within three to ten days you get your money. 

If you’re on-the-fence about whether or not this is a good idea for your league, just know that fantasy guru Paul Charchian is the Founder and President of League Safe.

Paul Charchian

The legendary Paul Charchian was kind enough to do a mock draft with 11 ordinary fantasy football players (myself included).  We are greatful at the opportunity to both learn from Charch as well as bragging rights with our friends because we were able to do a mock draft with a fantasy football icon.  Here are the guidelines.

Round 4
Joe – Anquan Boldin

Previous Picks:  Clinton Portis, T.O., Reggie Bush

Captain Fantastic - Roy Williams
Previous Picks:  Larry Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Antonio Gates

Paul Charchian - Brandon Jacobs
Previous Picks:  Reggie Wayne, Larry Fitzgerald, Jason Witten

Jase – Santonio Holmes
Previous Picks:  Tom Brady, Maurice Jones-Drew, Willie Parker

Dan – Kellen Winslow
I knew I’d be taking a te here, I was just hoping it’d be Witten. (Damn you Paul) But in my opinion, this is the consolation prize.
Previous Picks:  Frank Gore, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Ryan Grant

Ryan (Me) – Carson Palmer
With the run on Wideouts making a pick of one here somewhat of a reach, the top three TEs off the board, and having my starting RBs in place, I turned to Quarterback.  Derek Anderson and Big Ben may have had better numbers than Palmer, but I feel they are bigger fluke risks.  Putting all of my eggs in once basket (i.e. adding another Cleveland Brown) didn’t factor in my decision.  I would roll with the top three of one team.  Drafting teammates doesn’t bother me.
Previous Picks:  Joseph Addai, Braylon Edwards, Jamal Lewis

Luis – Tony Gonzalez
Previous Picks:  Marion Barber III, Tony Romo, Wes Welker

Jason – Chris Cooley
Previous Picks:  Steven Jackson, Peyton Manning, Laurence Maroney

Awesome - Ronnie Brown
I know the Ricky Williams thing makes him a little “iffy,” (or in Ricky’s case, “Puffy”) but he put up great numbers last year before he got hurt. If he does even half of that, I’ll be fine with him as my #1 RB. And, honestly, who thinks Ricky Williams will play 16 games this season?
Previous Picks:  Randy Moss, Marques Colston, Steve Smith

David – Darren McFadden
No doubt in my mind Darren McFadden is this year’s AP.  As a Hog’s fan, I watched him for 3 years and he is a special player.  Ultimately he’ll be better than AP, but there are a lot of question marks with Oakland right now, so I am tempering my enthusiasm a bit for his rookie year, but no doubt, he’ll be a top flight RB.
Previous Picks:  Brian Westbrook, Drew Brees, Plaxico Burress

Tom – Jeremy Shockey
Previous Picks:  Adrian Peterson, Willis McGahee, Chad Johnson

Jon – Greg Jennings
A-Rod will need a go-to guy, and it’s likely to be Jennings, especially for deep plays.
Previous Picks:  LaDainian Tomlinson, Andre Johnson, Torry Holt

Past Rounds:
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3

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The legendary Paul Charchian was kind enough to do a mock draft with 11 ordinary fantasy football players (myself included).  We are greatful at the opportunity to both learn from Charch as well as bragging rights with our friends because we were able to do a mock draft with a fantasy football icon.  Here are the guidelines.

