Fantasy Baseball Strategy – Punting Saves Followup Plan

Apr 9, 2009

If you are like me your draft strategy this year was to focus on your Hitting and Starting Pitching and let the Saves category fall to the wayside.  I know there is considerable disagreement about that style, but the drafts are over and that ship has sailed.  It is what it is.  You either drafted this way or you didn’t. 

The thought process behind this style is to accumulate a bunch of high-end Starters to help you dominate the Wins and Strikeout categories while remaining near the top in ERA & WHIP.  Meanwhile you are able to focus on adding solid bats so you can excel in the Hitting categories (Avg, R, HR, RBI, SBs).  I don’t draft all Starters though.  When you’re left with questionable ERA & WHIP guys I rather add low ERA/WHIP and high K/9 Middle Relievers.  You even sneak in a few more Wins going this route.

So what’s this followup plan I speak of?  Let me break it down for you.  This plan is only applicable in Roto leagues that have an Innings cap on your Pitchers.  Typically that cap is somewhere between 1250-1500 Innings.  My plan is to use my Innings as soon as possible and then do an assessment of my Hitting categories.  I will then dangle my high-end Starting Pitchers  as trade bait in an effort to shore up any weaknesses.  Even if you don’t get fair market value for your Stud Pitchers, you can still help your team if you upgrade your weak categories.  Additionally, if you’re in a league that allows you to trade future draft picks, you can deal your used up Pitchers to improve next year’s draft.  Dealing your high end Pitchers comes with a risk.  You have to be selective and look for a trade partner that isn’t likely to surpass you when they get their SP shot in the arm.  Stay tuned throughout the year and I’ll give you updates on how this strategy is working.

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