Possible Destinations for Donovan McNabb

Mar 26, 2010

They say when there’s smoke, there’s a fire, and I think Smokey the Bear was awakened from his hibernation for this one. When the Eagles will settle for a top 42 pick for Donovan McNabb, it may be too difficult for a team to resist.

I’ll assume that he won’t net the Eagles a first round pick, mainly because of his age and contract demands. You’re looking at picks 33-42.

33.  St. Louis Rams – If they opt to go with Suh with the #1 overall, I can see this scenario. McNabb wouldn’t be happy going to a losing team with limited weapons though.

34.  Detroit Lions – Obviously they aren’t interested, but could possibly work a three-way deal.

35.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ditto.

36.  Kansas City Chiefs – Ditto.  Considering Scott Pioli’s penchant for trading down this wouldn’t surprise me.

37.  Washington Redskins – I’m not sure Shanahan would want an aging vet. It would give them an upgrade at QB and they could use their first pick to add an offensive lineman.

38.  Cleveland Browns – Maybe, but McNabb would not be happy there.

39.  Oakland Raiders – Now we’re talking. Of course, McNabb wouldn’t be happy there either.

40.  San Diego Chargers – Only if it’s a three-way deal.

41.  Buffalo Bills – I’m sure they are interested. I just don’t know if they can pull off a deal financially. Plus, McNabb would not be happy there.

42.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers – A second chance for Tampa to make a three-way deal.

Minnesota is a possible option, depending on the route Brett Favre takes. I’m assuming he’ll be back so they’ll have no interest in McNabb. If they do, it wouldn’t be until after the draft anyway.

He’d be an upgrade for Carolina, but I don’t think they would want to take him on fiscally.

If Arizona truly feels Matt Leinart is a lost cause, they could enter into the picture. Their second round pick is #58 so they would have to work a three-way deal or add to the package to get McNabb.

Seattle has two first round picks and the 60th pick. They have the pieces in places to make a run at McNabb. They’d have to either add to that 60th pick or trade down. Maybe their 14th pick could net them Tampa Bay’s two second round picks, one they could send to Philly for Donovan.

If Big Ben’s court case took a turn for the worst, Pittsburgh could have some interest. I don’t see this as a likely scenario. 

Despite his immense talent, the options are limited for Donovan and the Eagles, which is why they lowered their demands.

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