Putting the final piece of your fantasy football puzzle together

I’ve uncovered some guys you can plug in to your lineup if you are dealing with an injury or tough matchups. 

J.T. O’Sullivan
- After tossing for 300 yards against Seattle, I feel confident endorsing O’Sullivan this week.  He faces the rotten Lions secondary.  You can almost do down their schedule and pencil in QBs to start each week.  If you have a Bulger, a Hasselbeck, a Palmer, etc. you may want to roll out J.T. this week.
Stat Line:  16 of 23 for 189 yards, 2 TDs, 32 yards rushing

Darren Sproles - With LT hurting Sproles is probably one of the most popular guys in your league this week.  Even if LT is able to go Sproles will be involved.  He has the ability to take one to the house with every touch, so he’s not a bad option as a flex player.
Stat Line:  5 carries for 38 yards, 2 catches for 39 yards

Michael Bush -  We’ve got Bush.  I’m not even talking about Reggie or our “beloved” Commander in Chief.  I’m talking Raiders.  I’m talking Michael.  I’m talking flex play.  With Fargas likely out and Run DMC banged up, Bush will be more heavily involved in the Raiders’ plans.  They face Buffalo in Buffalo so don’t get too excited, but he has some value in large leagues.
Stat Line:  14 carries, 55 yards, 1 catch for 5 yards

Eddie Royal -  If you were fortunate enough to snatch Eddie off the waiver wire after his Week 1 outburst, you may want to plug him in this week.  He gets to face New Orleans, which is always a good thing.  Brandon Marshall was in the news for the wrong reasons again so Cutler could decide to spend this week bonding with his rookie in case Marshall gets the rest of his original suspension.
Stat Line:  4 catches for 11 yards

Koren Robinson -  I must be crazy.  He just signed with the club, but Hasselbeck knows what he’s working with.  KoRo has stayed clean and could see this is an opportunity to right some wrongs in his life.  Besides he has a pulse and is standing upright.  That’s an improvement for the Seattle WR corps.  Playing Seattle helps.
Stat Line:  NA

John Carlson - Let’s go back-to-back Seahawks.  Carslon has had a nice start to his NFL career.  He should continue to produce this week against the lowly Rams. 
Stat Line:  2 catches for 38 yards

Ryan Longwell
- Longwell kicked five FGs last week against the Colts.  The Vikes made the switch to Gus Frerotte, but that doesn’t necessarily end their red zone woes.  They be able to move the ball, but all too often will come away with three.
Stat Line:  2 FGs, 2 PATs

- Kansas City has looked dreadful.  They are starting their third QB in as many weeks.  LJ is pouting.  They are a complete mess.  Atlanta could surprisingly be one of the higher scoring defensive units this week.
Stat Line:  3 INTs, 2 Sacks, TD