Friday Tidbits 11/30/07

30 November 2007

I’ll start off with some sad news. Sean Taylor was shot and killed in his home. Philly pushed New England to the limit, but the Pats survived to improve to 11-0. At least the ’73 Dolphins have some hope. Ocho Cinco grabbed three TD passes. Kolby Smith filled in for Larry Johnson/Priest Holmes with 150 yards and 2 Tds. Oakland won the game though, their first in 17 AFC West games. Minnesota returned 3 Eli Manning picks for scores. Devin Hester returned two more touchdowns. Memo to Special Teams Coaches. Devin Hester is good. Shaun Alexander, Travis Henry, Marshawn Lynch, Santonio Holmes, Troy
Polamalu, Donovan McNabb, and Larry Johnson are among the stars that missed last week. Cedric Benson had surgery on his leg which will end his disappointing 2007 season. Ricky Williams returned, but Miami remained winless. There was a little rain in Pittsburgh. In the Thursday Night Game tht most of America couldn’t watch, Dallas smoked Green Bay. The score wasn’t out of hand, but the game was never really in doubt. Brett Favre got knocked out of it. Tony Romo threw 4 TDs. MeO had 156 yards and a score. Ryan Grant did look good for the Green & Gold though. Shaun Alexander and Travis Henry may actually play this weekend.

Jason Kidd got his 91st career triple-double. Baron Davis and Caron Butler messed around and got triple doubles…in the same game. LeBron notched his 4th of the season. He didn’t get his 5th on Tuesday, but the Bulls handed the Celtics their 2nd loss. He sprained his finger in a loss to Detroit on Wednesday. Luol Deng returned, but the Bulls kept losing. Dwight Howard pumped in 39 points to go along with his 16 rebounds. He’s a beast. I guess the Celtics didn’t like the taste of their second loss as they pounded New York by close to 50. Phil Jackson got a two-year extension with the Lakers for a mere $24 million.

This week’s shutouts include: Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo vs. Chicago, Anaheim & Columbus, Columbus’ Pascal LeClaire vs. Minnesota, New Jersey’s Martin Brodeur vs. Atlanta, Buffalo’s Jocelyn Thibault vs. Montreal, Pittsburgh’s Marc-Andre Fleury vs. Atlanta, St. Louis’ Manny Legace vs. Calgary. Chicago’s Martin Havlat, playing in his first game since the season opener, scored two goals. Dallas RW Jere Lehtinen suffered and abdominal strain. He’ll be out a while. Sean Avery is having wrist surgery. Detroit (36 points) and Ottawa (34 points) are you leaders. Vincent Lecavalier is still the scoring leader. Chris Osgood is your Goals Against Average leader.

More sad news to report. Joe Kennedy died Friday morning. He was 28. Cincinnati signed closer Francisco Cordero away from Milwaukee for four years, $46 million. He last pitched for Toronto. Kerry Wood is re-signed with the Cubs despite multiyear offers from other clubs. My fictitious brother Jon Lester won the Tony Conigliaro Award. Minnesota made a splash by acquiring Delmon Young and others for Matt Garza and others. Next up Johan Santana and Joe Nathan. Yorvit Torrealba will return to the Rockies after signing a two-year deal. The Mitchell Report will include names of steroid users. Speaking of steroids, HBO is looking into a Game of Shadows movie. I wonder if they will just cut footage from the Hulk movie to save on costs when portraying Barry B*nds. Speaking of B*nds, he’s looking to add another lawyer to his legal team. I wonder if the new lawyer will be responsible for B*nds or his ego.

