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16 September 2008

Fantasy Football Forum

How did Week 2 go for you?  Did you keep rolling, bounce back, lose steam, or fall into an 0-2 hole? 

I’m in six leagues so I’ll recap each one.

KFFL Analysis League -  I had the good fortune of facing Brandon Marshall in a PPR league.  His 18 receptions were awesome.  I hate PPR leagues.  A Running Back doesn’t get a point for each carry so why double reward a wideout.  That’s another subject.  Besides Marshall, Greg Jennings made it two 160 yard WRs I faced.  Marion Barber was great.  Marshawn Lynch and Tennesse D were solid.  That’s about it.  Marvin Harrison did next to nothing for my opponent.  Vernon Davis did nothing.  For me I got a nice game from Adrian Peterson (although with the silly PPR deal his 180 total yards came to about half of Marshall’s total).  Kitna was OK.  Dwayne Bowe, Donald Driver, and MJD were solid.  Anthony Fasano didn’t catch a pass.  Edge was OK in a regular league.  Terrible in a PPR one.  Housh stunk.  I fell to 1-1 in this league.

Cage Match League (The Legend vs. Awesome) - The Legend smacked Awesome with a chair.  Leading the way was Manning, Westbrook, Adrian Peterson, T.O., Wayne, Fitz, and NYG DEF.  LJ stunk, but everyone else stepped up.   Awesome got huge games from MB3 and Marshall.  Witten and Gore were solid.  He didn’t take Andre Johnson out of the lineup.  LT and Randy Moss stunk.  I’m 2-0 in this league.

LEV League - I continued to roll in this league.  Philip Rivers led the way.  Backing him was Darren McFadden, T.O., Reggie Wayne, and Chris Perry.   Housh let me down.  Brandon Marshall, MB3, and Earnest Graham were my opponent’s best bets.  Ted Ginn, Jr. and Fasano didn’t score.  I’m 2-0 in this league.

Fantasy Sports Depot League - Looks like another surprising Win in this league.  Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush, Jonathan Stewart, DeSean Jackson (despite his bonehead play), and Justin Tuck led the way.  Randy Moss, Fasano, and Shaun Phillips let me down.  My opponent was led by Fitz, AP, Santonio Holmes, and Jonathan Vilma.  He was let down by Maroney, Vernon Davis, and four of his IDPs.  I’m 2-0 in this league.

My Keeper League -  I don’t want to talk about it.  OK, I bought low on Carson Palmer.  Should have waited a week and I could have got him for used coffee grounds.  Donald Driver was the only player to score in double figures for me.  Roy Williams, LJ, Edge, and Vernon Davis let me down.  Marshawn Lynch, Jonathan Stewart, and Chris Chambers sat on my bench.  Tony Romo, MB2, Reggie Wayne, Calvin Johnson, Gostkowski, and Pitt D did me in.  Not like I need help.  Shockey was the only let down.  I’m 1-1 in this league.

No Kicker League - I housed my opponent again in this league.  Kurt Warner, Brian Westbrook, Wayne, Fitz, and Green Bay D led the charge.  Heath Miller and Cotchery stunk.  My opponent got his from Julius Jones and Tony Scheffler.  Braylon Edwards and Housh let him down.  I’m 2-0 in this league. 

Weekly Record:  4-2
Season Record:  10-2

That’s how my weekend of fantasy football went. How did you do?

I’m going to look at the matchups each week and pick five fantasy starters that could be in for a tough week.  Here’s who could have trouble out of the gates.

Derek Anderson
- DA gets to face a Baltimore D that had an extra week to rest.  Plus he’s going on the road.  Not to mention Braylon Edwards has yet to show up.  If the Ravens can upset Cleveland, the Quinn whispers could begin.
Stat Line:  14 of 37 for 125 yards, TD, 3 INTs

Running Backs
Jonathan Stewart
-  He looked great this week, but has to face the tough Vikings Run Defense this week.  The Vikings are going to be fired up at home and looking to avoid an 0-3 start.  Steve Smith will be back so he’ll get plenty of the attention on offense.
Stat Line:  7 carries for 15 yards, TD

Earnest Graham - The Bears are going to be fired up at home this week vs. Tampa Bay so that D could be the nasty one that shut down Indy.  I wouldn’t expect a terrific game from Graham.
Stat Line:  12 carries for 16 yards

Wide Receiver
Chad Ocho Cinco/T.J. Housmandzadeh 
- I’m sorry, but until the Bengals show they can do something…anything, I am doubting them.  They’ve been terrible.  Poor Carson Palmer has to face the Giants pass rush.
Stat Lines:  3 catches for 29 yards/12 catches for 146 yards, TD

Braylon Edwards - Just like the other Ohio wideouts, I’m not trusting Braylon yet.  He hasn’t been in rhythm with DA and could have a miserable week vs. Batlimore.
Stat Line:  3 catches for 27 yards

There were some unusual heroes on Sunday.  There always are.  Let’s take a look at them and see if they are worthy of your fantasy rosters.