Round 3
Jon – Torry Holt
Rationale: Yeah his age only goes up with time, but his production has stayed pretty stable. Last year was a good case in point. He had 93 catches (same as the year before), and 1,189 yards (one more than the year before). He did have three fewer TDs, but you have to remember that his team commenced operation vacu-suck. That tells me that no matter how his team goes or what kind of coverage he faces, he’ll find a way to make fantasy production.
Previous Picks:  LT, Andre Johnson

Tom – Chad Johnson
Previous Picks:  Adrian Peterson, Willis McGahee

David – Plaxico Burress
Previous Picks:  Brian Westbrook, Drew Brees

Awesome - Steve Smith
Ok, 3 top 10 WRs is waaaay too hard to pass up. Gates was a possibility, as was Carson Palmer. But if you had to start 3 RBs, and you could get 3 in the top 10, you’d do it in a second. I don’t see a difference with WRs, and now I will CRUSH people in the WR category EVERY WEEK. Except when Smith is suspended for being an idiot (week 1 & 2). There are plenty of serviceable QBs and RBs and TEs that I’ll pick up over the next 4 rounds.
Previous Picks:  Randy Moss, Marques Colston

Jason – Laurence Maroney
There is one reality in NE, and that is RBs are a major part of the offense.  Brady will not be able to re-create last years #s, so the onus is on LM.  If coach B does not create a net to compensate for the reality that is older age and a “limited”(meaning I get the Moss factor, and if teams don’t adjust then they are Fred Flintstone dumb) WR core, which means a greater relience on the run, also which means a possibility on catches in the backfield, well then MR. SKY U MA should have a much better and productive year than last years lackluster baloney!
Previous Picks:  Steven Jackson, Peyton Manning

Luis – Wes Welker
Previous Picks:  Marion Barber, Tony Romo

Ryan (Me) -Jamal Lewis
I’ll go back-to-back Brownies.  Jamal was a Beast last year.  I love that he gets the ball between the 20′s and in the red zone.  1300 yards and 9 TDs in the 3rd Round.  Yes please.
Previous Picks:  Joseph Addai, Braylon Edwards

Dan – Ryan Grant
I wouldn’t have even considered this without the new deal he signed. You say Aaron Rodgers, I say stout defense. Who’s putting up points in this division? The Vikings? No qb, no wr. Chicago? Please. A coin flip decides their starting qb and the Vikings just took their best wr. Detroit, I’ll give you their O, but who’s stopping anyone from doing anything offensively against them? The line is solid, and fantasy is still dominated by the backfield.
Previous Picks:  Frank Gore, T.J. Houshmandzadeh

Jase – Willie Parker
Previous Picks:  Tom Brady, Maurice Jones-Drew

Paul Charchian - Jason Witten
Previous Picks:  Reggie Wayne, Larry Fitzgerald

Captain Fantastic - Antonio Gates
Previous Picks:  Larry Johnson, Marshawn Lynch

Joe – Reggie Bush
Previous Picks:  Clinton Portis, T.O.

Feel free to leave a comment (pro or con) about the picks.

Thanks to everybody, especially our Expert Paul Charchian, for participating in this.

Past Rounds:

Round 1
Round 2

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The legendary Paul Charchian was kind enough to do a mock draft with 11 ordinary fantasy football players (myself included).  We are greatful at the opportunity to both learn from Charch as well as bragging rights with our friends because we were able to do a mock draft with a fantasy football icon.  Here are the guidelines.

Round 2
Joe – Terrell Owens
If it were a keeper league I would go Colston or Andre Johnson, but for next year, T.O. is the best pick here.
Previous Picks:  Clinton Portis

Captain Fantastic - Marshawn Lynch
Previous Picks:  Larry Johnson

Paul Charchian - Larry Fitzgerald
Previous Picks:  Reggie Wayne

Jase – Maurice Jones-Drew
Previous Picks:  Tom Brady

Dan – T.J. Houshmandzadeh
This to me was a value pick. Not in that he should have been taken higher but that the drop off at wr is steep. This guy has out preformed ocho dumbass for the past 2 years. Looking at the needs of owners with upcoming picks, I’ll still get quality at other positions down the line.
Previous Picks:  Frank Gore

Ryan (Me) – Braylon Edwards
Braylon put together a monster season last year with nearly 1300 yards and 16 TDs.  He’s young, talented, and meshes with his QB.  I considered Chad Johnson (pain-in-the-butt) and Coltson (too many other weapons).  In the end I went with the man from Michigan.
Previous Picks:  Joseph Addai

