Conor McGregor Announces Intentions to Keep Boxing after Mayweather Bout

Aug 16, 2017

Conor McGregor knows how to market himself. It could be argued that the MMA athlete single-handedly brought the match against Floyd Mayweather into existence. Certainly, so many other players were involved in the background, but McGregor was the one that got the ball rolling. However, the things the athlete has been saying suggest that he hasn’t yet taken a look at Mayweather vs McGregor betting props.


Clearly, McGregor is optimistic about his chances against Mayweather because he’s already planning for a future in the boxing ring. The MMA fighter came out recently and admitted that he had so thoroughly enjoyed his boxing training that he was now considering a future in the field of boxing.


According to McGregor, boxing has always been a part of his life, and after getting a taste of it during preparations for the Mayweather fight, he has decided that he has what it takes to dominate in the boxing ring.


That doesn’t mean McGregor is giving up on MMA. Rather, the athlete intends to operate in and dominate both the UFC and boxing. One assumes that things are going so well that McGregor cannot help but get excited about a future in boxing.


One can also assume that this mindset will not last because no one else thinks McGregor will follow through with this sentiment. McGregor is being a little too optimistic about his future in boxing outside of his match against Mayweather.


According to Bob Arum, a veteran boxing promoter, McGregor is a big deal in boxing today because his fight against Mayweather might be the bout of the decade. However, once that fight ends, Bob doesn’t think that McGregor will be able to find any promoter that is willing to work for him.


As a UFC champion, McGregor is a fish out of the water. Outside of smaller players like Artie Pelulo, no one will be willing to promote him. McGregor isn’t a boxer and Bob thinks that the UFC star won’t realize that fact until he faces off against Mayweather.


The 29-year-old is working hard ahead of his fight with Mayweather. But nothing he has shown has impressed boxing purists: not his footwork and certainly not his punches. McGregor has admitted that there are still adjustments that can be made to his techniques.


The way he throws punches in the octagon might work for him in the boxing ring and he is working hard to change things up, keeping in mind the fact that he cannot rely on the threat of kicks and knees.


McGregor pointed out that there are many rookies in MMA that came from boxing. There are also many MMA athletes who have made the jump to boxing. And as far as McGregor is concerned, he is far better than all of them.


That elevated level of confidence will definitely serve him in the ring. You cannot face a guy like Mayweather if you have doubts. Though, the idea McGregor keeps putting forward that he has been boxing all his life doesn’t impress Bob Arum.


According to the veteran promoter, the idea that MMA skills can translate to boxing is ridiculous, and once McGregor fights Mayweather he will go back to the UFC and never return.

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