There were some unusual heroes on Sunday.  There always are.  Let’s take a look at them and see if they are worthy of your fantasy rosters.

Dan Orlovsky – He threw for 265 yards and a TD vs. Houston.  He added ten yards on the ground.  Houston’s pass Defense is pretty bad though.  He’s not as good as he was this week and he’s not as bad as he was last week vs. Minnesota.  Whatever he is, he’s not roster worthy.
Ruling:  Don’t Sweat ‘em


Cedric Benson - Benson had a decent game gaining 52 yards on 14 carries and added a ten yard reception.  Considering the Bengals got crushed (and played Pittsburgh) those are encouraging numbers.  He may be worth a shot.
Ruling:  Get ‘em.

Ahman Green:  Green ran for 62 yards and a score.  It was against Detroit, but that still opens my eyes a little.  Slaton has been great, but it would be foolish not to mix Ahman in.  He’s worth a spot for flex positions and TD-only leagues.
Ruling:  Get ‘em.

Malcolm Floyd - He caught four passes for 65 yards and a TD.  Last week he had three grabs for 75 yards and a score.  He presents a big target to Philip Rivers.  He could be worth a spot.
Ruling:  Get ‘em. 

Josh Morgan - Morgan had 5 catches for 86 yards and a score, but hadn’t done much prior.  I want to see evidence that he can do this again before I clear a roster spot for him. 
Ruling: Don’t Sweat ‘em.

Martellus Bennett  - He caught two passes for 67 yards and a score.  As long as noodle-arm Brad Johnson is running the show he could be worth a play.  However, I don’t see BJ getting another shot after losing to the Rams. 
Ruling:  Don’t Sweat ‘em.

There you have it.  I hope I provided you some good info while you make your fantasy team waiver wire adjustments.