Fourth & 1 Debate: Fantasy Playoffs – Take a Risk or Play It Safe?

Dec 17, 2009

4th Down Marker

Paul Greco of was responsible for this week’s Fourth & 1 Roundtable debate topic.

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This Week’s Topic:
With fantasy football playoffs in full swing, what approach do you take when handling your starting lineup? Are you the risk taker or do you play the players that got you there and why?

My Response:
I am a calculated risk taker. For the most part I try to put together a team that allows me to play the match-up game. I will start a lesser quantity for a player with a more favorable match-up. I just try to do it within reason.

For example, I have Reggie Wayne in several leagues. He takes on Jacksonville this week. He’s been struggling the past few weeks, but I’ll stick with him. Even if he has an early exit, I feel he’s the best option. Meanwhile, when he faces Darrelle Revis and the Jets in Week 16, I want no parts of him.

Unless I’m backed into a corner, I’m not someone who would use Quinton Ganther this week against the Giants. I would, however, roll with Jamaal Charles against Cleveland over most of this year’s first round picks.

I’d also rather have steady production from my WRs than to go for a home run player like Hakeem Nicks. It’s great if they have a big game, but devastating if they go belly up on you.

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