Luis – Tony Romo
Previous Picks:  Marion Barber III

Jason -Peyton Manning
With Brady gone and with a lot of picks left, Manning makes sense here for his yardage, iron man ability, and TD production.  He shouldn’t fall of pace this year with so many passing options and with Addai catching out of the backfield.  Manning is a points machine.
Previous Picks:  Steven Jackson

Awesome - Marques Colston
I would have taken Manning here, but I’m pretty happy with Colston. Two top 10 Wrs is too hard to pass up.
Previous Picks:  Randy Moss

David – Drew Brees
Last of the top flight QBs. Big dropoff after Brees, so have to take advantage here.
Previous Picks:  Brian Westbrook

Tom – Willis McGahee
Previous Picks:  Adrian Peterson

Jon – Andre Johnson
Rationale: 19 selections have been made, 12 of which were running backs. That means that the cream of the crop have been spoken for, and I’d like to think that I have the best one. The next position where the elite are still available, but not for long is WR. Andre had a good year last year and his quarterback all of a sudden wasn’t being sacked 30 times a game. He’s still young, and quite talented. The Texans looked like a team on the rise and Andre’s one big reason why.
Previous Picks:  LaDainian Tomlinson

Past Rounds:
Round 1

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I’m going to preface this by stating that in this day and age there really are no “sleepers” since there is so much coverage that a third string TE can’t make a nice catch in practice without the world knowing about it.  That said, here is a list of TEs that I feel will exceed expectations this season.

Owen Daniels – Owen will likely be the 8th-10th Tight End taken in drafts, but could end up being a Top 5 TE.  He’s got great hands and is the second best target on the Texans behind Andre Johnson. 

Vernon Davis – Here’s another Top 5 candidate.  He has the size and speed.  Now if he can just stay healthy.  Having pass-happy Mike Martz on board should help his progress.

Greg Olsen – With Benard Berrian gone, Olsen is probably the Bears best option in the air attack (I use that term loosely).  If Orton wins the job, Olsen will probably be leaned on even more.  He’s a sneaky good pickup.

Zach Miller – Zach is another second-year TE that intrigues me.  He meshed well with JaMarcus Russell and could be in store for a solid fantasy season.  He also may be his team’s best receiving target.

Deeper Sleepers
Kevin Boss –
They got rid of Shockey because of his Super Bowl catch.  Oh, and the whole attitude thing.
John Carlson – Rookie out of Notre Dame could win the starting job in Seattle.

We’re going to try something a little different here at LestersLegends today.  I have asked a couple of friends to put their two cents in.  I did it in part because they are solid fantasy football minds, but mainly because their off-the-wall twisted humor should give you a unique perspective when you’re prepping for the fantasy football season.

The Fantasy Cage Match (of the Century, Decade, Day, or Minute, etc.) 
Awesome vs. Captain Fantastic

In a no holds barred – they may even rip on each other’s children—contest of wit and sarcasm (or lack thereof), in a 15 foot tall steel cage laced with barbed wire and surrounded by super-hot, scantily clad Terrorist chicks ready to douse the loser with anthrax. (Pause for mental image to set in).  Who will win? I think it was JFK or Jesus who said: It’s not whether you win or lose, but how many people you step on and offend during the course of the game.

 “I may not be right, I’m not politically correct, and I’m probably going to offend you in some way, but I’m always AWESOME.”    

The Fantasy Football Cage Match:
Player:  Peyton Manning
Stance:  Pro
By:  Awesome

Ok, so when we do these things, these “Fantasy Cage Matches” as I’ve come to call them (it took all of 12 seconds to come up with that brilliant bit of marketing, and if I use my imagination, I can think of waaaay more interesting people to put in a cage, but that’s another topic for another day), we try and make it challenging, ideally for both arguments. The general presumption is that you, the informed reader/fantasy junkie, have at least an IQ of, say 125, and that you’re not looking for what everyone else is saying (with maybe the exception of Fanball. Maybe ). We try to pick players that are still “on the fence” in your mind. Obviously, something has gone terribly awry here.

