Fourth & 1 Debate: Buy Low Candidate

Oct 28, 2009

4th Down Marker

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This Week’s Topic:
Who is your biggest “buy-low” candidate heading into Weeks 8-16?

My Response:
There are several attractive “buy low” candidates out there.  LT is coming on.  Carolina’s Steve Smith finally had a good game.  Greg Jennings and Santonio Holmes aren’t getting in the end zone.

The player that intrigues me the most though is Jason Witten.  Witten has just 312 yards in six games (52 yards/game) with 1 TD.  Not exactly elite Tight End numbers.  It’s not from lack of involvement in the passing game though.  He has 33 receptions, which is good for an average of 5.5 per game.  With the emergence of Miles Austin, Witten should find seams in the middle of the field as they look to take away the deep threat.

There are a few reasons I think Witten could come available.  Obviously whoever drafted Witten used an early pick on him.  They aren’t exactly getting the return on investment they anticipated.  There’s a good chance that Witten owners are struggling because of that.

Another reason he could be available is the emergence of several Tight Ends that were initially drafted to be backups.  Vernon Davis, Visanthe Shiancoe, Heath Miller, and Brent Celek are a few TEs that have gained the confidence of fantasy owners.  If they feel they can upgrade in another area, Witten could come available.

He still carries a big name so you’ll still have to pay to get him.  The price tag is just lower right now than it’s been in years.

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