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Jan 13, 2008

A friend of mine (JDIN827) on SportingNews is asking for participation in the “Great Blog Crossover Challenge”. The assignment calls you to write about your least favorite player on your least favorite team.

I am going to do a two-parter. I can’t decide between Terrell Owens or Alex Rodriguez. Why not cover both? Since I dislike the Yankees more than the Cowboys, I’ll start with A-Rod.

A-Rod is easily one of the best ten players to ever strap on the cleats and step on a baseball diamond. He is a force on offense and usually a solid fielder. He gets a lot of bad ink for being a selfish player, but how many players would be willing to switch positions so easily? When you consider he’s a better shortstop than A-Rod, it makes it even more impressive. He gets a lot of heat for not showing up in the playoffs. What about the numbers he puts up to get his team into the playoffs? The playoffs are a much different animal than the regular season. Does he press a little too much? Probably. I just wonder why the fact that Barry Bonds is a .245 (.200 pre-steroids) hitter in the playoffs never comes up. Or the fact that Barry has just one pre-steroid playoff home run. How about Ted Williams only having one playoff appearance? Or the fact that he hit .200 without an extra-base hit and just one RBI. How about Willie Mays’ .247 playoff batting average with just one home run and ten RBI in 25 games. Just because their playoff numbers aren’t good, doesn’t mean they aren’t exceptional ball players. I know A-Rod gets plenty of heat that he deserves because of the position he puts himself in, but he gets much more than he should.

My other oh so favorite guys is Terrell Owens aka MeO aka Terrible Owens. I used to really like T.O. He is a gifted player who plays with a lot of emotions. I thought it was kind of funny when he celebrated on the Star. I liked the Sharpie celebration. Then he starts to badmouth Jeff Garcia and forces a trade to Baltimore. He gets mad at that and forces his way in Philadelphia. Everything started off so well. The Eagles were winning. T.O. and McNabb were setting the world on fire. Then he gets hurt. Most guys would have packed it in, but T.O. was determined to return. Was it to make more money and achieve more fame? I’m sure that accounts for some of his desire to return. I also think some has to be contributed to his love of football. Say what you want about the guy, he does love this game. He plays it as hard as anybody in the league. He brings a lot of baggage with him, but on that field he is determined to succeed. T.O. and Parcels clashed. Really? Who could have seen that coming? Wait, everybody could have. There really weren’t any T.O. issues this year. He came up with a goofy line about getting your popcorn ready, but I can’t get mad at a guy for being lame. Yesterday when the questions were swirling about how Yoko Romo (aka Jessica Simpson) is to blame or Tony Romo is to blame, he said “that they lost as a team”. Was he sincere? That’s the $25,000 question. Honestly, I think he was. He may have hammed it up a bit for the cameras, but I think he does have a good relationship with Romo and is upset with the unfair criticism he received. Blaming Jessica Simpson or Romo’s relationship with her for the loss is plain stupid. Was it wise for Romo to go on vacation during the playoffs? Probably not. However, I wouldn’t say that’s the reason they lost. The Giants were just a better team down the stretch, and it showed on Sunday.

There you have it. Even though I’m not fond of these guys, I am willing to go on record to say how good they are. One is the best player in baseball. The other is the best receiver not named Randy Moss.

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  1. Big Dog JP
    January 14th, 2008 at 4:01 pm #

    Well noted points. Being a good reporter/blogger is stating the facts without bias.

  2. Ryan Lester
    January 14th, 2008 at 4:21 pm #

    Thanks pal.

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