If you think I would want waste my time writing about how Peyton Manning is one of the best QBs in fantasy football (and in the history of the NFL), you’ve come to the wrong place (Starbucks is around the corner), because anyone with half a brain knows that already. This is obviously my counterpart’s selection, in that he wanted the challenge of taking the “con” argument for (or against, as it were) Payton Manning, which, I’ll give him, is certainly a challenge.

What he isn’t taking into account is that I’m not going to waste anyone’s time (especially mine) telling you how great Peyton Manning is, and why he should be your #1 or #2 QB (#1 if you want the sure thing, #2 if you’re willing to risk it that Brady can/’t repeat).

HE’S PEYTON FREAKING MANNING. There’s nothing else to say.

I hope he makes an interesting case for why you shouldn’t want him on your team. Honestly, I can’t see how he could make you believe it, but he may make it interesting.

Captain Fantastic, as always, nice work. Keep it up. You make me look good, and I love that.

This article is over. 

The Fantasy Football Cage Match
Player:  Peyton Manning
Stance:  Pro
By:  Captain Fantastic


Betting against Peyton is like finding faith and choosing scientology.  Everyone is bound to think you have gone loony toons.   I balk at the fact I have to say something bad about a guy with a dopey looking brother, a retard redneck father and a muti-million dollar bank account.  I think this is the year that Jim Sorgi follows through with the plan which will find Peyton stuck in North Korea wearing an I heart Osama Bin Laden tee shirt.

Projection: 38 touchdowns and 4400 yards passing.

Lester’s Ruling
Well, I’ll rule this one an incomplete because neither combatants decided to take the con approach.  Talk about a bunch of wimps.  Wait, what’s this?  Doing a Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka leap from the top of the cage is “The Legend”.  Since either you guys are too scared to take the con stance or too dumb to understand the difference between a pro and a con, I’ll take it from here. 

The Fantasy Football Cage Match:
Player:  Peyton Manning
Stance:  Con
By:  The Legend

You can draft Peyton Manning if you want to, but that’s like guaranteeing you won’t win your fantasy championship.  Sure, you’ll have a good regular season record, but when it comes time to lift the trophy, you’ll be sulking at what could have been. 

Manning has averaged 4163 passing yards and 30.6 TDS (vs. 15.3 INTs) in his career.  Who wouldn’t want those lofty numbers?  If you dig a little deeper and compare his Week 16 (Fantasy Football Super Bowl Week) stats over the past three years (average of 210 yards, 2 TDs) and five years (232, 1.6 TDs) and you can see why having Peyton Manning at your main gunslinger may not be the best way to build a Championship Team.  Sure a postseason appearance is important, and a runner-up usually brings home some bacon, but we’re in it for fantasy glory.  Nobody wants to finish second.  The money is nice, but the satisfaction of winning it all (plus the additional winnings) leaves runner up at the starting line.  So go ahead and take Peyton with your early pick.  You’ll make one of your leaguemates happy and rich!




The legendary Paul Charchian was kind enough to do a mock draft with 11 ordinary fantasy football players (myself included).  We are greatful at the opportunity to both learn from Charch as well as bragging rights with our friends because we were able to do a mock draft with a fantasy football icon.  Here are the guidelines.

Round 1
Jon – LaDainian Tomlinson

I chose him because he’s a fantasy scoring machine, year in year out. The only question mark   that’s even near him is the lack of Lorenzo Neal’s presence. Still, I think he’s good enough to make do.

Tom – Adrian Peterson

David – Brian Westbrook
If this draft was 3 weeks from now and Stephen Jackson was in camp, he’d be the pick, but this holdout concerns me.  Will he report?  What shape will he be in when he does?  Westbrook (knock on wood) seems to be past his injury issues and, to me, is one of the most underrated RBs in the game.