Arkansas knocked off #1 LSU. Darren McFadden had 240 yards of total offense and 4 TDs. Despite the win, Houston Nutt still resigned. It didn’t take him long to find work as he quickly signed with Mississippi. #15 Hawaii beat #19 Boise State as Colt Brennan threw for 495 yards and 5 TDs to break the all-time TD passing record. Texas A & M knocked off #13 Texas. Florida QB Tim Tebow broke his hand. Georgia Tech fired Chan Gailey. Indiana gave Bill Lynch a four-year deal. Washington State axed Bill Doba. Ted Roof is out at Duke. Houston’s Art Briles is Baylor’s new coach. Auburn extended Tommy Tuberville’s contract. This week’s big games are #1 Missouri vs. #9 Oklahoma for the Big 12 Championship, #6 Virginia Tech vs. #11 Boston College for the ACC Championship, and #7 LSU vs. #14 Tennessee for the SEC Championship. Tom Osborne is the interim coach at Nebraska. After legal battles it was revealed that Joe Paterno is being paid $500K this year. All I’m saying is Penn State is getting a heck of a bargain.

Bobby Knight was named in a hunting incident where he or his hunting companion fired birdshot at people on two different occasions. Brigham Young upset #6 Louisville. Texas Tech knocked off #14 Gonzaga. Florida State bumped #24 Florida. #16 Texas destoyed #7 Tennesse 97-78. Xavier thumped #8 Indiana. NC State squeaked by #19 Villanova. USC destroyed #18 Southern Illinois. #7 Duke beat #20 Wisconsin. LSU F Tasmin Mitchell is out for the year following ankle surgery. Clemson F James May sprained his hip. Arizona Coach Luke Olson returned to practice.

That concludes the Tidbits. As always, feel free to add any stories you liked this week in sports or discuss any of the stories I mentioned.

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I’m going back out on that fantasy football limb. I will pick five players I believe will score more points this week than a higher profile player. The scoring will be 6 points for rushing or receiving TD, 4 points for a passing TD, .1 points per yard for rushing or receiving and .05 points per passing yard. I will also do a Super Stretch Pick where I take a real longshot. First, I’ll recap last week.

Last Week
Brett Favre 30.95 beat Jon Kitna 20.1 (16.1 plus 4 spotted points) as I predicted.
LaDainian Tomlinson 12.2 beat Joseph Addai 11.8 WHICH I GOT WRONG.
Thomas Jones 5.7 beat Cedric Benson 4.7 WHICH I GOT WRONG.
Terrell Owens 12.5 beat Randy Moss 4.3 as I predicted.
D.J. Hackett 4.1 beat Roy Williams 3.2 as I predicted.

Super Stretch
Kolby Smith 27.2 destroyed Warrick Dunn 8.0 as I predicted.

If Benson and Addai didn’t get hurt, I would have been 6-0 this week.

Regular Picks: 3-2
Super Stretch Picks: 1-0
Overall: 4-2
Breakdown: QB: 1-0 RB: 1-2, WR: 2-0

Season Record
Regular Picks: 28-31-1
Super Stretch Picks: 10-2
Overall: 38-33-1
Breakdown: QB: 7-7, RB: 19-10-1, WR: 12-16

This Week’s Picks
Brett Favre over Tony Romo
Green Bay has a better pass defense than Dallas. Plus, Dallas has a better rushing attack. I think Favre wins the battle of the gunslingers.

clinton-portis.jpg sean-taylor.jpg
Photos courtesy of Icon Sports Media/Jeff Fishbein/Icon SMI

Clinton Portis over Brian Westbrook
CP is hurting following Sean Taylor’s death. I think he has a monster game to honor his fallen friend. Seattle has a pretty solid defense so they should keep Westbrook somewhat in check.

Edgerrin James over Joseph Addai
Here’s another former Hurricane RB that should fair well against Cleveland. Addai will have his hands full against Jacksonville.

Greg Jennings over Terrell Owens
Like I said, Green Bay has the better secondary. Favre to Jennings will outscore Romo to MeO. At least that’s what my warped mind thinks. I do think Dallas gets the W though.

Larry Fitzgerald over Braylon Edwards
I’ll take another head-to-head matchup. I think Arizona has a better secondary than Cleveland so I like Fitz here.

Travis Henry
over Rudi Johnson
He’s done nothing since his failed test has been reported. More injuries than anything else. Well, I think he’s healthy and gets to face the soft Oakland defense. That ought to put a spring in his step. Rudi looked good last week, but Pittsburgh is going to make him look bad again.