Jason Campbell – After the awful Week 1 owners couldn’t wait to get themselves as far from Jason Campbell as possible.  How did he respond?  He completed 66.7% of his passes for 321 yards and a score.  He’s not going to do that again, but he proved he could be used in certain matchups. 
Ruling:  Get ‘em.

Darren Sproles - LT is banged up.  Sproles looked dynamite this week going for 125 yards of total offense and a score.  He also took a Kick Return to the house.  If LT is unable to go next week, you’re sitting on fantasy gold.
Ruling:  Get ‘em.

LaMont Jordan – When Maroney got banged up, Jordan used his opportunity to show his worth.  He responded with 62 tough yards.  If Maroney were to sustain a more serious injury he’d be worth a look, but right now their backfield is too crowded for fantasy excellence.
Ruling:  Don’t Sweat ‘em.

Isaac Bruce/Bryant Johnson- This one-two punch looked pretty good for the 49ers.  Bruce went for 153 yarsds while Johnson grabbed 6 passes for 78 yards and a score.  They are in Martz’s system so they both could be used under the right circumstances.
Ruling: Get ‘em.

Chansi Stuckey – He’s scored in both games so far, but I could have ran the route and caught the TD he had this week. It’s nice to see he doubled his receptions this week, but he only gained 43 yards. Favre hasn’t shown one go-to-guy thus far so I’d stay away for now.
Ruling: Don’t Sweat ‘em.

John Carlson - Last week’s picks were duds, but I’ll stick my neck out for Carlson.  The Seahawks are going to pass, but they don’t have many targets.  Carlson is a big one.  He hauled in 6 passes for 78 yards. 
Ruling:  Get ‘em.

There you have it.  I hope I provided you some good info while you make your fantasy team waiver wire adjustments.

Each week there are hidden treasures that if uncovered could bring you fantasy glory. Let’s take a look at some possiblities for Week 3.

Jake Delhomme – For starters he gets his top weapon back following Steve Smith’s return from John Fox’s two game suspension.  I love that Fox was rewarded with a pair of Ws, which reinforces the value of the team over the individual.  So perhaps Steve Smith will want to prove himself to his teammates and light up the Vikings.  It shouldn’t be hard because they have once again proved vulnerable to the pass.  Everybody knows that your best bet to beat the Vikes is through the air, and they have yet to come up with a solution to their problem.
Bonus Option:  J.T. O’Sullivan – You saw what he did to Seattle.  Imagine Detroit coming to town.

Running Back
LaMont Jordan – Laurence Maroney got banged up.  Surprise, surprise.  He was limited to 16 yards.  I wonder how many fantasy footballers he let down that figured he’d be the main weapon with Brady out.  LaMont Jordan filled in and ran hard.  He racked up 62 yards on 11 carries (5.6 per touch).  Could he repeat that?  You bet he could.  He didn’t factor into the passing game, but you know he’s capable from his Raider days.  Al Davis must want to pull his hair out when he sees his ex-Raiders thriving in New England.
Bonus Option:  Darren Sproles – As long as LT is banged up, Sproles will get his looks.

Wide Receiver 
Bryant Johnson – I mentioned his QB (J.T. O’Sullivan) as a bonus option above.  Naturally a strong QB performance will be accompanied by a strong WR performance.  Isaac Bruce may have had more yards, but Johnson had more catches (6 compared to Bruce’s 4) and a TD.  If he can do that on the road against Seattle, you have to figure he can have success at home.  When you consider how bad Detroit’s Pass Defense has been thus far, you can see both Johnson and Bruce getting good production this week.
Bonus Option:  Steve Smith – Not the nose breaker, but the Giant.

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It appears the NFL liked my idea.

I e-mailed this to the NFL so if the change goes down, know that I am came up with the plan.

- Baltimore and Houston have a bye this week.
Houston has more to worry about than football.

- In week 8 Houston plays Cincy when they both are supposed to be on bye.

- In Week 10 when Baltimore is supposed to be on bye (and Houston is supposed to play Cincy), Houston plays Baltimore and Cincy goes on bye.

See story at

Too bad they didn’t give me the credit.

The LEV Report

13 September 2008

Week 1 Observations… Week 2 Predictions

Written by LEV

LEV from Crazy Colored Glasses checks in with his look back at Week 1 and a preview to Week 2.

