LestersLegends Mock Draft – Round 5

Aug 9, 2008

The legendary Paul Charchian was kind enough to do a mock draft with 11 ordinary fantasy football players (myself included).  We are greatful at the opportunity to both learn from Charch as well as bragging rights with our friends because we were able to do a mock draft with a fantasy football icon.  Here are the guidelines.

Round 5
Jon – Michael Turner
Fishing a little bit with this one. The running back by committee could certainly be problematic. Atlanta’s QB situation isn’t the greatest, which could mean 8-man fronts. If last year is any indicator, the Falcons could find themselves trailing a lot which is less than optimal for RBs. However, the team needs him, and will depend on him, and that should include goal line carries as well as a hefty chunk of rushing and receiving yards. Besides, he’ll be re-united with LT.
Previous Picks:  LT, Andre Johnson, Torry Holt, Greg Jennings

Tom – Calvin Johnson
Previous Picks:  Adrian Peterson, Willis McGahee, Chad Johnson, Jeremy Shockey

David – Dwayne Bowe
Previous Picks:  Brian Westbrook, Drew Brees, Plaxico Burress, Darren McFadden

Awesome - Thomas Jones
The only player I think the Favre trade impacts (although it will almost certainly impact Wall Street; buy your stock in Anheuser-Busch now). If Favre can turn Ryan Grant into an elite RB, think of what he can do with someone who actually has more skills than “run up the middle”?
Previous Picks:  Randy Moss, Marques Colston, Steve Smith, Ronnie Brown

Jason – Santana Moss
I see an upside in production with a coordinator who will use him well in the flanker role.
Previous Picks:  Steven Jackson, Peyton Manning, Laurence Maroney, Chris Cooley

Luis – Edgerrin James
Although his production may be a bit down in Arizona, I think he still produces solid fantasy numbers. In his second season under Coach Whisenhunt I expect him to have a firmer grasp of the offense as well. With the wideouts they have as well he almost never sees a stacked box against him.
Previous Picks:  Marion Barber, Tony Romo, Wes Welker, Tony Gonzalez

Ryan (Me) – Brandon Marshall
I probably wouldn’t take him in the 5th Round of a normal draft, but this has been a WR-heavy draft. I’m not worried about the first 3 games. I’ll take my lumps and get good production for the next 13.
Previous Picks:  Joseph Addai, Braylon Edwards, Jamal Lewis, Carson Palmer

Dan – Lee Evans
Previous Picks:  Frank Gore, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Ryan Grant, Kellen Winslow

Jase – Marvin Harrison
Previous Picks:  Tom Brady, Maurice Jones-Drew, Willie Parker, Santonio Holmes

Paul Charchian - Chris Chambers
Previous Picks:  Reggie Wayne, Larry Fitzgerald, Jason Witten, Brandon Jacobs

Captain Fantastic - Ben Roethlisberger
Previous Picks:  Larry Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Antonio Gates, Roy Williams

Joe – Rudi Johnson
Previous Picks:  Clinton Portis, T.O., Reggie Bush, Anquan Boldin

Feel free to leave a comment (pro or con) about the picks.

Thanks to everybody, especially our Expert Paul Charchian, for participating in this.

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  1. LestersLegends
    August 10th, 2008 at 12:06 am #

    Most surprising pick: Santana Moss. Personally I don’t have him valued higher than Marshall, Evans, Chambers, Harrison, or Roddy White. That’s just me though. Any thing can happen in fantasy football though.

    Worked out well: Thomas Jones. Landing Ronnie Brown and Thomas Jones as your RBs when you go WRs in your first three rounds is pretty darn good. Or should I say Awesome?

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