What did you think of my predictions? Do you have any fantasy upsets in mind? Please leave your comments.

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NFL Picks – Week 13

28 November 2007

Photo courtesy of Ed Wolfstein/Icon SMI 

I was decent last week in my picks. I went 11-5 in Week 12. My losers were KC, NYG, TENN, ARI, and DEN. My lock pick of Jacksonville won.

Last Week: 11-5 (.688 )
Overall: 107-65 (.622)
Lock Picks: 8-4 (.666)

Lock Pick: Minnesota (Man, it’s a tough week)

Previous Lock Picks: PITT (W), CIN (L), SD (L), BAL (L), DAL (W barely), CHI (L), NE (W), INDY (W), TB (W), GB (W), PHI (W), JAX (W)

Week 13 Picks
Dallas over Green Bay
Miami over New York Jets
Minnesota over Detroit (Lock)
Philadelphia over Seattle
Tennessee over Houston
Indianapolis over Jacksonville
Washington over Buffalo
Kansas City over San Diego
San Francisco over Carolina
St. Louis over Atlanta
Cleveland over Arizona
Denver over Oakland
New Orleans over Tampa Bay
Chicago over New York Giants
Pittsburgh over Cincinnati
New England over Baltimore (Virtual Lock)

There you have it. Those are my picks. Any differences?

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Fantasy Football Forum
Photo courtesy of Nick Doan/Icon SMI

How did you do? I snapped my seven game losing streak. I started off with a bang with Favre and Driver on Turkey Day. I plugged in Fred Taylor and Kolby Smith from the waiver wire. Larry Fitzgerald continued his dominance. Even Dwayne Bowe was decent as my third receiver, which has been a trouble spot all year for me (it’s my first game over five points from a 3rd WR since Week 5.) Surprisingly, I didn’t face Frank Gore or Chad Johnson this week. That’s how my game went down. How about you?

Tracking My NFL Preseason Predictions
I made a bunch of predictions in the preseason. I profiled guys I thought would do well. I also profiled guys I thought wouldn’t meet expectations. Here are my preseason predictions are going.

J.P. Losman – Prediction: 3400 yards, 24 TDs, 16 INTs
On Pace for: Not worth reporting.
Right-O-Meter: 1
211 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs.

Alex Smith – Prediction: 3000 yards, 20 TDs, 14 INTs
On Pace for: Not worth reporting.
Right-O-Meter: 1
Didn’t even play.

Chris Brown – Prediction: 1000 total yards, 5 TDs
On Pace for: 640 yards, 1 TD
Right-O-Meter: 1
35 total yards. Had a TD taken away though.

Jerious Norwood – Prediction: 1200 total yards, 5 TDs
On Pace for: 742 yards, 1 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 1
42 yards. Yuck.

D.J. Hackett – Prediction: 80 receptions, 1100 yards, 8 TDs On Pace for: Not worth reporting
Right-O-Meter: 1
Re-injured his ankle. Oh boy.

Vincent Jackson – Prediction: 64 receptions, 1100 yards, 9 TDs
On Pace for: 653 yards, 3 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 1
Had 65 receiving yards. Not bad.

Heath Miller – Prediction: 600 yards, 8 TDs
On Pace for : 665 yards, 9 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 10
He didn’t catch a pass in the slopfest in Pittsburgh.

Vince Young – Prediction: 2800 passing yards, 650 rushing yards, 16 TDs, 6 rushing TDs, 20 INTs
On Pace for: 2419 passing, 432 rushing, 7 passing TDs, 4 rushing, 19 INTs
Right-O-Meter: 10
246 yards passing, 6 rushing, 0 TDs, 1 INT.

Maurice Jones-Drew- Prediction: 1100 total yards, 8 rushing & receiving TDs
On Pace for: 1213 yards, 10 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 6
26 total yards, but a TD bailed him out.

