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Apr 30, 2010

Northborough, MA – Ever picked up a free agent starting pitcher on a hunch? Ever traded away a star player just to shake things up? Ever just wanted to “do something” during the season, but thought better of it? If so, is for you. 

In fantasy baseball, there aren’t a lot of opportunities for experimentation with your roster. Teams that show patience and discipline are rewarded in the standings, but it’s roster transactions (the draft, free agent pickups, and trades) that make fantasy baseball fun. At, which begins fantasy baseball play on May 1, transactions are the focus of the game.’s “slot machine” user interface provides a fun, easy access outlet for serious players and casual players alike – especially those seeking more immediate gratification (or a second chance) as the baseball season plods along. 

The slot machine user interface is the key to the transaction-rich game play. Each day, you are provided with a certain number of “spins” to build your team. Each spin of the slot machine’s reels returns 3 players. You decide to keep or replace all 3 players together, as a single unit. To replace the players, you either use another spin or trade the players to another team for more spins. Your team consists of 15 players and you score points based on the daily performance of each player. 

Your lineup and your spin count reset everyday, but you don’t need to play everyday: there are daily, weekly, average-per-play, and season long leaderboards. You can also create your own Personal League of unlimited size by adding teams (friends or foes) from any of the leaderboards – sort of a social network for fantasy baseball. 

The slot machine interface works because slot machines are the ultimate in transactional gaming, but this is not a gambling site; in fact, it’s free! With traditional slots, you go broke. With, you get to evaluate and experiment with more players, invite more of your friends to play, and you always have something to do during the fantasy baseball season. Go and use your existing Google, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, or MSN user account to sign up, or create a new account.

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  1. Tim
    April 30th, 2010 at 9:44 pm #

    Northborough, Ma? Right next to the town I grew up in..crazy!

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