The state of Pennsylvania football teams looked good… real good. The Steelers look like the class of the AFC. With Brady hurting New England looks vulnerable for the first time in years. Although you shouldn’t be so quick to write off the Patriots. Belichik will find a way. The Colts, Jags and Chargers all whiffed in week one as well. The Jets were the only other AFC contender that pulled out a victory. The Broncos looked better than I thought they would… even if it was against the lowly Raiders.

In the NFC, the Eagles came out of the gate very strongly. A nice statement game by McNabb and his trio of unheralded receivers. They did have a favorable matchup against the pourous Rams defense. This week should prove to be a tougher matchup against Cowboys on Monday night. The Boys looked good on Sunday dispatching the overrated Browns. The Giants defense looked strong against the Skins. The Saints and Packers each eeked out close divisional games. Chicago impressed (check the previous post) against Indy. Atlanta pulled out a victory over Detroit to be the feel good story of the week.

Top Performers (each week i’ll pick one QB, RB, WR, TE, Special Teamer and Defense)
QB-Donovan McNabb: If ever a QB needed to get off on the right foot. He proved there is still plenty in his tank.
RB-Michael Turner: Finally in the spotlight he absolutely shone.
WR-Eddie Royal: I had never heard of this guy before Monday night. Now all of America knows the name of this speedy Bronco.
TE-Anthony Fasano: Nice game as a Pennington’s safety valve. Should be a consistent threat all year.
Special Teams-Will Blackmon: He electrified the Lambeau crowd with his punt return for a TD
Defense-Baltimore Ravens/Chicago Bears: I couldn’t pick between these two units which were both up against dynamic offenses. Very good games by both.

Some really intriguing games on the docket for this week. Here are my thoughts. Steelers over the not ready for the limelight Browns. Cowboys in a close one over the very game Eagles. New England over the Jets. With or without Brady the Pats are simply better. The Jets will put up a fight but fall short. The Vikings keep the Colts winless for another week. Here are the rest of my picks. Tenn over Cincy. The Jags beating the snot out of the Bills. Oakland running all over KC in the futility bowl. Chicago over Carolina. Aaron Rodgers lighting up the Lions in a big Packer victory. Giants over Rams and the Saints over the Skins. TB over Atlanta and the Seahawks tripping up the Niners. Denver to announce they are for real over the Chargers. The Cardinals to smack up the Dolphins in the dessert. The Texans to pull one out over the surprisingly tough Ravens.

Fantasy Picks of the Week
QB: Eli Manning: He will light up the Rams.
RB: Ryan Grant: Running over the Shaun Rogers-less Detroit front seven.
WR: Santonio Holmes: Favorable matchup against the Browns secondary.
TE: Jason Witten: Always plays well against the Eagles.
Special Teams: Chicago: I have a feeling the Specials will play a huge role in this game.
Defense: Jaguars: They have something to prove after last weeks loss.

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I wanted to share some good news about Pay the Fan (  It’s a weekly game that allows you to pick your lineup out of the entire fantasy football pool.  The catch is you can only use each player twice during the course of the year so you can’t mindlessly plug in Tony Romo, LT, and Adrian Peterson every week.  A starting lineup consists of a QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, a TE, a K, and a DST.  Pretty standard lineup so fantasy footballers will be familiar with it. 

The scoring looks like this:

There are two versions you can choose from.  You can join a League until September 22nd to be eligible for the Grand Prize of $250,000.  You can select a Private League to use with your friends or a Public League that’s open to anyone.  Alternatively, you can play the Weekly version and you could take home the $10,000 Best of the Week prize.

What would a fantasy football game be without the ability to stir the pot against your rivals?  Well Pay the Fan has that covered with their Smack Board.  You can taunt your opponents as you dominate them. 

So you get to play a simple fantasy football game with $10K weekly payouts and a $250K Grand Prize.  That’s got to cost a pretty penny, right?  Not exactly.  The full season cost is $69.95.  If you break it down, that’s $4.12 per week (17 week seasons).  That’s like playing $0.60 a day in the lottery.  Only, your odds are much better here, especially when you consider your fantasy football knowledge will give you an advantage.  If you just want to get in on the Weekly Prizes (or if you miss the boat for the Full Season package) it will cost you only $39.95.  As a bonus I got a coupon code to get you $5 off.  It’s footballfools.  Plug that into the Coupon Code and save yourself a five-spot.  Here is a look at the Full Season Prizes:

Here’s a look at Last Year’s Winners:

Sign up today and it could be you collecting the riches!

