Fantasy Baseball Tip: Test your Draft Software

Feb 25, 2009


A pal of mine from SportingNews, ucc101, recently shared his draft day nightmare.  He was kind enough to allow me to pass it on to you so you can avoid a similar problem.

Lessons learned from a screw up!
Written by ucc101

Had my first fantasy baseball draft last night in my TSN Bloggers league, but I couldn’t make it. I was at my computer and tried to log in, but apparently I didn’t have the most current Flash software and don’t have admin rights (I spend my work weeks in my office and go home on weekends) so I couldn’t update it at 10 pm last night. So I have a solid team and for that I am very appreciative to Ken the Commish for having to cover my butt by working off of my predraft rankings, but there were plenty of head slapping and kicking myself as I reviewed the draft results and said I would have taken X instead of Y etc.

The only gripes I have about TSN in the whole situation is that once I realized that I couldn’t get into the draft room they froze my rankings! I don’t remember seeing that anywhere and since this isn’t the only situation that folks are going to show up for the draft and realize they have technical issues, they should allow at least some ranking revision once the draft room is open. Maybe freeze when there is 10 minutes left or something, but it really caught me off guard. I had worked the upper echelon of my rankings but the last 150 on my board were as TSN listed them and so I am furiously moving folks around getting the rankings tuned for Ken to use when I realize that there is no Update/Save button to push!

The other was I guess if I had gone to a mock draft I would have realized that I had technical issues, but I don’t have time to do mock drafts and shouldn’t have to sign up for a draft and then bail on it, screwing the others in the mock, just to test my system. Other live sites I have worked with allowed you to test the system prior to draft time and I certainly would have benfited from this and would have taken advantage of it if offered. Am I missing something or is what I just laid out reality?

So again, the main issue was my failure to read the details and some other things, this was my first live draft on TSN, so I know better now, but I thought the system was unforgiving and I am not sure that is best for the community if you want to attract not only hard core players but also more casual fans. My computer could access all of the other content but the draft room, so I didn’t think it was unrealistic to assume that I would be able to get into the draft. My bad.

So kids, don’t be a screw up like this old man and check your computer when you have a chance to update it to work on the site by going to a mock draft and seeing what, if any, issues there are, work your rankings well before your draft, keep it updated (don’t show up to the draft room thinking you will update your rankings with that day’s news) and don’t hesitate to carry them over from league to league, just use the copy function on the preranking page.

Thanks again for reading.

Let’s be careful out there!

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