Go Sox!

Oct 24, 2007

The World Series kicks off tonight.  I am so excited.  While football is my favorite sport, and fantasy football is one of my favorite passions, the Red Sox are my team.  Even though I love the Patriots and all of their recent success, the Sox are the one.  If I had to give up either the 2004 World Series title or the 3 Patriot Super Bowl victories, I would be handing back three Lombardi trophies. 

I’ve moved around quite a bit over the years.  I was born in Philadelphia.  When I was 3 or so I moved to Minnesota.  When I was 6 or so I moved to Ohio.  I was in the 2nd grade when I moved to Massachusetts.  I moved to Pennsylvania in the 6th grade.  I stayed in Pennsylvania until I finished up college at Syracuse University.  Then I moved to Minnesota, which is where I’ve been ever since.  While I was in Massachusetts I became a sports fan.  More specifically, a Boston sports fan.  I loved the Red Sox most of all.  I liked the Patriots as well, but it took off more during the Drew Bledsoe years.  I used to love the Celtics, but that faded as their once proud franchise was driven into the ground.  Living in Minnesota, I’ve become a Timberwovles fan, although it’s getting to be brown paper bag time.  I loved KG.  I was a huge McHale fan so it was easy to root for my new home team.  As my interest waned in the NBA it became tougher to cheer for Boston as well at the Wolves.  I am somewhat excited about the direction of the team and their youth movement.  It’s going to take some time, but at least they did something.  Still I refuse to go to a game until either McHale is gone or the team straightens itself out. 

Man, I’ve got off track.  Back to the Red Sox.  I have followed the Red Sox from afar.  Whenever they come play the Twins at the Metrodump I try to make it down to see them, proudly wearing my “B” hat.  In an odd coincidence, the Red Sox were in the World Series the year my Dad was born (1946), the year I was born (1975), and the year my son was born (2004).  Three times is the charm as they won in my son’s birth year.  Only a couple months old, he watched the World Series with me.  Now that he’s three, I’m not sure if he’ll sit down and watch this one.  I sure hope so.

 If I haven’t lost you already, now I’ll tell you what I expect out of the series.  I expect Colorado to be a little rusty early on.  They have been off for a LONG time.  It’s hard to stay sharp during such a lenghty layover.  It couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Rockies either.  They were red hot.  I think Josh Beckett will keep their bats cool tonight.  I expect the Rockies to get things figured out at home.  However, I think Boston wins in 6.  I think Josh Beckett takes home another World Series MVP. 

That’s my take.  What’s yours?  Please feel free to leave a comment.

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