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I e-mailed this to the NFL so if the change goes down, know that I am came up with the plan.

- Baltimore and Houston have a bye this week.
Houston has more to worry about than football. 

- In week 8 Houston plays Cincy when they both are supposed to be on bye.

- In Week 10 when Baltimore is supposed to be on bye (and Houston is supposed to play Cincy), Houston plays Baltimore and Cincy goes on bye.

NFL Week 2 Fantasy Fill-ins

12 September 2008

Putting the final piece of your fantasy football puzzle together

I’ve uncovered some guys you can plug in if you are dealing with an injury or tough matchups. 

Jason Campbell
- OK so you have…errr…had Tom Brady.  Even if you were able to snatch Cassel off the waiver wire, I think Campbell makes a better play if he’s available.  He plays the Saints and anybody should be able to produce against them.  He’s playing at home and can’t afford to fall to 0-2. 
Stat Line:  24 of 36 for 321 yards and TD

Julius Jones - Let’s see.  Seattle’s Wide Receivers are dropping like flies.  His competition, Maurice Morris, is also out.  They are playing at home vs. San Francisco.  They need a win bad.  Their best offensive weapon is Julius Jones and they will feed him early and often.  He makes a better play than a Fred Taylor, Chris Perry, Selvin Young type.
Stat Line:  26 carries for 127 yards, TD, 3 catches for 14 yards

Pierre Thomas -  With Colston out the Saints are going to have to rely on the run a little bit more.  You don’t think Reggie Bush is going to get all of those carries, do ya?  Deuce probably isn’t going to get in the mix this week so the extra touches should go to Thomas.  He’s a good option if you have McGahee and need someone to plug in.  Alternatively you can use him in a flex spot in deep leagues.
Stat Line:  6 carries for 8 yards, TD, 2 catches for 29 yards

David Patten/Devery Henderson -  Here’s another pair of Saints that should get a bump with Colston out.  Patten should be the possession guy picking up key first downs and Henderson is the Home Run threat.  If you can get your hands on either of them, they are viable plays in big leagues.  I like Patten more than Henderson personally.
Stat Line:  5 catches for 55 yards/2 catches for 6 yards 

Antonio Bryant -  With Griese in at QB the Bucs are probably are better threat to go down field.  That should be good news for both Galloway and Antonio Bryant.  When Galloway receives the Lion’s Share of the attention, Bryant could slip by the D for a score.
Stat Line:  Nada

Dante Rosario - Steve Smith will be out again so that is a bonus for Rosario.  They play the Bears, who were very aggressive vs. Indy last week.  Dante could end up being very busy as the hot read.  If you have Dallas Clark on  your team, you might want to plug in a Dante Rosario.
Stat Line:  1 catch for 6 yards

Matt Prater
-  Denver’s Matt Prater was quite busy last week hitting a pair of FGs along with 5 PATs.  I’ll bet the farm that he won’t kick that many PATs this week vs. San Diego, but I could see another multiple FG game.  If you drafted Shaun Suisham or Shayne Graham and are mad because their Offenses sucked in Week 1, Prater could be an option.
Stat Line:  1 FG (52 yards), 4 PATs

- On my post I picked Houston, but obviously that won’t work. Seattle will do vs. San Fran. They should get to the QB and force some bad passes. 2 Picks and 4 Sacks aren’t out of the question.
Stat Line:  8 Sacks, Fumble Recovery

Friday Tidbits 9/12/08

12 September 2008

Carlos Quentin broke his wrist.  The Brewers picked up Mike Lamb.  Evan Longoria, Josh Beckett, and Mike Lowell came off the DL.  Alfonso Soriano clubbed 3 HRs.  Roy Oswalt tossed a one-hitter.  ManRam drove in 5 to give the division lead to the Dodgers.  Cliff Lee made it 21-2.  Billy Wagner will miss all of next year after he has elbow surgery.  Want some history.  Derek Jeter passed Babe Ruth for 2nd on the Yankees for career Hits.  He trails Lou Gehrig.  Albert Pujols will probably go under the knife (elbow) in the offseason.  Torii Hunter and Ivan Rodriguez each got a two-game suspension for their tussle.  The Brewers scored Todd Coffey off waivers.  Brandon Phillips is done for the year.  Houston postponed today and tomorrow’s games vs. the Cubbies becaue of Hurrican Ike.  K-Rod picked up his 57th Save to tie Bobby Thigpen’s record.

