Fourth & 1 Debate: Fantasy Football Recovery Strategy

Oct 9, 2009

Time for another Fourth & 1 Roundtable Debate.   Paul Greco of came up with this week’s topic.  Click here to see the full article.

This Week’s Topic
Going into Week 5 some teams have struggled out of the gate. For those teams that are 2-2 or 1-3, what “expert” strategies would you suggest to help teams try to get back into the chase.

My Response
It depends on what type of struggling team you are.  Are you scoring points yourself?  Perhaps you happened to draw Drew Brees when he erupted for 6 TDs in Week 1, and Chris Johnson, Frank Gore, or Andre Johnson when they exploded in Week 2, and maybe you faced MoJo in Week 3 when he went for 3 TDs, and San Fran D last week for good measure.  If you have been snakebitten by top scorers, but are holding your own in points, I would say don’t do anything drastic.  Work the waiver wire like you normally would.  Don’t make any desperate moves.  Either the matchups will have a way of evening things out or it’s just not your year.

However, if you are struggling to score points yourself, that’s when you need to take action.  Take a look at your team and don’t be afraid to cut any dead weight.  If your guy is still struggling through four weeks, perhaps it’s time to cut bait.  Be aggressive.  If you have Chris Johnson and a bunch of nobodies, perhaps it’s time to see what you can get for him.  If you can get a mid-level RB like Joseph Addai and a rock solid WR, it’s will probably help you in the long run.  You get an adequate RB and a major upgrade at a key position.  I know it’s tough because if you’re not scoring points you likely don’t have many Sell High guys.  Another thing you can do is be aggressive with your Defenses and Kickers.  If you don’t have an elite D, you’ll have to play the matchup game.  Don’t simply plan week to week though.  Everyone does that.  Look two weeks out.  That way when everyone is scrambling to make great pickups this week, you’re a step ahead of the game.  With Kickers, look to see which teams are allowing the most Kicker points.  It’s not necessarily the worst teams, because often they allow more PATs than anything.  You want to find a bent-but-don’t-break D that gives up yards, but gets tough in the red zone.  That way you are likely to get multiple FG opportunities.

It’s not impossible to climb out of the hole.  You just have to work a little harder and get some luck on your side.

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