Fantasy Football Wide Receivers – Scrap Pile

Jul 30, 2008

See how I’m doing in the KFFL Analysis Draft.

Scrap Pile
We’ve profiled the Big Dog WRs, Second Tier WRsThird Tier WRs, and Serviceable WRs, now it’s time to examine the final wave of wideouts.  These are guys you’ll use during bye weeks and as injury replacements. 

Bobby Engram/Nate Burleson/Deion Branch – Engram is the Old Guy in the Club.  He had a great season last year.  Nate is the underachiever.  Branch was voted Least Likely to Stay Healthy.  They all could be used at times next year though.

Derrick Mason/Mark Clayton – Mason had kind of a turn-back-the-clock season.  I don’t see him repeating it, but he could have some decent weeks.  I think Clayton can make the leap to decent WR this year.  I thought the same thing last year though.

D.J. Hackett – Like Clayton, I was huge on Hackett last year.  He produced when he was healthy, but ankle injuries can simply derail a season.  We’ll see how he does opposite Steve Smith and Mushin.

Donte Stallworth – Stall is moving on once again.  He should have opportunities as Braylon and Winslow should open things up for him. 

Patrick Crayton – He has the luxuyr of playing opposite of T.O. , plus Jason Witten takes plenty of attention.  Crayton should have a decent year.

Ted Ginn, Jr. – I don’t know why, but I think Ginn could be a decent play at times this year.  I love his speed, but he’ll need to be able to take some hits.

Sidney Rice – I liked Rice last year as a rookie.  If T-Jack can actually hit him when he’s open, he’ll have a decent year.  At 6’4″, he’s a big target in the red zone.

Vincent Jackson – Everyone was on Jackson last year like white on rice.  He didn’t live up to the hype.  He’s the 4th option (LT, Gates, Chambers) this year, which may hurt (not enough touches) or help (less defensive pressure).  He’s also a big target.

Bryant Johnson/Isaac Bruce – The 49ers brought in two new WRs and Martz.  They should be good for some decent yards.  Obviously, I’m higher on Johnson.

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