Awesome - Randy Moss
It was a little tough passing on Addai, given his versatility and the overall greatness of Indy, but Moss’ dominance at the position, in a field of pretty hazy projections (how does Marvin Harrison go from being ranked #1 last year to #37 this year???) and lackluster performers made picking Moss at #4 pretty easy.  QBs are pretty deep, or at least you can grab one on the waiver wire in a pinch if you need to, when, inevitably, one of the starters gets hurt or replaced.  WRs are the biggest drop off in talent this year, once you get rid of the top 5. And I have Moss ranked #1 at that position, like everyone else.   It also helps that I’m not sold on any RB outside of LT, and I really won’t be surprised if 7 of this year’s top 10 ranked RBs end up as severe disappointments. There’s way too many RBBC in the NFL these days; the dominance of the RB in fantasy football is over. Grab the best player in the best situation (i.e. on the best team), and you won’t be disappointed. Everyone who picked Larry Johnson at #2 last year can’t say the same thing. Waaaay too many middle tier RBs (like 25 of them) for me to sweat grabbing one that, more than likely, will end up injured or a bust.  I would have taken Moss at the #2 spot.  And unless he gets hurt, I won’t be disappointed or surprised at his numbers. Let’s see how many people who take RBs in the first round this year can say that at the end (or middle) of the year.

Jason – Steven Jackson
Even with his hold out, which will end soon due to the amount of money he is losing and his bluff failing, with the Rams needing Jackson to be a focal point, he will be hard pressed not to strive for numbers he achieved in 2006.  His catches out of the backfield should go up and, fingers crossed, barring an injury, his rushing numbers should be ridiculous.  This year should also be a good Jackson year with the return of pro bowler Orlando Pace.  A risk maybe, but the upside is to good to pass up at #5.

Luis – Marion Barber III
Marion has been a solid fantasy back the past 2 seasons as the backup and goal line back for the Dallas Cowboys. With Julius Jones gone he becomes the feature back for the Cowboys. With more carries and opportunities I expect 1200-1300 yards and close to 15 touchdowns. Close to 30 receptions as well. He’s more of straight ahead runner who is very durable and who rarely fumbles. I think he may be one of the stars of this upcoming fantasy season.

Ryan (Me) – Joseph Addai
Addai was too good of a value to pass up here.  He is an explosive back for an explosive offense.  As long as Peyton Manning is at the helm for the Colts the running game will always be set up. 

Dan – Frank Gore
I choose Frank Gore.  Albeit reluctantly. I dislike this pick. I would have liked to have taken Barber. The thinking behind that is Barber put up solid numbers whilst sharing carries with a veteran. Why couldn’t he continue with a rookie. Luis, I now dislike you as well. However, at least I didn’t take someone who will hold out for half the season with his team having no reason to sign him as they are going no-damn-where. (Steven Jackson) That said, Gore has put up good receiving numbers in his short career, and now Martz is in the picture. The hope is that Martz can only help Gore’s numbers.

Jase – Tom Brady

Paul Charchian - Reggie Wayne

Captain Fantastic - Larry Johnson

Joe – Clinton Portis
Stays on the field a ton.  Gets the Goal Line carries. 

Feel free to leave a comment (pro or con) about the picks.

Thanks to everybody, especially our Expert Paul Charchian, for participating in this.

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KFFL Analysis Draft

6 August 2008

I was fortunate enough to be asked to participate in the KFFL Fantasy Football Analysis Draft.  It is a group of 11 fantasy football experts and little old me.  Here is a look at the participants:

  • George del Prado,
  • Matt Knopf,
  • Tony Holm,
  • Jeff Christiansen,
  • William Del Pilar,
  • Ryan Lester,
  • Paul Greco,
  • Geoff Stein, Mock Draft Central
  • Jeff Paur,
  • Scott Engel,
  • Derrick Eckardt, RotoNation
  • David Dorey,
  • It’s not just an mock draft though.  We will be keeping our players and competing in an actual league.  I had the second pick in the draft.  LT went #1 overall.   Here is my draft and analysis.

