Ranker’s List of Bizarre Sports Rituals

Jul 6, 2010

By Robert Wabash, Ranker.com


As the World Cup comes to an end, we listen to more and more Vuvuzelas and like most of the world we ask ourselves “Why, God, why?” So, now we take a look at all the weirdest sports rituals from around the world and how they’ve affected their respective games. Here are the most bizarre sports rituals from around the world.


#6 Drinking Cow Blood Before A Match
Popularized by boxers, drinking beef blood is a common ritual before matches, and throughout the season.


In his 1969 autobiography, way before True Blood AND Twilight, Robinson professed to drink raw beef blood supposedly for vitamin fortification.


Robinson also used the beef blood as way to psyche out his opponents before matches. In his autobiography, he talked about a situation when he ate at a luncheon near opponent Jake LaMotta, “The Bronx Bull” a few days before their match.


Sitting near LaMotta, Sugar asked the waiter if he could have a large glass of beef blood. Both the waiter and LaMotta were puzzled by the request. Sugar clarified that he wanted the actual beef blood, extracted “before the meat is cooked.”


The waiter then returned with a glassful of blood. After downing the blood in one long gulp, he explained to LaMotta that he had been drinking it regularly for 10 years already. He told the Bull that it was his secret weapon and gave him the strength to overcome bigger and stronger opponents. LaMotta told Sugar that he was out of his mind.


Perhaps being juiced on beef blood worked, because he endured a 25-year career, having fought a total of 202 bouts, of which 109 ended in knockout.


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