Out on a Fantasy Football Limb Pro Bowl Edition

Feb 7, 2008

One last time for the Pro Bowl.  I will pick three players I think will score more points than a higher profile player.  The scoring is 6 points for rushing or receiving TD, 4 points for a passing TD, .1 points per yard for rushing or receiving and .05 points per passing yard.  First, I’ll recap how I did during the Divisional Round.

Last Week
Eli Manning 21.15 beat Tom Brady  17.3 WHICH I GOT WRONG.  He don’t need no stinkin’ six point spot.
Laurence Maroney 10.8 beat 4.2 Brandon Jacobs WHICH I GOT WRONG.
Randy Moss 12.2 beat Plaxico Burress 8.7 WHICH I GOT WRONG. However, we know who’s TD was more important.
Last Week’s Picks:  0-3
Breakdown:  QB: 0-1, RB: 0-1, WR:  0-1
Overall Playoff Picks: 3-9
Breakdown:  QB: 1-3, RB 1-3, WR: 1-3  

Overall Record
Regular Picks: 42-43-1
Super Stretch Picks: 12-5
Playoff Picks:  3-9
Overall:  57-57-1
Breakdown:  QB: 9-14, RB: 28-20-1, WR: 19-23
This Week’s Picks

Peyton Manning
over Tony Romo +4
Both have a lot to prove.  Manning is fresh off watching his little brother win the Super Bowl.  Despite what that idiot Joe Buck says, Peyton enjoyed his Super Bowl victory more than his brother’s.  Knowing how competitive Peyton is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he threw a few early TDs and was named the game’s MVP.  Romo is still trying to claw out of the Jessica Simpson wake.  I don’t think he’s quite ready.
Adrian Peterson
over Joseph Addai +3
I think the NFC will run more than the AFC.  I also think the NFL wants to showcase one of its best young talents, All Day, who is equally as nice of a person as he is of a player. 
T.J. Houshmandzadeh
over Chad Johnson +2
I think there will be a friendly competition between these Bengal wideouts.  Odds are Housh will play a lot more with Peyton while Chad plays with Big Ben or Derek Anderson.  I know who I’d rather have throwing to me.  That, and I think Housh is better anyways.

Photos courtesy of Icon SMI

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