Damn Lakers

Jun 11, 2009

Usually that title fits the Yankees like a glove for me.  Right now the Lakers are rocking it though.  Maybe I should let Orlando share it.  What a frustrating finish.  I feel so bad for Magic fans, because if it was as painful a finish for me, I can just imagine what it felt like for those who bleed Orlando Black & Blue.  As if the misses in-bounds play in Game 2 weren’t enough, the Magic actually botched this one even more.  They had a 12 point lead at the half, and they just gave it away.  And when they went to the extra session, did anyone think Orlando had a prayer?  I know I didn’t.  I don’t know if Nick Anderson rubbed off on the fellas, but the missed Free Throws were the ultimate downfall.  All Dwight Howard had to do was clank one of those two FTs in and we’re looking at an even series.  If you’re going to steal someone’s nickname, why don’t you at least steal someone’s that can make FTs?

It’s inevitable that the Lakers are going to win the NBA title this year.  Kobe will get the monkey off his back by winning his title without Shaq.  Aside from Game 1 though this has not been vintage Kobe.  Kobe’s play in Game 3 is the main reason this isn’t a sweep.  He did a Dwight Howard impersonation with five missed FTs.  Tonight, he may have scored 32, but he took 31 shots to do so.  You can also put away any Mike comparisons.  I can’t recall a time when Mike missed so many shots at the end of a game that would have sealed a victory.  If you look in the boxscore you might think Kobe with his points, rebounds, and assists made the difference, but he was bailed out by Derek Fisher and Trevor Ariza, who made so many clutch shots tonight.  Speaking of clutch shots, can someone file a missing person’s report for Rashard Lewis.  He was nowhere to be found tonight.  While you’re looking for him, maybe you can find Jameer Nelson’s missing defense.  I just ask the basketball Gods to end this in Game 5.  I can’t take it anymore.  I’m well past my tolerance level for Pau Gasol’s whininess.  Please don’t prolong the misery.

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