Guns of History – Airsoft goes WWII

Apr 10, 2008

Image courtesy of Palco Sports

A good friend of mine works for Palco Sports, which is “the leader in 2nd Generation Airsoft Replica Firearms”.  Two of their Airsoft Guns were featured in a recent Guns Magazine issue.  They are the German MP-40 and the US Thompson M1A1. 


The MP-40 is a replica subgunmachine that was used by the Germans in World War II.  You can use it in either semi-automatic or full-automatic mode.  It can hold fifty 6mm BBs.  You can fire up to 600 rpm.  It is available at many sporting goods stores, various hobby, paintball, and specialty shops , or online at places like for a suggested retail price of $199.99.

Thompson M1A1

The Thompson M1A1 is a replica subgun used by the Allied Forces in WWII.  It can also be use in either semi-automatic or full-automatic mode.  It holds up to 47 6mm BBs, which can be fired at 700 pm.  A Hi-cap mag of 300 rounds is also available.  Like the MP-40, it is available at many sporting goods stores, hobby, paintball, and specialty shops , or online at places like for a suggested retail price of $219.99.

Airsoft is similar to Paintball, where the object is to eliminate your opposition by shooting them.  Instead of a Paintball though, a small plastic BB is used, and some newer BBs are even biodegradable.  The beauty of the Airsoft replica guns is that they look like and feel like the actual guns, so much so that they are required by law to have a orange muzzle marker to show they aren’t real (but just to be safe, don’t pretend they are real, or you might get shot with a  real gun).  Another benefit is the cost of Airsoft.  You can get started with Airsoft for at least half the cost of Paintball.

There are a few different games you can play with Airsoft.  First, there is CQB or CQC (Close Quarters Battle/Close Quarters Combat).  This is great if space is at a premium.  You can simulate urban warfare.

Another option is MilSim, in which you incorporate some role-playing elements.  You assign missions for your teams to complete.  Some of these MilSims can last for days. 

And, of course, people are inventing new games all the time, which is half the fun.

Another area where the Airsoft guns are taking off is Military/Law enforcement training.  Since they are replicas of the real thing, with many of the high-end guns made of metal, training can be done virtually anyway, which helps prepare for any type of emergency imaginable.

So if you’re looking to get out and have some fun with friends, Airsoft may be the way to go.  There is a drawback.  Since there is no visual evidence, you’ll have to rely on the honor system.  That’s fine for must of us (getting hit doesn’t hurt as bad as a paintball, but you aren’t itchin’ to get hit again right away), but it may mean you have to leave that habitual liar at home. 

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