    First Round, 2nd Pick (#2 overall) – Adrian Peterson

    I do not consider this the #2 pick considering that Adrian Peterson was available.  Instead I choose to call it the 1-B pick.  Peterson exploded on the scene with 1,341 yards and 12 TDs on the ground.  He added another 268 yards and a score through the air.  He topped the 200 yard mark twice. He lit up the Bears for 224 yards and 3 scores in Chicago before setting the single-game rushing record against San Diego with 296 yards and 3 TDs.  The Vikings have a good offensive line (including the league’s best Guard in Steve Hutchinson) and the type of Defense that should allow them to dominate the Time of Possession.  The passing game should be better this year with the maturation of Tarvaris Jackson and the addition of Bernard Berrian, which should keep defenses honest.  This was truly a no-brainer selection.

    Second Round, 11th Pick (#23 overall) – Maurice Jones-Drew

    With my second selection I went with MJD.  I love the fact that he is a multi-purpose threat.  In his first two seasons he had at least 40 catches a year for 400 yards.  He’s also averaged 850 rushing yards (5.1 yards per carry) and 11 rushing TDs a year.  Fred Taylor helps keep him fresh and Jacksonville is typically ahead in games allowing MJD to pile on the yards.  I debated going Jamal Lewis or T.J. Houshmandzadeh, but in the end, I couldn’t pass up this young, fireball of a Running Back.  I’m hoping for 1200+ total yards and around 10 TDs.  I’d love his 40 reception streak continue as well.

    Third Round, 2nd Pick (#26 overall) – T.J. Houshmandzadeh

    I debated between MJD and Housh, and was fortunate enough to get both.  Housh has been a force in recent years, but was amazing last year.  He caught 112 passes for 1143 yards and 12 TDs.  I believe he’s the best WR available (with the possible exception of Chad Johnson) and I wanted to have a big-play WR that is a TD target.  I’d like to see Housh catch 90+ balls for 1000+ yards and 10+ TDs.  If he comes close to those standards, he’ll be a great value in the 3rd Round.  I considered going Chad Johnson (didn’t want the drama), Tony Romo or Drew Brees (I’ll wait a bit for a QB) or Antonio Gates (I’ll wait for TE as well.

    Fourth Round, 11th Pick (#47 overall) – Dwayne Bowe

    I was hoping Kellen Winslow would have made it to me, but alas, he was selected under my nose.  I instead turned to second-year WR Dwayne Bowe.  I love his size and strength (6’2″, 221 lbs).  He caught 70 passes for 995 yards and 5 TDs as a rookie.  I think he should be able to increase those numbers next season.  I also considered Greg Jennings, Calvin Johnson, and Santonio Holmes.  In the end, I just like Bowe.

    Fifth Round, 2nd Pick (#50 overall) – Edgerrin James

    I decided to get defensive in the fifth round and add some RB depth.  A couple of the teams had only 1 RB at the time so I figured I would take one of the options off the board instead of reach for another WR or TE at the time.  As with my last pick (Dwayne Bowe) I may have went a different direction if a player, in this case Carson Palmer, was still available.  I debated taking the same three WRs again, but decided I could get similar value with my next pick.

    Sixth Round, 11th Pick (#71 overall) – Chris Cooley

    Everything about Chris Cooley is big.  His size (6’3, 249 lbs), his hair, and his game (700+ yards each of the past three seasons).  He has also been a solid TD threat with 27 in his first four years in the league.  He’s never had fewer than 6 TDs in a  year.  I really like the value of Colley here as I feel he’s just a shade below the Big 4 (Gates, Witten, Gonzo, & Winslow).  I knew if I didn’t get a Tight End here I would have to take a lower tier TE later.  I could have waited until the seventh round (three picks later), but this way I got the TE I wanted (Dallas Clark and Shockey were alternatives).  I’m hoping for 70+ receptions for 700-800 yards and 6-8 TDs. 

