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Sep 1, 2007

I drafted my 2007 Fantasy Football August 12th because one of our owners had to leave for school. I’d like to run it past you guys and hear how you think I did. I’ll set up the league for you. It is an eight man keeper league in the second year of existence. We got to keep two players from last year, and voted to keep three next year. You start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF, and have eight bench slots. I had the sixth pick because I finished 3rd last year.

I chose to keep Larry Johnson and Rudi Johnson. I love RBs that get the carries at the stripe. LJ is too young and talented not to keep despite his contract issue at the time. Other options I had were Tom Brady and Marvin Harrison.

First Round
I wanted an RB badly in case LJ didn’t play. I was targeting Cedric Benson because he should fit the bill of a RB that doesn’t lose red zone carries, plus the fact that he’s young. Adrian Peterson and Brian Westbrook were off the board. Travis Henry, Marshawn Lynch, and Benson were there. I decided against the win now approach with Henry, and took Benson. I think this is the better pick in the long run. Time will tell.

Second Round
I had three RBs so I wanted to go WR. My choices were Chad Johnson, Torry Holt, Roy Williams, Reggie Wayne, Javon Walker, and Housh. I went Ocho Cinco. I like the fact that he put aside money for his endzone celebrations. Wayne may have been the better pick, but Indy will probably have the division wrapped up by the fantasy playoffs.

Third Round
I wanted another WR here. Boldin just went off the board. I had the option of Andre Johnson, Plax, Randy Moss, or Lee Evans. As much as I like Moss, I was scared off. I went with Andre Johnson hoping Shaub will target him early and often. Andre Johnson.

Fourth Round
I consider Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer, Brees, Bulger, Tom Brady, and McNabb to be a cut above the rest of the QBs this year. I wanted one of the six. Manning, Palmer, Brees, and Bulger came off the board. I grabbed Brady here. I don’t usually take a QB early, but in an 8 man league, I didn’t want to be left without one of the elite QBs.

Fifth Round
I wanted another RB. The WRs at this point weren’t that attractive. Santana Moss, Darrell Jackson, etc. didn’t do anything for me. Jamal Lewis, DeAngelo Williams, Cadillac Williams, and others were available. I chose to go with DeAngelo Williams because I like his upside. This may be the last year to keep Rudi, so he’s a potential keeper with LJ and Benson next year.

Sixth Round
I was that guy. Every year there is a guy that goes Defense before anyone else. I’m usually not that guy. I took a look at the RBs and WRs avaialble and decided that I get a D that’s going to be more consistent scoring big points. I took Chicago D off the board. Baltimore D went the same round, but I failed to start a big time D run. That’s probably because these two defense are on a different level than the rest

Seventh Round
I needed to address my WR situation since I only had two. I really like Mark Clayton this year so he was my selection.

Eight Round
Since my 3rd WR isn’t that strong, I wanted a solid 4th WR. Laveranues Coles is coming off a solid season and is a great value in what’s essentially the 10th round. Between Coles and Clayton I am pretty covered at 3rd WR.

Ninth Round
I wanted to add to my RB corps. I was pretty surprised that a talented rookie RB like Brandon Jackson was available. I made it so he wasn’t any more.

Tenth Round
I could have went WR here or reached for a RB, but I noticed that Matt Hasselbeck was available. I know I had TB already, but Hass was too good of a value to pass up here.

Eleventh Round
The RBs left were garbage. The WRs weren’t much better. I was, however, able to snag a starting WR from a pass happy team. Philly’s Kevin Curtis took on the role of 5th WR on my squad.

Twelfth Round
I assumed now was as good of time as any to take my TE. Unless you’re getting Gates, the rest are pretty much a crap shoot. Gonzo still has potential, but I think he’s slowing a bit. I took a guy who I think will bounce back with his QB. I grabbed Heath Miller.

Thirteenth Round
I looked at my roster and decided that I didn’t have a fat guy. I wanted a fat guy on my team. LenDale White answered that call. Seriously though, I don’t like this guy, but he does have some potential since he’s got talent if he’ll do a crunch every now and again.

Fourteenth Round
I enjoyed drafting a Titan so much that I decided to take LenWhale’s teammate Brandon Jones to comlete my WR corps. However, I have since dropped him to take Atlanta Defense. Chicago opens up against San Diego so I didn’t like that matchup. Atlanta plays Minnesota, which should be more fruitful.

Fifteenth Round
It was the last round, which to me means it’s time to pick a Kicker. I chose Stephen Gostkowski because I think New England will have a high powered offense this year. Plus I can call him Ghost Face Killa. I have also cut him because of his preseason woes. I picked up David Akers.

It’s an eight man league so the teams are bloated, but here’s my squad:

Rudi Johnson
Cedric Benson
DeAngelo Williams
Brandon Jackson
LenDale White
Chad Johnson
Andre Johnson
Mark Clayton
Laveranues Coles
Kevin Curtis
Heath Miller
David Akers

Here’s my take. I am tired of having old RBs and WRs. Each year I seem to have a few of them. This year youth was served. Having Benson, DeAngelo Williams, and Brandon Jackson give me keeper options for next year. If a couple of them emerge, I have trade potential for someone hurting for keeper RBs. My WRs are good, not great. If Andre Johnson can finally get some TDs I’ll be OK. I really think Kevin Curtis has great potential if McNabb stays healthy. Coles is the only old guy on my team. I love my QBs. Tom Brady could have a monster year with all the weapons they added. Hasselbeck, even in an 8 man league, is still a great backup. Heath Miller could be a steal at TE. If not, I just get rid of him and grab someone from the waiver wire. David Akers should be good while McNabb is healthy. If not I play the matchup game. No big deal. I love having a stud Defense. Chicago should be a plug and play almost every week. No need to play the matchup game (although I’m doing it Week 1).

How did I do in your opinion? Did I make any costly mistakes? I’d love to hear any feeback, pro and con.

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