NFL Notes: Michael Vick & Donte Stallworth

Aug 13, 2009

Donte Stallworth’s one-year suspension, while not a surprise, had people talking.  Nobody knew how hard Roger Goodell would come down on Stallworth, but plenty were looking for the hammer since the legal system merely gave him a slap on the wrist considering what he had done.  True, it wasn’t intentional, but when you get behind the wheel drunk, you should know that bad things could happen.  Especially when you’re 28.  By then you can’t blame it on your youth. 

Well, Roger Goodell spoke, and he did so with that hammer by suspending Stallworth without pay for the entire 2009 NFL season.  Is it harsh enough?  Probably not considering a man lost his life, but this could be the end of Stallworth’s career.  It’s not like he was one of the games best players.  Though he’ll probably be forgiven easier than Mike, I think his actions will stick with him more than Vick.  I wouldn’t be shocked if the desire to compete was lost with Stallworth.

Speaking of Vick, he trumped any news of the day by signing with the Philadelphia Eagles.  He signed a two-year deal with the Birds, potentially giving them another weapon.  He hasn’t played for so long that it’s hard to know what he will bring to the table, but it’s clear he won’t be handling snaps under Center full-time.  The Eagles are set with Donovan McNabb and backup Kevin Kolb.  Vick was an incredible athlete with blazing speed.  He had a big arm that wasn’t very accurate.  If he still has those abilities he could become the most dangerous Wildcat QB out there.  Vick can practice with the Eagles, but will have to sit out the first two preseason games.  He can play in the last two preseason games and could return in six weeks or fewer, if Roger Goodell knocks down his punishment.  While it is big news, and will likely have the PETA people up in arms, there is little fantasy value to the move.  McNabb’s numbers could take a slight hit as Vick could pick up some of his passing yardage, and the bulk of his rushing yardage.

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