    Seventh Round, 2nd Pick (#74 overall) – Donald Driver

    With essentially a rookie QB at the helm (assuming that’s how “As the Favre Turns” shakes out), I figure Donald Driver will be a nice security blanket.  Sure, Greg Jennings hits the Home Runs, but without #4 that well could dry up.  Enter Donald Driver.  He’s caught at least 80 passes each of the pass four seasons.  He had 1,048 yards last year ending a streak of three consecutive 1200 yard seasons.  I don’t see him getting back to the 1200 mark, but he’s also not a #1 or #2 fantasy WR anymore.  My expectations have lowered for Driver, but an 80 reception, 900 yard, 6-8 TD year would be adequate from my #3 WR.

    Eighth Round, 11th Pick (#95 overall) – Felix Jones

    I chose Felix Jones for RB depth.  He is lightning quick and should fill the void left by Julius Jones’ departure.  He is accustomed to sharing the load as he teamed up with Darren McFadden in Arkansas to form a dangerous 1-2 punch.  He should get some play in 3rd down situations so a healthy reception total is very possible.  A final nugget that could prove useful for Jones is that Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones went to Arkansas.  I considered going QB here, but knew that one would be there in the next round.  I’m hoping for somewhere around 20-30 receptions, 600-800 total yards, and 4 TDs.  

    Ninth Round, 2nd Pick (#98 overall) – Marc Bulger

    To say Marc Bulger struggled in 2007 is a major understatement.  He had just 2,392 yards, 11 TDs to 15 INTs, and a 70.3 QB Rating.  The Rams in general were a major disappoinment though.  I think the Rams will bounce back in ’08 if they can avoid the injury pitfalls that derailed them last year.  Bulger was considered one of the top QBs a year ago when he threw for 4301 yards, 24 TDs, and 8 INTs.  If he can return to that form I’ll have one of the best values in the draft.  I am hoping for 3600-3800 yards, 20-24 TDs, and less than 15 INTs out of Bulger.

    Tenth Round, 11th Pick (#119 overall) – New England Patriots Defense/Special Teams

    With Minnesota, Pittsburgh, and San Diego DSTs already off the board I decided now was the time to grab an elite DST.  I love the fact that NE plays Miami, Buffalo, and the Jets twice during the season.  They also play Kansas City, San Francisco, and most importantly Oakland in the fantasy playoffs.  I think the Patriots are going to play with a chip on their shoulder on defense after seeing their Perfect Season slip through their hands.  Sure, they lost some pieces on Defense, but they are the Patriots.  They’ll carry on without them.  I also considered the Bears, Baltimore, and Jacksonville Defenses, but opted for the AFC Champs instead.  I am hoping for 45+ Sacks, 20+ INTs, 10+ Fumble Recoveries, and 3+ TDs. 

    Eleventh Round, 2nd Pick (#122 overall) -Bryant Johnson

    Johnson has left the desert for the bay.  He has had 40+ receptions in each of the past four seasons with Arizona.  He’s going to an offense that should be pass happy with Mike Martz’s influence.  He’s a big WR (6’3″, 213 lbs) and could be coming into his prime in his sixth season in the NFL.  I knew I needed some WR depth here and Johnson has been a guy I was big on during the free agency period.  I thought if he landed in the right spot he could have a solid year.  Hopefully SF is the right spot.  I am hoping for 60 catches for 700 yards and 6 TDs.

