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Jun 22, 2010


By Tom Lester,


Millions of hunters enter the woods and farmlands each year in hopes of harvesting a trophy whitetail deer. From the last day of the hunting season until the opening of a new season, hunters dream of that huge buck of a lifetime. Hunters read different hunting magazines and whitetail books looking for information and tips to improve their odds of success. They also watch numerous hunting shows on television and DVDs to learn new hunting methods and feed their obsession for giant whitetails.


The use of whitetail attractants to improve trophy whitetail success has become increasingly popular. This simple process has proven to attract more whitetail deer. There are many different attractants on the market to choose from. Liquid, gels and powders are a few of the forms that attractants come in. With a little research, picking the attractant that suits your needs is easy to do.


The use of liquid attractants is by far the most popular method used by hunters today. The two most common are deer urine and food-flavored liquids. Deer urine comes in a couple different types, doe, estrous doe, buck and dominant buck. Make sure you are using the right type of urine for the time of year you will be hunting. For example, you do not want to use estrous doe urine before the pre-rut. Using this early will put deer on alert that something is not right.


I prefer to use liquids that smell like the food that deer crave. This type of attractant can be used any time of the year. You can pour it over corn, grain, protein pellets, minerals, stumps, near food plots, or even on scent wicks to attract more whitetail deer. During the winter and spring I like to put out corn and protein pellets to help the deer survive the cold winter, and gain some of their weight back in the spring. I pour a fruit or acorn flavored attractant on top to help insure whitetails will find it and keep coming back.


My favorite time to use food-flavored attractants is during the summer and into the fall. I have increased the number of pictures I get on my scouting cameras immensely. Suddenly, I am getting pictures of bucks that I have never seen before. With more bucks coming into your area, the chances of seeing a trophy buck increases. The best part is the ease of this method. I simply put out corn and pour the attractant over it and set up my scouting cameras. With the pictures I can figure travel patterns and decide which mature whitetail bucks I will attempt to harvest during the upcoming season.


During the hunting season I still use the food-flavored attractants. I put them on scent wicks or pour them over stumps near my blinds or tree stands. Both bucks and does will still come to them during the early part of the season. As the season progresses and the rut comes around, the bucks main concern will turn from food to impregnating as many does as possible. I use this to my advantage by putting out food-flavored attractants to draw in as many does as I can, knowing that a trophy buck could wander by in search of does at any time.


As the season comes to an end and winter is near, mature bucks are feeding as much as possible to put some of the weight they lost during the rut back on. Once again a food-flavored attractant will help entice a trophy buck and increase your odds for success. I believe a food-flavored attractant is the most versatile and helpful attractant a hunter can use to accomplish their goal of harvesting a trophy whitetail deer.


Before using whitetail attractant’s become familiar with your states rules and regulations.


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Tom Lester
President, Monster Raxx LLC


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