Gold Rush Part Deux

Feb 14, 2008

Exit Stage Left?
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Not since 1849 has the West witnessed a rush like this.  It started with Pau Gasol migrating to Los Angeles.  Shaq followed his trail, but got tired and set up camp in  Phoenix.  It looked as if Jason Kidd’s journey would end with a return to Dallas.  We’ll have to see if Dallas and New Jersey can either work out a new deal or convince Devean George to allow the trade.  So much for Kevin Garnett doing his part to balance the powers of the conferences. 

So what would Dallas get in this deal?  They would get a hard-nosed point guard who can set teammates up better than anyone not named Steve Nash.  He can also rebound with the best of them out of the Point Guard position.  Hebrings toughness to a team that has clearly lacked it in recent years.  Dallas has plenty of scorers in Dirk, Josh Howard, and Jason Terry.  Jason Kidd wouldn’t upset anybody by shooting too often.  He’s one of the few players in the league who can control a game without taking a single shot.  He would instantly upgrade their ball movement, fast breaks, and defensive pressure.  Los Angeles and Phoenix took the first shots.  Dallas tried to answer back.  Yet, San Antonio has done nothing to bolster their team.  Their main goal is to get Tony Parker healthy.  Once that happens they will likely be the team to beat in the West despite all of the new, expensive toys the other conference powers are showing off. 

I’ll have to hand it to Dallas if they can get this deal done.  They would be taking a shot.  Sure, they would be sending draft picks and expiring contracts, which in a sense is mortgaging their future.  However, they realize the time is now, and want to take a run at it before their window closes.  As far as the present, I don’t think they would be giving up too much.  Devin Harris is good, but Kidd is a big upgrade.  Stackhouse is decent, but replaceable.  DeSagana Diop is whatever.  Devean George is merely a road block to this deal. He wasn’t doing anything to help the team on the court.  He asked for a trade so he could get more minutes.  Then he objects.  You have 29 games left.  You have a much better chance to showcase your talent with New Jersey than Dallas.   

Time will tell if Dallas can get their guy.  What we already know is the Wild Wild West has spoken.  If you want to beat the best (Spurs) you better come with all guns blazing.

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