The Fine Art of Walking Away

May 4, 2010

In the wake of the Virginia lacrosse tragedy I wanted to take a quick break from sports and voice my opinion on what seems to be happening more and more. Instead of drowning your sorrows with sappy music, movies, or a pile of Natty Lights people are turning more violent. It doesn’t have to be that way.


In the case of George Huguely, he’s 22. He had a full life ahead of him. Things didn’t work out with Yeardley Love. It’s hard to know what he was thinking or the circumstances surrounding her recent death. What I do know is that it did not have to happen.


If he simply walked away it probably would have hurt. It could have hurt really bad. However, in time that pain would have went away. He probably would find another girl to make him forget about Love. How many people spend the rest of their life with someone they were dating when they were 22?

Well, after the actions Huguely allegedly took, not only will he not be with Love anymore, but he will spend a good deal of his life in jail. He selfishly took Love from her family, but he also took himself away from his.


Thankfully there weren’t any children in this case. You see that all too often. You rob your children of both parents when one is brutally murdered while the other one goes to jail. Why? I mean really, why? Just walk away.


My thoughts and prayers go out to Yeardley Love’s family and friends in this senseless crime.

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