Quick Fantasy Baseball Injured Pitchers Prediction

Feb 8, 2010

Fantasy Pros 911 is doing a series on Facebook where they ask a question on their discussion board. Then they invite group members to weigh in.

The question at hand is “Which Pitcher do you see making the most starts in 2010″?

1) Chris Carpenter

2) Brandon Webb

3) Johan Santana

4) Franciso Liriano

My response:  I would have to go Johan Santana. He shut it down last year with an elbow injury, but it wasn’t one that involved more than a mere scope. While I don’t like my pitcher to go under the knife in the offseason, he had a much milder injury Brandon Webb.

Before being limited to 25 starts last year, Johan averaged 33.6 starts his previous five seasons. Chris Carpenter has made just 32 combined starts his previous three seasons. Plus, he’ll turn 35 early into the 2010 season.

I question Francisco Liriano staying in the bigs because of effectiveness about as much as I have any injury concerns. The slider that made him untouchable isn’t there any more. Neither is his control. He hasn’t make the necessary adjustments.

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  1. LEV
    February 8th, 2010 at 2:53 pm #

    I second everything you stated here. Johan should be able to bounce back nicely from his short season last season. Injuries and effectiveness our still a question for everyone else on the list.

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