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Oct 9, 2007

Fantasy Football Forum
Did you win your matchup this week? What’s your record? I got beat to fall to 4-1. Tom Brady was solid. Dallas Clark scored my only TD. Larry Johnson made me throw up in my mouth. I was afraid of Travis Henry so I started LenDale White. He put it on on the carpet, which cut down his carries. I was short on WRs with Ocho on bye and Andre Johnson still hurt. Coles was solid, as was my free agent pickup of Andre Davis. Roddy White, another waiver wire guy, was junk. I thought I found a kicker, but Jeff Reed sucked major backside. Not my best week.

I shook up my team. With Travis “9 kids and a pound a weed” Henry facing suspension, I dealt my top commodity. Well, top 2 I guess. I packaged Tom Brady, Larry Johnson, and Cedric Benson for Brett Favre, Ronnie Brown, and Edgerrin James. Hopefully it doesn’t blow up in my face.

That’s how my weekend of fantasy football went. How did you do?

Tracking My NFL Preseason Predictions
I made a bunch of predictions in the preseason. I profiled guys I thought would do well. I also profiled guys I thought wouldn’t meet expectations. Here are mypreseason predictions are going.

J.P. Losman – Prediction: 3400 yards, 24 TDs, 16 INTs
On Pace for: 816 yards, 0 TDs, 3 INTs
Right-O-Meter: 1
Hurt. Did not play.

Alex Smith – Prediction: 3000 yards, 20 TDs, 14 INTs
On Pace for: 1475 yards, 3 TDs, 3 INTs
Right-O-Meter: 1
Hurt. Did not play.

Chris Brown – Prediction: 1000 total yards, 5 TDs
On Pace for: 1216 total yards, 4 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 10
Only 34 total yards, but found the endzone.

Jerious Norwood – Prediction: 1200 total yards, 5 TDs
On Pace for: 761 total yards, 0 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 1
Only 27 total yards. Yuck.

D.J. Hackett – Prediction: 80 receptions, 1100 yards, 8 TDs
On Pace for: 22 yards
Did not play because of ankle injury.
Right-O-Meter: 1 – An ankle injury will keep the Right-O-Meter low all year long.

Vincent Jackson – Prediction: 64 receptions, 1100 yards, 9 TDs
On Pace for: 1008 yards, 6 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 8
84 yards and a TD. That’s what I needed.

Heath Miller – Prediction: 600 yard, 8 TDs
On Pace for: 771 yards, 6 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 10
44 yards and a score. Nice.

Vince Young – Prediction: 2800 passing yards, 650 rushing yards, 16 TDs, 6 rushing TDs, 20 INTs
On Pace for: 2332 yards passing, 492 rushing yards, 12 TDs, 4 rushing TDs, 20 INTs
Right-O-Meter: 10
157 yards passing (with 3 picks) and 27 rushing. But he did win.

Maurice Jones-Drew- Prediction: 1100 total yards, 8 rushing & receiving TDs
On Pace for: 1072 total yards, 4 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 10
Had 112 total yards and a score, but he’s still way off.

Torry Holt – Prediction: 1100 yards, 7 TDs
On Pace for: 1123 yards, 10 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 2
89 yards and a TD. Nice.

Tony Gonzalez – Prediction: 700 yards, 5 TDs
On Pace for: 1082 yards, 3 TDs
Right-O-Meter: 2
Had 100 yards. His team sucks
I’m sucking at my predicitions, although my bust picks are pretty good still.

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