Torry Holt – Prediction: 1100 yards, 7 TDs
On Pace for: 1177 yards, 7 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 10
54 yards. No endzone.

Tony Gonzalez – Prediction: 700 yards, 5 TDs
On Pace for: 1073 yards, 6 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 5
48 yards

I’m failing miserably at this.

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Each week there are some surprising fantasy performers.  I’m going to take a look at them and see if you should go get ‘em or not.

A.J. Feeley
- He filled in admirably for Donovan McNabb with 345 yards and 3 TDs.  However, he faces a tough Seattle secondary if he gets the start next week.  Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if McNabb is back in the lineup next week.
Ruling – Don’t Sweat ‘em.

Photo courtesy of Kenny Felt/Icon SMI

Kolby Smith - 150 yards and 2 TDs.  You probably already picked him up when you saw Priest retire.  If not you grabbed him after his big game against Oakland.  Unfortunately he can’t face Oakland every week, but he’s worth a roster spot.
Ruling – Get ‘em.
Andre Hall - 167 total yards and a score.  He does get to face Oakland next week.  If he’s available, go to your league site now and get him.  Come back to see the rest.
Ruling – Get ‘em.
Adrian Peterson - No, not the Viking.  I’m talking Bears now.  Cedric Benson will likely be out a while.  If you need a starting RB, he’s likely to be one.
Ruling – Get ‘em.

Greg Lewis
- It depends.  He has a huge 88 yard, 2 TD game.  I wouldn’t say rush right out and get him, but if Feeley starts again and Lewis has a good rapport with him, maybe he’s worth a spot.
Ruling – Get ‘em (if you’re in a deep league)
Sidney Rice -  He’s been pretty solid lately with 66 yards and a score, a passing TD, and 82 and a score over the past three weeks.  He may be worth stashing in deep leagues.  He could have a solid game against Detroit this week.
Ruling:  Get ‘em.
Jabar Gaffney -  He had 87 yards and a score last week.  However, he has to fight for scraps behind Moss, Welker, and Stallworth.  You can’t take that chance this late in the year.
Ruling – Don’t Sweat ‘em.

Tony Scheffler
- He made some unbelievable catches against the Bears.  If he’s available, he is a solid TE option.  He has a great rapport with Cutler.
Ruling – Get ‘em.

There you have it.  I hope I provided you some good info while you make your fantasy team waiver wire adjustments.

Photo courtesy of Bob Levey/Icon SMI

Not since Michael Vick was in his “prime” have you had a player that’s as overexposed and overhyped as Reggie Bush.  I mean everywhere you turn you see Mr. Bush.  I guess I don’t blame him.  Football is a violent sport, and your career can be over in the blink of an eye.  You might as well strike while the iron is hot.  I just wish there was a little less sizzle and a little more steak.  How a little more exposure from the better second year runner, Joseph Addai?  How about the league’s best running back this year, Brian Westbrook.  Heck, LaDainian Tomlinson isn’t even as overexposed as Bush.

 There are nine running backs with more fantasy points than Bush.  He has been good, but not great.  He has not cracked 100 yards on the ground or through the air this year.  In fact, he only has one career 100 yard rushing game.  He does have two career 100 yard receiving games to his credit, but only having three 100 yard games out of 26 isn’t exactly dynamic.  Heck, Adrian Peterson has two 200 yard games already, plus three 100 yard games.

He got most of the credit for the turnaround last year even though Drew Brees was added, Deuce McAllister returned from injury, and Marques Colston made a huge splash as a rookie.  I think that helped feed the hype machine.

I’m not saying that Reggie Bush is a bad running back.  I just think he’s a little overhyped is all.  I hope he doesn’t go the direction of Michael Vick, and I doubt he will.  I just wish the corporate folks would stop ramming him down our throats.  How about we share the pie with some of the guys who deserve a little more attention?

