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Jan 28, 2008

With the NFL on hiatus for the first time since September 6th (I don’t count preseason games), and watching the NBA as exciting to me as watching paint dry, I figured I would be giving the sports world a rest.  That wasn’t the case though.

 It started with a phone call.  I was driving home from work with my wife (we carpooled since she had to be in early) and my phone rang.  It was my cousin Jose.  He put in security systems at the Metrodome for Twinsfest.  He scored some free passes and wanted to see if I would go.  It was last minute, but with the cold snap we were experiencing (it was -21 degrees one morning last week) I jumped at the chance to warm myself mentally.  I mean how can you be cold when you’re immersed in the Game of Summer?  It was pretty neat.  I saw Rod Carew and Tony Oliva.  I saw Boof Bonser, Nick Punto, Francisco Liriano, and Mike Redmond.  There were some amazing historical pieces there as well.  Both the 1987 & 1991 World Series trophies were on display.  Lou Gehrig’s uniform.  A Nellie Fox jersey.  Ty Cobb’s glove.  The ball that Dave Kingman got stuck in the roof of the Metrodome.  Plus, much more.  It was awesome.  They had a bunch of vendors selling bobbleheads and baseball cards.  It didn’t physically warm the air, but it did give me a little taste of summer. 

My son’s first fish – May 2005 

On Sunday I took my son ice fishing for the first time ever.  He’s three so I wasn’t sure how it would go.  We only went for an hour and a half so it wasn’t too long for him.  He loved being on the ice, watching the auger drill holes and the rush of water when you’ve drilled through, and being in the fish house.  He still needs to improve on his patience with the fishing portion, but he did OK for a three year old.  He was the first one to catch a fish too.  He picked up a tiny Perch.  He was pretty excited.  I think he’d go again.

After that we went to see a friend play hockey.  I wasn’t sure how my son would do, but it wasn’t too long.  They had two 17 minute periods where the clocks kept running, and one 12 minute period where the clocks stopped with penalties and such.  The intermissions were only a minute so they kept it going. I told Heidi that she had to score a goal since we were going.  She even delivered.  Of course, my son chose to need a bathroom run just prior to the goal, so I missed it.  Still cool nonetheless.  

 So it wasn’t quite what the Super Bowl is going to be next weekend, but the trio of sport outings made for a fun weekend.

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