    Twelfth Round, 11th Pick (#143 overall) – Alge Crumpler

    I’m hoping a change of scenery will work wonders for Alge Crumler, who up until last year was a top five Tight End.  He is happy to get away from the disaster that Atlanta became, and is looking forward to hooking up with new QB Vince Young, who athleticism probably reminds him of his old QB.  Despite his injury issues and team issues he still turned in a decent year for a TE last year with 42 catches for 444 yards and 5 TDs.  If he can split the difference between those stats and an average of the previous three years where he had 774+ yard each year, I’d be happy.  I’m hoping for at least 50 catches for 600 yards and  TDs from Alge.

    Thirteenth Round, 2nd Pick (#146 overall) – Jon Kitna

    I decided to go for a backup QB here.  I thought I would have more options, but the teams on both sides of me took QBs (Brett Favre and Alex Smith).  Kitna’s value takes a hit with Martz gone, but he does have a couple of good WRs still.  He has consecutive 4000 yard seasons completing over 62% of his passes both years.  His TD numbers (21 & 18) will likely go down, but I’m hoping that his INTs will follow.  I’m hoping for 3600+ yards, 18+ TDs, and 15 or fewer INTs.

    Fourteenth Round, 11th Pick (#167 overall) – Jacob Hester

    This late in the game I decided to take a risk in Jacob Hester.  He’s big (6’0″, 224 lbs) and will likely get some carries late in ball games as San Diego finishes teams off.  Darren Sproles doesn’t have the size to take the beating so Hester could fill the void left by Michael Turner’s departure.  The rookie out of LSU could be in line for serious touches if this were the year LT went down.  I’m hoping for 400+ yards and 4 TDs, but those numbers could skyrocket if he were to receive more carries.

    Fifteenth Round, 2nd Pick (#170 overall) – Kevin Walter

    I like Kevin Walter in a PPR league because he has the opportunity to catche a lot of balls.  With all the attention Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels receive, Walter could be the poison that more often than not gets picked.  He had seven games of 5+ receptions last year en route to 65 catches for 800 yards and 4 TDs.  He’s bigger than I initially thought at 6’3″, 215, which makes him a decent redzone target.  I’m hoping for 75+ receptions for 700 yards and 6 TDs from Walter. 

    Sixteenth Round, 11th Pick (#191 overall) – Neil Rackers

    I wouldn’t have went with a Kicker here since we were drafting so early, but you can’t make a roster move until after the first week.  I would have grabbed another Running Back in case there was a Preseason injury.  Since I had to choose a Kicker I went with Rackers.  He opens up with two nice games against San Francisco and Miami.  He should get me off to a good start.  I’d be happy if he returned to his 2005 form, but I’m just hoping he does better than last year.

    Thanks KFFL for allowing me to participate.

    The legendary Paul Charchian was kind enough to do a mock draft with 11 ordinary fantasy football players (myself included).  We are greatful at the opportunity to both learn from Charch as well as bragging rights with our friends because we were able to do a mock draft with a fantasy football icon.

    Here are the guidelines:
    Teams:  12 Teams
    Draft Style:  Snake
    Rounds:  16
    Roster:  1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D/ST, and 7 Bench slots.  
    4 points for a TD
    6 points for a Rushing or Receiving TD
    2 points for a Two-point Conversion
    -1 for an INT
    -1 for a Fumble
    0.05 points per passing yard
    0.1 points per rushing or receiving yard
    0 points for a return TD (That goes to D/ST)
    1 point for PAT
    3 points for FG 39 yards and fewer
    4 points for FG 40-49 yards
    5 points for FG 50-59 yards
    6 points for FG 60+
    Defense/Special Teams
    6 points for a Return TD
    1 point per Sack
    2 points per Fumble Recovery/INT
    Let’s skip yardage and points allowed bonuses to simplify it
    Draft Order :
    Awesome (from Fantasy Football Cage Match)
    Ryan (Me)
    Paul Charchian
    Erik  (from Fantasy Football Cage Match)

    Feel free to leave a comment (pro or con) on the picks.  I’ll post after each round.

    Thanks to everybody, especially our Expert Paul Charchian, for participating in this.  It should be fun.

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