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Friday Tidbits 11/23/07

23 November 2007

Brett Favre tied Marino with his 62nd 3 TD game. Chester Taylor filled in for Adrian Peterson with 202 total yards and 3 TDs. Andre Johnson came back and dominated. MeO caught four TD passes. Randy Moss had to match him with four of his own. Brady threw five more as the Pats improved to 10-0. Miami lost again to move to 0-10. Jevon Kearse was benched in favor of Juqua Thomas. Michael Vick headed to the cooler early. No word on whether or not he’ll ask the judge to sentence him in dog years. NY Giants LB Mathias Kiwanuka broke his leg. Priest Holmes retired for good. Shaun Alexander is going to miss again. I’m sorry, did he somehow get back on that Madden cover? Tennessee is giving Mike Williams a shot. Green Bay lit up Detroit behind Favre’s 381 yards and 3 TDs (63rd career). Favre completed 20 straight passes in the process. Dallas smoked the Jets. Indy crushed Atlanta. Hopefully, Mike Vick got to watch the game, but I doubt they have the NFL Network in the Big House. Manning tossed 3 TDs. 

Dwight Howard became the youngest player to 3000 rebounds. He edged out Shaq. Jason Kidd messed around and got his 89th career triple-double. He had 19 rebounds. Sick. Larry Hughes is out a month with a bruised leg. LeBron (40 points), Damien Wilkins (41), David West (40), and Kevin Martin (43) all cracked open 40s last Friday. Boston finally lost. Orlando did the deed. The Lakers’ Kwame Brown sprained his knee. He’ll be out for a while. Stephen Jackson is back from suspension. Orlando traded Trevor Ariza to the Lakers for Brian Cook and Maurice Evans. Mike Conley is out with a shoulder injury. Gilbert Arenas is out three months with a knee injury. Ron Artest took a leave from Sacramento to be with his daughter who is undergoing a medical procedure. LeBron dropped 45 on Minnesota. Boston (9-1) and Orlando (10-3) are the best in the East. Phoenix (10-2) and San Antonio (9-2) are the best in the West. LBJ is the scoring leader. Marcus Camby is the rebounding leader. Steve Nash is the assists leader. 

Martin Brodeur won his 500th career game. Rick DiPietro won his 100th. Dallas’ Jussi Jokinen scored 4 goals in a victory over Colorado. Philly’s Daniel Briere had a hat trick against Carolina. This week’s shutouts: NY Islanders’ Rick DiPietro vs. New Jersey, Atlanta’s Johan Hedberg vs. Carolina. Toronto’s Vesa Toskala vs. Ottawa. Phoenix’s Ilja Bryzgalov vs. the Kings after being claimed off waivers. Dallas’ Mike Smith vs. LA. Detroit’s Chris Osgood vs. St. Louis. Minnesota will be without Mikkou Koivu for a week with a cracked bone in his leg. Vancouver’s Mattias Ohlund was suspended for the incident. Chicago F Rene Bourque will miss a month with a broken thumb. Washington traded C Brian Sutherby for a draft pick. Anaheim signed C Ryan Getzlaf to a five-year $26 million deal. Washington fired Coach Glen Hanlon. Ottawa is the best in the East with 33 points. Detroit’s 31 points are best in the West. Vincent Lecavalier is your scoring leader. Dan Ellis is your Goals Against Average leader. 

Torii Hunter took is Gold Glove to Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles, California, United States, North America, Earth. A-Rod took home the AL MVP. Jimmy Rollins took home the NL MVP. The Red Sox are adding more seats next
year and raising prices. Eric Chavez had another shoulder surgery. Atlanta traded RP Oscar Villarreal to Houston for OF Josh Anderson. Kenny Rogers kicked Scott BorASS to the curb. The Mets signed 2B Luis Castillo to a four-year, $25 million deal. Tom Glavive is returing to Atlanta. I like this move. The Red Sox signed 3B Mike Lowell to a three-year, $37.5 million deal. Mariano Rivera signed a three-year, $45 million extension. I guess Yorvit Torrealba isn’t going to be a Met after all. They acquired Johnny Estrada from Milwaukee instead for Guillermo M*ta. Jason Kendall will replace Estrada. The White Sox cut Scott Podsednik. 

