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Dec 4, 2007

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How did you do? I got bombed. Brett Favre set the tone early. I blew up my team before Friday’s trade deadline. I dealt Larry Fitzgerald and my #1 pick next year (which after the keeper’s is a 4th round pick) for Larry Johnson. I turned around and traded Ronnie Brown and Dwayne Bowe for Andre Johnson. I figured I’d let someone else deal with Ronnie’s recovery. My keepers are set at Larry Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, and Andre Johnson. Back to my thumping. I had Favre and my opponent had Romo. Fun. Andre Johnson did good for me. Reggie Wayne did better for my opponent.

Tracking My NFL Preseason Predictions
I made a bunch of predictions in the preseason. I profiled guys I thought would do well. I also profiled guys I thought wouldn’t meet expectations. Here are my preseason predictions are going.

J.P. Losman – Prediction: 3400 yards, 24 TDs, 16 INTs
On Pace for: Not worth reporting.
Right-O-Meter: 1
Didn’t play.

Alex Smith – Prediction: 3000 yards, 20 TDs, 14 INTs
On Pace for: Not worth reporting.
Right-O-Meter: 1
Didn’t play.

Chris Brown – Prediction: 1000 total yards, 5 TDs
On Pace for: 665 total yards, 3 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 5
59 total yards and a score. Sweet.

Jerious Norwood – Prediction: 1200 total yards, 5 TDs
On Pace for: 833 yards, 1 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 5
115 total yards. Nice.

D.J. Hackett – Prediction: 80 receptions, 1100 yards, 8 TDs
On Pace for: Not worth reporting
Right-O-Meter: 1
Did not play.

Vincent Jackson – Prediction: 64 receptions, 1100 yards, 9 TDs
On Pace for: 649 yards, 4 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 3
Only 38 yards, but he did score.

Heath Miller – Prediction: 600 yards, 8 TDs
On Pace for : 649 yards, 8 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 10+++
Only 30 yards, but I’m so close I’d win both Showcase Showdowns.

Vince Young – Prediction: 2800 passing yards, 650 rushing yards, 16 TDs, 6 rushing TDs, 20 INTs
On Pace for: 2548 passing, 455 rushing, 9 passing TDs, 4 rushing, 19 INTs
Right-O-Meter: 10
248 yards passing, 44 rushing, 2 TDs, 1 INTs. That was solid. You knew he’d bring it against Houston.

Maurice Jones-Drew- Prediction: 1100 total yards, 8 rushing & receiving TDs
On Pace for: 1188 total yards, 11 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 6
Only 57 yards, but another TD. Man, he has a nose for the endzone.

Torry Holt – Prediction: 1100 yards, 7 TDs
On Pace for: 1259 yards, 8 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 6
135 yards and a score. That’s not helping me. It is helping his owners though.

Tony Gonzalez – Prediction: 700 yards, 5 TDs
On Pace for: 1171 yards, 5 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 5
Blew up for ten grabs and 140 yards. Yikes.

I’m failing miserably at this.

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