Fantasy Football Mock Draft #12

Aug 1, 2008

I did my 12th Live Mock Fantasy Football Draft today.  I tried The Sporting News again.  They offer 10 & 12 Team Drafts that go 15 rounds, which  I use to gauge where people are picked.  As the season approaches, these Mock Drafts become better because everyone is more up-to-speed on the players and you get a full draft.  When there isn’t a full draft, there is an Autopick in place.  They go by Sporting News rankings.  It’s not ideal, but it’s acceptable.  Another cool feature is the chat board which allows you to discuss players with other fantasy football fanatics.  

I had the 12th pick in the 12 team draft.  I started with Clinton Portis and Reggie Wayne with my first two picks.  I feel they are both capable of 1400+ total yards and 10+ TDs.  With my next two picks I selected Jamal Lewis and Torry Holt.  Jamal had more red zone touches than any other RB last year, and I think Holt will have a nice rebound from an “off” year.  In the 5th & 6th I did a Kansas City two-step with Dwayne Bowe and Tony Gonzalez.  With my next two picks I took Donovan McNabb and Justin Fargas.  McNabb is a top tier QB at a good value.  Fargas gave me RB depth.  In the 9th & 10 I went with Nate Burleson and David Garrard.  Burleson gives me WR depth and Garrard gave me McNabb insurance.  In the next two rounds I went with Ryan Torrain for RB Depth and a reach and Donte Stallworth for WR depth.  In the 13th and 14th  I went with Pittsburgh Defense and Greg Olsen for TE depth.  I finished up with DeShaun Foster for RB depth.

The Sporting News drafts are much lamer than Mock Draft Central because everybody checks out around the 12th Round or so.  Unless you’re drafting in a 12 round draft, you should be practicing until the end.  Another lame thing is it’s an odd number of rounds (15).  In a snake draft you need to have even rounds so the team with the last pick in the odd round gets the first pick in the even round, etc.

Donovan McNabb
David Garrard


Clinton Portis
Jamal Lewis
Justin Fargas
Ryan Torrain
DeShaun Foster 

Reggie Wayne
Torry Holt
Dwayne Bowe
Nate Burleson
Donte Stallworth

Tony Gonzalez
Greg Olsen


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