Tom Brady (knee) is out for the year.  He tore his ACL and MCL.  He wasn’t on the Injury Report before the game for the first time in forever.   I wonder if that was a jinx.  So is Nate Burleson (knee).  The Texans inked RT Eric Winston to a five-year, $30 million deal.  The Broncos locked up D.J. Williams for five years for $32 million.  The Colts lost to the Bears.  Michael Turner ran wild vs. Detroit.  Willie Parker scored 3 TDs.  Vince Young hurt his knee.  He’ll miss a month.  Mentally he could be doing worse.  Brodie Croyle separated his shoulder and will miss at least a week.  Drew Bennett (foot) will miss a month.  He’s super soft.  The Jets signed Jay Feely.  Shawne Merriman and the Chargers are coming to their senses and he’ll get the surgery he needs.  I wonder if Brady’s injury factored in.   Jacksonville signed G Milfrod Brown.  Marques Colston (thumb) will miss a month.  Indy DT Ed Johnson got popped with speeding and weed possession.  Great combo.  He’s a Colt no longer as Dungy cleaned house.  Cincy will probably come calling.  Alex Smith has a broken bone in his shoulder and will be out for the year.  He’s like Ryan Leaf without the attitude.  Brian Griese will start for Tampa this week.  The Pats signed Matt Gutierrez to their practice squad.  Hollis Thomas is out for the year.  The Texans will face Baltimore Monday Night because of Ike.  LT missed a couple of practices, but he should be good to go.  Ricky Williams got an extension with the Dolphins.  He worked out his own deal.

The Cavs signed Lorenzen Wright.  Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, and Adrian Dantley were elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame.  Mo Cheeks signed an extension with Philly.  Cleveland fans are on LeBron for liking the Yankees and Dallas.  To them I say get a life.   Same goes to those who gave Brady crap for wearing a Yankee cap last year.  Mario Chalmers won’t be suspended ($20K fine instead) for having women in their room (along with a strong odor of the chronic).  If he were one of the Seven Dwarfs, he’d be Dopey.  Another one of the Dwarf, Doc (Rivers), got an extension from the Celtics.  Miami re-signed Chris Quinn.  Shaq set a retirement date.  He said he is educated and has things to fall back on like law enforcement.  He did not mention law enforcement of if Kobe ever answered his question.

Florida’s Keith Ballard signed a six-year deal.  Detroit’s Chris Chelios will be back for a 25th season.  Dude is 46.  They also locked up Defenseman Kyle Quincey who is literally half his age.  Richard Zednick returned to practice for the Florida Panthers.

#5 Florida whooped Miami 26-3.  Warren Sapp whined about it.  East Carolina pounded #8 West Virginia 24-3.  Top 25 Stars:  Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford (395 yards, 5 TDs), Georgia’s Knowshon Moreno (168 yards, 3 TDs), Kansas’ Todd Reesing (412 yards, 3 TDs), Penn State’s Evan Roystar (141  yards, 3 TDs), BYU’s Max Hall (338 yards, 3 TDs), and Illinois’ Juice Williams (Passing TD, 174 yards Rushing, 2 TDs).  Penn State lost DE Jerome Hayes (knee) for the year.  Nebraska DE Barry Turner will also miss the rest of the year.  Minnesota lost RB Duane Bennett for the year.  Beanie Wells will likely miss the clash with USC.  The game between Texas and Arkansas will be pushed back a couple weeks because of Ike.  North Carolina destroyed Rutgers yesterday.

Dick Vitale was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame.  1966 Champion Texas Western Coach Don Haskins passed away.  He was the first coach to use five black starters in a game.

Bob and Mike Bryan won the U.S. Open Men’s Doubles title.  Serena Williams won the U.S. Open Women’s Singles title.  She’s now the top-ranked female player on the tour.  Cara Black and Liezel Huber won the U.S. Open Women’s Doubles title.  Andy Murray beat Rafael Nadal to make it to the Finals of the U.S. Open.  He was beat by Roger Federer though.  It was Federer’s fifth consecutive U.S. Open title.  He now has 13 Grand Slam titles.

Jimmie Johnson won the Chevy Rock and Roll 400 ahead of Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards won the Nationwide race at Richmond International Raceway.  Here’s a strange story.  Ron Hornaday, the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Champion, admitted using HGH from 2004-2006.  What in the world would a driver need to use HGH for.  He claims he took it because of a thyroid issue.

Camilo Villegas won the BMW Championship.  Vijay Singh won the FedEx Cup.  Martina Eberl won the LPGA’s Nykredit Masters.  Jean-Francois Lucquin won the European Masters.  Brendon Todd won the Nationwide’s Utah Championship. 

That concludes the Tidbits. As always feel free to add any stories you liked this week in sports or discuss any of the stories I mentioned.  Be sure to check out my Links Page for some great sites.

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