One Month Left to the MLB Season, Wild Card Race in Chaos

Sep 7, 2017

There’s a month left in this season of baseball. Why does that matter? It matters because the trade deadlines have left the wild card in a mess. It feels like the aftermath of the trade deadlines has thrown a bunch of the online baseball odds for the season into the air.


Things do not make complete sense, but only with the Wild Card. There is still order in a couple of corners. The Astros, Nationals and the Dodgers have their respective divisions in a virtual lock.


Only the NL Central and the AL East division seem set to go right down to the wire. But none of that matters much in light of the wild card race in both leagues. Things seem to be winding up instead of down.


The Diamondbacks and the Rockies seemed set to stay atop the NL Wild card standings until the end. But with the way the Rockies have been fading, it won’t be so surprising if they lose out to the Brewers who are 1.5 games behind them.


With their 4.5 games lead, the Diamondbacks are also struggling to pull away. But they are not in as dire a position as the Rockies who must also worry about the Cardinals who are just 2.5 games back.


And it will only take a few bad series for the Marlins, who are within striking distance, to also close that gap. So the people in the Rockies camp cannot be getting that much sleep.


Of course, anyone who thinks that situation is insane hasn’t yet peeked at the hullabaloo manifesting in the AL Wild Card. The Yankees might be leading the standings but they are not rejoicing, what with their measly one game lead.


And the Twins are closely following them. But that is nothing compared to the race that is playing out between the Orioles, Rangers, Angels, Mariners, Royals and the Rays all of whom are clustered over a 5-game spread.


Simply put, any seemingly full proof prediction you might have with regards to the teams that will go to the playoffs this year has a high chance of being very wrong. There is no predicting the wild card, at least not now.


And remember that there is only a month left to the season. With that many clusters, it might be time to raise the possibility of a tie bringing the regular season to a close. Think about that. Fans would be treated to game 163, which might make 2017 one of those years that go down in history.


Every piece of news coming out of baseball has added meaning these days because one can never tell how it will impact the game in the next month. There’s still some buzz over C.C. Sabathia’s conflict with Eduardo Nuez. He isn’t happy that the Red Sox made him field a bunt after he came back from his knee injury.


The issue isn’t raising as much noise as the Thursday night game that saw the replay umpire royally mess up. But that controversy is unlikely to bloom into anything serious, not while everyone is busy scrutinizing the consequences of the trade deadlines.


It is worth noting that no managers have been fired this year. So that says something.

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