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Mar 1, 2008

Our first look at the free agent signings. 

Flozell Adams
Flozell re-upped with Dallas for six  years and $42 million.  I like this deal.  Tony Romo has enough to worry about with the girls he dates and their impact on his play.  At least he doesn’t have to worry about his blind side.

Derek Anderson

DA has an unbelievable season last year.  The Browns made great strides.  They aren’t ready to turn the keys over to Brady Quinn just yet.  Locking him up with a multi-year deal just made sense.

Josh Brown
St. Louis quickly found a replacement for Jeff Wilkins.  Brown is a great kicker.  This is a good move for both Brown and the Rams.  They locked him up for five years.

Isaac Bruce
It will be weird seeing Bruce in another uniform.  Well, at least he’s returning to California.  He was there before the Rams left St. Louis.  I believe he still has something in the tank.  I’m just not sure the Niners are the best team to extract it.

Tedy Bruschi
This move made complete sense.  Brusch is an extension of Belichick on defense.   At his age no other team will get as much out of Tedy.

Andre Davis
Davis proved his worth when the other “Andre” went down with a knee injury.  He showed some game in the passing attack, but where he really proved his worth wa the return game.  Returning to Houston was a great move.

Alan Faneca
The Jets made a great play acquiring Faneca.  Shoring up an offensive line isn’t the most sexy way to improve your team.  It is probably the most effective though.

DeShaun Foster
I believe the writing was on the wall in Carolina.  DeShaun wasn’t going to be a starter.  It’s a lot easier to justify being a backup to Frank Gore than DeAngelo Williams. 

Tommy Kelly
With Warren Sapp retiring, bringing back Tommy Kelly made complete sense.  They sure paid a lot for his services, but that seems to be the nature of the beast in the NFL’s second season.

Cleo Lemon
This wasn’t a bad signing for Jacksonville, especialy if they can’t come to terms with Quinn Gray.  He did OK in Miami considering the circumstances.

Josh McCown
Not a bad signing for Miami.  If Beck isn’t ready, McCown has the tools to step into the starter role for the ‘Fins.

Kawika Mitchell
It seems whenever you win a Super Bowl all of your players and coaches are in high demand.  Everyone loves a winner.  Buffalo snatched up Kawika.  The Giants will be fine.

Muhsin Muhammad
Moose returns to Carolina.  Steve Smith can’t be happier.  At least he has a decent WR opposite of him.  Moose will be thrilled to get out of Chicago’s horrible passing attack.

Jerry Porter
This one makes me laugh.  Jerry Porter is overrated, soft, a complainer, and now overpaid.  Six years and $30 million for a disgrunted wideout?  Maybe they are hoping for a Moss-like return for freeing him from the Black Hole, which is really fitting for Oakland these days.

Asante Samuel
The Eagles stole the headlines by getting Asante.  The cynic in me wonders if he’ll flop like Ty Law, Lawyer Malloy, David Givens, Deion Branch, and Willie McGinnest.  However, the realist in me feels that Philadelphia’s secondary just got a heck of a lot stronger.  They didn’t even have to pay him like Nate Clemens, which is impressive.

Justin Smith

If I’m the NFL, I’m going to investigate whether or not San Francisco is printing money.  Last year they were spending like it was going out of style.  They made a big splash again this year.  Justin Smith had an off-year, but he’s still a pretty darn good DE.

Randy Starks
Parcels sure has been busy.  This time he got a young, promising DT from Tennessee.  He got a five-year, $21 million deal.  He better produce for the Tuna.

Thomas Tapeh
I guess the Vikings aren’t going to bring back Tony Richardson, which upsets me a little.  I enjoyed listening to him on the radio.  He’s just a great guy.  Anyway, the Vikes brought in a guy who Childress is comfortable with from his days with the Eagles, and who’s comfortable with Minnesota from his days as a Gopher.  Good, quiet signing. 

Dontarrious Thomas
Perhaps Thomas needs a change of scenery.  He never really made it with the Vikings.  I’m not sure what the Niners are going to get out of him, but he should help their special teams for starters.

Ernest Wilford
The Dolphins get a big receiver (6’4″) in Wilford.  He hasn’t really done to much to distinguish himself, but Jacksonville isn’t exactly a wide-open offense.  He gets to go to Miami.  Have fun with that.

Madieu Williams
Leslie Frazier knows about this guy from his time in Cincinnati.  I’m not sure how playing for Cincy’s porous secondary can net you $33 million over six years.  He’ll replace Dwight Smith, who signed with the Lions. 

Gibril Wilson
Here’s another guy who got plucked from the Super Bowl champs.  Don’t expect to make it back any time soon Gibril after signing with Oakland.  He’s racked up the tackles over the past three years (309).  I just wonder if six years $36 million was too much for him.

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  1. Big Denny
    March 3rd, 2008 at 5:31 pm #

    I hope Madieu is good.

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