Enough of the Boot Already

Jan 23, 2008

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          Is he limping here?                            How about here?
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Is anyone else tired of ESPN‘s 24-7 coverage of Tom Brady’s sore right ankle?  In the age of instant media and overexposure, Tom Brady’s foot has taken on a life of its own.  They have actually documented that he wore cowboy boots and dress shoes since the infamous “boot” photos were taken.  I’m sorry, but when did the NFL become a hot topic for paparazzi?  I say, thanks, but no thanks TMZ.  You can keep your Britney Spears, your Paris Hilton, and your Lindsey Lohan gossip.  I don’t care.  Just leave the sports world alone.  We don’t care if Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are staying at the Motel 6 in Lost City, West Virginia.  Just let us watch the game in peace.

The funny thing is, ESPN will likely be left scratching their heads for a while on this.  The Super Bowl is still 11 days away, and the Patriots are as likely to give you injury information as the “Soup Nazi” is to allow you to loiter in his line.  Speaking of Soup Nazi, I wonder if Eli turned in his strong performance against Green Bay because he was pissed that they wouldn’t let him watch Seinfeld reruns.  In my opinion, there is way too much time between the Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl.  Is a two-week layoff really necessary?  I’m sure it’s the last thing the streaking Giants would want.  I know it gives them time to get healthy, but will they lose their edge in their layoff?  I guess we’ll have to wait over 250 more hours to find out.  If the first quarter of the game is sloppy, the layoff and nerves are most likely the cause. 

Personally, I have and will continue to avoid EndingSportsPleasureNationally.  I don’t need to eat, sleep, and drink the Super Bowl.  I love sports as much as the next guy, but too much is too much. 

Well, now that I got that off my chest, I better head over to PerezHilton.com to see what Tom and Gisele had for dinner last night.

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