Lloyd Carr is stepping down at Michigan. Maybe Nick Saban should follow him after he likened his team’s loss to Louisiana-Monroe to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. Then he likened his team to alcoholics who have hit rock bottom. What a moron. Texas Tech beat #4 Oklahoma behind Graham Harrell’s 420 passing yards. #6 West Virginia beat #22 Cincinnati. #7 Ohio State beat #21 Michigan behind Chris Wells’ 222 yards. #9 Georgia beat #23 Kentucky. #17 Boston College bumped #15 Clemson. Oregon QB Dennis Dixon will miss the rest of the season following knee surgery. #16 Hawaii won without star QB Colt Brennan. Zach Brown ran for 250 yards against the Golden Gophers. #11 USC kicked this week off by killing #6 Arizona State 44-24. This week’s other top games are #1 LSU vs. 7-4 Arkansas (today), #15 Hawaii vs. #19 Boise State (tonight), #2 Kansas vs. #4 Missouri, #3 West Virginia vs. #20 UConn, #8 Virginia Tech vs. #16 Virginia, #7 Georgia vs. 7-4 Georgia Tech, #12 Florida vs. 7-4 Florida State, #18 Kentucky vs. 7-4 Tennessee, and #25 BYU vs. 8-3 Utah. 

#3 Memphis beat UConn 81-70 behind Chris Douglas-Roberts’ 33 points. Providence upset #18 Arkansas. Virginia beat #17 Arizona. Siena upset #20 Stanford. #22 NC State got beat by New Orleans. Oral Roberts welcomed back F Marchello Vealy from suspension. Louisville C David Padgett will miss the season with a knee injury. #2 UCLA beat #11 Michigan State behind Kevin Love’s 21 points and 11 rebounds. Saint Mary’s beat #11 Oregon. Miami G Adrian Thomas will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury. Kansas won their 600th game at Allen Fieldhouse. #10 Duke beat #13 Marquette behind Kyle Singer’s 25 points. Ohio State knocked off #21 Syracuse. Freshman Kosta Koufos led the way with 24 points, 9 rebounds. #25 Davidson lost to Western Michigan. George Mason beat #20 Kansas State on Turkey Day.

That concludes the Tidbits. As always, feel free to add any stories you liked this week in sports or discuss any of the stories I mentioned.

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NFL Week 12 Fill-ins

23 November 2007

Has the injury bug hit you?  Are you faced with bad matchups?  Well, maybe I can help.  Here are some guys you can plug-in this weekend.

Photo courtesy of Chris Livingston/Icon SMI

David Garrard - Garrard looked good last week in his return from injury.  Getting to face Buffalo at home is a nice followup.
Matt Schaub - I told you to use him last week.  Well, keep him in because he faces Cleveland.

Kolby Smith
 - Out with LJ & Priest.  In with Kolby.  He gets to face a soft Oakland run defense in his first start.  Nice.
Cedric Benson - Denver’s run defense has been weak.  Benson’s been running well.  That should be a nice recipe for fantasy points.

Donte Stallworth
- I get the feeling he torches his former team.
Andre Davis - Andre Johnson can’t have all the receptions against Cleveland.

L.J. Smith
-  He has 8 catches in the past two games.  You know they will be playing from behind and passing.

Shaun Suisham
- 10FGs in the last three games.  Sign him up.

 - Two words. San Francisco.  Enough said.

I’m going back out on that fantasy football limb. I will pick five players I believe will score more points this week than a higher profile player. The scoring will be 6 points for rushing or receiving TD, 4 points for a passing TD, .1 points per yard for rushing or receiving and .05 points per passing yard. I will also do a Super Stretch Pick where I take a real longshot. First, I’ll recap last week.

