NFL Week 13 Fill-ins

Nov 30, 2007

Has the injury bug hit you?  Are you faced with bad matchups?  Well, maybe I can help.  Here are some guys you can plug and play this weekend.

Jason Campbell
- Campbell makes his 3rd appearance on the fill-ins.  Hey, there are only so many QBs that aren’t no-brainers and are still start worthy.  This week he faces Buffalo, who isn’t very good.  I just have a feeling Washington is going to have a big game this week for Sean Taylor, and then just fall into the tanks. 
Gus Frerotte - Frerotte is a risky pick.  He’s been far from spectacular this year.  However, he is facing a bad Atlanta team.  If you’re in a league where all the decent backups are gone, Gus is your guy.

Travis Henry 
- Who would have guessed that Henry would have fallen so far as to be a fill-in guy?  Well, that’s what he is.  He says his knee is healthy.  Oakland sure is a nice team to make a return against.  I think I could rack up twenty yards against them.
Jesse Chatman -  He’s been dealing with some injury issues, but seems to be tough enough to gut them out.  He should find running against the Jets a whole lot easier than the Steelers.  I think he’s going to help the Dolphins pick up victory #1.

Photo courtesy of Ed Wolfstein/Icon SMI
Javon Walker – Javon is another risky one.  He didn’t catch a pass last week nor play many plays.  However, the field conditions weren’t the greatest.  I would imagine it should be fine in Oakland.  Look for him to be more involved.
Sidney Rice - Passing on Detroit is not like taking candy from a baby.  Who ever came up with that phrase?  Have you ever tried to take anything from a baby?  They cry until they are red in the face.  Sorry I went off on a tangent there.  What I mean to say is Detroit’s secondary sucks.  It’s so bad that Sidney Rice may be a viable option for your third receiver.  Not a knock on him, but his QB is far from consistent. 
Leonard Pope 
-  Dude’s 6’8″.  He hasn’t scored in a few weeks.  I can see hm doing so against Cleveland.


Steven Gostkowski 
- Besides the fact that I play against him this week, there is another reason I think he’ll be solid this week.  Baltimore has a decent defense.  If they learn anything from Philly is to really work on Moss.  I think the Ravens can stall a couple drives in the red zone and leave Gotskowski with a couple FGs and a handful of PATs.

 - I think the defense is going to pull together and come up big in honor of their fallen teammate.  It’s tough to replace a Pro Bowl safety, especially when it isn’t for just an injury.  I just get the feeling they will come up huge.

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