Last Week
Ben Roethlisberger 14.25 beat Peyton Manning 7.85 as I predicted.
LaDainian Tomlinson 21.5 beat Brian Westbrook 14.8 WHICH I GOT WRONG.
Brandon Jacobs 16.3 Willie Parker 5.2 as I predicted.
Terrell Owens 41.3 ate Larry Fitzgerlad 15.3 alive WHICH I GOT WRONG.
Andre Johnson 18.0 beat Steve Smith 0.0 as I predicted.
Smith didn’t play, but I doubt he would have beat Andre.

Super Stretch
Chester Taylor 38.2 beat Clinton Portis 4.5 as I predicted.

Regular Picks: 3-2
Super Stretch Picks: 1-0
Overall: 4-2
Breakdown: QB: 1-0, RB: 2-1, WR: 1-1

Season Record
Regular Picks: 25-29-1
Super Stretch Picks: 9-2
Overall: 34-31-1
Breakdown: QB: 6-7, RB: 18-8-1, WR: 10-16

This Week’s Picks
Photo courtesy of Bryan C Singer/Icon SMI
Brett Favre over Jon Kitna +4
I wanted to go with this special Thanksgiving matchup. In order to make it fair, I’ll spot Kitana 4 points. 
Joseph Addai over LaDainian Tomlinson
Addai should find running room against Atlanta. The passing game isn’t clicking for Indy so Addai needs to get rolling. LT faces Baltimore, which brings him back to Earth. 


Cedric Benson over Thomas Jones
Hey, the Bears made this decision. This week I’m making it too. Cedric Benson has been running well of late. Denver’s rushing D has been horrible. I see a decent game out of Benson. Thomas Jones faces a tough Dallas D on Turkey Day. Not loving those odds. 

Terrell Owens over Randy Moss
They both play prime time games this week. I should be careful because Moss will get to see what MeO did prior. However, I think the Eagles present a much better secondary for Moss than the Jets do for Owens. Plus, I’m tired of MeO killing me every week. 

D.J. Hackett over Roy Williams
Hackett has been on fire since returning from his ankle injury. I’d expect more of the same against a weak St. Louis secondary. Roy gets to battle Al Harris and Charles Woodson. Not fun.

Kolby Smith over Warrick Dunn
Kolby gets to replace not one, but two legends this week as LJ is still out and Priest retired. I think he finds success against Oakland though. Dunn gets to face Indy on the bright lights of Thanksgiving Night Football. Too bad most of America can’t watch it.

That concluded the Thanksgiving Day special. I included at least one playr in each matchup that is playing on Turkey Day.

What did you think of my predictions? Do you have any fantasy upsets in mind? Please leave your comments.

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Don’t be THAT guy!

21 November 2007

A guy in my league became too busy to maintain his team.  He is going to school and coaching a JV Division III girl’s basketball team.  When he’s not hitting the books, he’s running practice, watching film, etc.  Not to mention he’s in a couple other fantasy football leagues that he’s been in longer.  So he stepped down winless, and a newbie took over.  Suddenly, his team of Kitna, Addai, Bush, MeO, Jennings, Berrian/Reggie Brown/Chris Henry has hit its stride and won four straight.  He’s been doing his share of bragging, which ordinarily is fine, but he’s bragging on someone else’s behalf.  If the original owner stuck it out, he’d be the one winning.  The newbie didn’t make any changes. 

However, that’s not what makes him THAT guy.  Since he’s a newbie, and I’m pretty much out of it, I figured I’d offer him some advice.  I suggested that he drop James Jones and pick up Kenton Keith.  I mean he has MeO, Jennings, Berrian, Brown, Henry, and Branch.  Why would you keep a 7th WR when the perfect handcuff is sitting there on the waiver wire.  He has Warrick Dunn, Thomas Jones, and DeShaun Foster to plug in if Addai got hurt, but are they enough?  Keith was a solid play the game Addai missed.  If something should happen to him, he better be quick to the waiver wire.  Otherwise, he’ll foolishly have lost out on his handcuff.

There aren’t any more bye weeks everybody.  Now’s the time to take a look at your roster, and get it set for the stretch run.  Don’t hang on to a guy who you aren’t possibly going to play and leave off a nice insurance policy.

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